Vern’s Venting: Fake Snitching

By Lavern Merriweather:

There is a popular saying these days and it goes “snitches get stitches”. I even heard “Snitches wind up in ditches”. I agree with both when it comes to this latest trend of white supremacy’s vile acts to undermine Negroes by the use of fake snitching.

Fake snitching is the recent ploy currently used by white people to rid themselves of any Negroes in their vicinity. A few days ago in my hometown of Chicago, there was a black woman in an upscale neighborhood who was harassed by cops because of some pissy little racist asswipe. This so-called concerned citizen called police claiming that he supposedly saw three Hispanic people breaking in to an apartment. Keep in mind this woman was by herself after she locked herself out by accident. Yet that didn’t stop this prick from phoning police with deliberate misinformation to get her into trouble. Nineteen cops arrived and did their usual “Who do you think you are being in this area” routine.

Besides the fact that it took so fucking many police to show up, I have an issue with not just the neighbor but the assholes on social media like Facebook defending him. They have the absolute nerve to whine that he was only looking out for the best interest of the neighborhood. That is code for him and the rest of those pricks that they hate this Negress being so close to them.

Give me a fucking break! They are justifying his being a total dickweed without acknowledging how if he had such a remarkable ability to see THREE people and their races, then why couldn’t he notice that it was his neighbor from five floors up? So he can see three people when there was actually only one person, and he could see their race with precision but not hers? Still, this obviously made-up story makes sense to stupid ass white folks that happily jump on whatever bandwagon where a Negro is being punished. No matter how unfair and full of shit their account is, the white person always has the benefit of the doubt. There was no way in hell this arrogant ass saw three people when she was alone. Nor could he have seen what race they were and had no inkling that is was his African-American neighbor. That shit does not hold ANY water, and yet here are these douches believing every single phony-as-fuck word.

The woman is now suing, as she should, especially when she spoke of how belligerent cops were to her even after she offered to show her ID.

This is reminiscent of how shitty Harvard professor, author and talk show host Henry Louis Gates was dealt with by cops at his own house in Cambridge, Mass. In 2009, the dicks in blue feebly attempted to protect their racist asshole behavior by claiming that Gates was being loud and tumultuous. No bitch. He was acting like any rational human being would have after being harassed without good reason by these dumbasses! Bottom line, once those cop fucknuts realized it was his house and that there was no crime, they should have just left his home and left him the fuck alone. Instead they followed him into his house, which they had no business doing, and arrested him for being mouthy.

I don’t know much about the law, but I do know that if there are police in your house that have no justification to be there, you have every right on Earth to tell them to get the fuck out of your house. But like the woman in Chicago, when a white person bears false witness in the name of keeping the community safe, it of course has a much more sinister purpose.

When cops were called on a group of kids attending a pool party in McKinney, Texas, they quickly targeted the black kids attending. The polite society of Klan Inc., also known as Fox News, hurried to rationalize the actions of head thug Eric Cosbelt. They said that the kids were causing a disturbance. So he was just doing his job. Slamming a teen girl who is two sizes smaller than this jag-off into the ground while digging his knee into her back constitutes good police work?

It looks to me like the way either a wife-beater or bully would act. So I wouldn’t be surprised if that cuntbag were both. What they and hardly anybody in the media mentioned in their rush to paint all black teens as trouble is that the problem started because some Kathy Bates-looking white female hag that lived there was complaining to the kids and getting in their face causing an argument. However, when Negroes are involved, all that becomes immediately irrelevant, because they are the ones that had to be up to no good. It couldn’t be that fat slob parading around her black male friend while still yelling racial slurs at teens. Some of the whiny hypocrites on Facebook even had the gall to suggest that maybe he didn’t know who she was. He would have known enough that there was only one person and that she wasn’t Latino. Please, since she lived there and I assume wasn’t a hermit, she would have stepped out of her front door at one point. I don’t introduce myself to every neighbor, but they would at least see me, because I have to leave the house. I also trust that this woman had a job, meaning she was leaving her house on the days that she needed to for work. So they can’t pretend that he never once saw her in daylight going into the building more than once. Sorry but that dog don’t hunt.

Too many times white folks have lied in the past and present to get black folks in trouble for nothing. Lest we forget those heffas Ashley Todd and Bethany Storro who told false tales in the hopes that an innocent Negro would get arrested for their nonsense. Another case of this is actress Danielle Watts who had a bit part in “D’Jango Unchained” and has starred in other TV and film projects. Ms. Watts and her boyfriend were in a car making out when the cops were called, presumably by one of those ‘worried’ white folks. Although Ms. Watts and her boo weren’t doing anything wrong, the cop felt the desire to morph into McArthur storming the beaches of Normandy anyway. He demanded that she show ID, perhaps on the notion that she and the white male she’s dating were a prostitute and her trick.

The police officer in question can song and dance about it all he likes, but let’s keep it one hundred here. That fuck saw a black woman with a white man and suspected the worst. Then tried to put her in her Negress place by demanding ID which she didn’t have to show. It gets me to no end that this jerkwad reacted as if she were wasting his precious time by reminding her repeatedly that if she had just shown it to him then he would have left a long time ago. That is the classic white cop lie they throw at Negroes to say “Hey it’s not about race. It’s about you not obeying the law.” What law bitch, the one that you fucknuts abuse to keep Negroes in check by using any petty bullshit to do it? He was pissed because the uppity young Negro girl didn’t give in to his thug request. If he was so bored and tired of her bratty antics, then go somewhere else and work on real crime asshole. You know, like profiling the many white males that shoot up schools, theaters, churches rather than waste your time and theirs in an effort to keep the tradition of the Negro out at night.


3 thoughts on “Vern’s Venting: Fake Snitching

  1. I knew it! I knew there had to be a special word or phrase to describe this that I’ve been seeing and has had a resurgence lately, of White people calling the police to harass or kill any black people in their orbit they don’t like. And yeah, it’s as old as the hills. I used to wonder how many fine upstanding white grandmas are walking around with blood on their hands from having accused some black man of raping them, back in the days when lynching was in. I guess getting shot by police is the new version of that?

  2. That’s how the system of white supremacy works- police officers have ALWAYS been there to protect white people from blacks AND to round up negroes going back to when they were called Constables on Parole (COP).

    Yes it’s that easy for a black person to be introduced to the law. All it takes is a white person to call the law and say you are committing a crime and you will feel the searing heat of the law, warranted or not.

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