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White privilege means that being born white in a white dominated society grants you privileges and advantages that people of color do not have simply because of white skin and European features. In fact, it’s so powerful and sickening that being a white criminal or terrorist has its positives.

No ‘white crime’ or ‘white terrorism’ in the mainstream lexicon

No. White collar crime doesn’t count. In the mainstream, especially in the media, there are no such terms as white crime or white terrorism. When a crazy-ass white person commits a crime no matter how heinous such as a mass murder, which happens quite a bit in this country, no one coins the word ‘white’ with the words ‘crime’ or ‘terrorism’ which leads to another privilege…


No matter how often, and it happens more often than some people are led to believe, crime committed by white folks are never seen as part of an epidemic or pathology. Even mass murders are never questioned and fully examined. Instead, they are counted as singular aberrations that only happen once in a while because…

Whites are basically ‘good’

White folks have the privilege of being seen as overall good eggs with only a few bad apples, and even then, those people are still perceived as good deep down. They just made mistakes.

Fame and praise

Some crimes and acts of terror are given praise by others depending on who the target is. Even more cray-cray is the fact that some white folks have garnered adulation from other folks for the crimes they’ve committed. To some people, they are seen as legends or heroes. Don’t believe me, open a school history book or tune into conservative media.

The mental illness excuse

This is especially true in the mainstream media. White crime is always explained as being a byproduct of a mental illness. In other words, whoever’s responsible didn’t really mean to do it. He or she was just not right in the head.

Zero racial responsibility. No group accountability

When Muslim extremists commit acts of terrorism, the whole religion is blamed and are expected to condemn the acts of those Muslims responsible. When black people commit crimes, the whole race is guilty and are expected to do something about it. However, when white people engage in either of the two, there is no call for them to apologize. There is no call for them to fix their problem of violence. Hell, no one expects them to condemn such acts because…individuality and shit.

No shots fired

One thing a white terrorist or criminal will likely never have to worry about is getting shot and killed by the police on site. He or she will likely be arrested unharmed. Not so much for anyone else. As reality tells us, just being black is reason enough to be suspicious and feared in this country, especially by police, enough to get killed. If you’re an armed white dude, you will mostly likely than not have to worry about being murdered by police even if you kill others, including police. But if you’re black, unarmed and just exist on some street somewhere and you’re stopped by cops, you better hope and pray that you make it home alive.


Crime and terrorism by white people can occur over and over again. And the routine repeats itself. No one will consider it a problem. It will not be considered ‘terrorism’ or part of some white pathology. It will be discounted as an individual act by a lonewolf with mental issues. Depending on the crime and the victim, it, as well as the perpetrator, will be admired and given props. And white people, as a whole, will never be questioned, examined, scrutinized, blamed and are never expected to be held responsible, never expected to condemn crime and terrorism or apologize for a damn thing.