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By Lavern Merriweather:

It has become apparent that when white people are too fucking lazy and stupid to express disgust at any other racial group, they always hurry to fall back on the same old standard. If they can’t get the race right, they go after the darkest non-white, black folks.

A video on YouTube surfaced that has taken the internet by storm. Several months ago at a skate park in Cannery Park, California a semi-famous skater named Leland Goldberg was doing some tricks with his buddy there filming. In the middle of doing a fancy move Goldberg accidently ran smack dab into a small 4 year-old child and knocked him to the ground. The boy’s aunt immediately came over and picked the child up as Goldberg stood next to her profusely apologizing for what happened. Seconds later, the boy’s mom walked over and after shouting some obscenities, she proceeded to shove the skater. The woman then laid a right hook on him that Evander Holyfield should be taken notes on. Obviously this woman cares more about perfecting her mean right hook, because she didn’t spend one minute checking on her son. The whole thing was caught on tape where it was of course uploaded for the entire planet to see.

I read most of the comments about what she did, and many of them were funny. A lot of people were of the mindset that she overreacted and that he had every right to hit her back. I agree. She was a complete thug and her behavior was way out of line. However, the problem I have with the video are the comments made by dumbass white people who have an obsessive passion with black folks. They seem to see us in their pee because there were assholes that had the nerve to use this woman’s irrational act to once again target black folks for no fucking reason. Although it’s clear as day from her hair and accent that this woman is Latina, [I have since found out that she is indeed Mexican] a select group of dumb shits made derogatory statements about Negroes. One even used the n-word, then when he was called on being so utterly stupid instead of admitting he was wrong, he tried to play it off by saying that he calls ‘any’ ignorant person that.

Give me a fucking break, bitch! You didn’t know what the hell you were talking about, because you enjoy being conditioned to the idea that whatever bad behavior that’s committed is done by a black person. In fact, not one of the fools that mistakenly referred to that woman as black made any amends that they weren’t right. Then again what else is new? This is the legacy of white pathology, regardless of their guilt, dumbness or being incorrect, that doesn’t matter because their whiteness will make up for it in some way or another.

This brings me to another video on YouTube that has sparked a lot of outrage. It shows a bunch of thugs attacking then-stabbing hero Spencer Stone outside of a bar in Sacramento, California. Mr. Stone is the white male American who bravely wrestled a knife wielding psychopath to the ground on a train in Italy with a group of other men. He was celebrated in the media for days and even received a medal and handshake from President Barack Obama. Cue to a few weeks after that, and he is being assaulted by some sorry ass losers for a reason that has still hasn’t been determined. Perhaps they were just jealous of Mr. Stone or maybe this was the result of a drunken bar brawl. In any case, what was done to Mr. Stone was disgusting and reprehensible. Still rather than show concern for a fellow white male that was brutally abused by worthless thugs, some very stupid white people on YouTube saw an opportunity to yet again throw black people into the mix for nothing. James Tran a 28 year-old unemployed Vietnamese male from the area was arrested as leading the attack on Mr. Stone, but a few pricks on the website called the gang beating on “ruthless n**gers” despite the fact that there weren’t any black people involved. Hell they probably weren’t even any black people in that BAR! Yet stupid little shitty-ass white people see nothing offensive about them not getting it straight, because we have become the stand-in for every POC in this country.

When comedian Suey Park, who is Asian, blasted late night host Stephen Colbert for some derogatory jokes he made recently, a certain really dumb white person on the blogsphere felt the need to whine about black people not keeping their neighborhoods clean. I asked that loser what the hell did that have to do with the video interview of Ms. Park, and true to form, he didn’t have a rational answer. They never do. That’s because they have an irrational mind. So warped and stupid that they will fabricate any chance to make disparaging remarks about Negroes even when the situation doesn’t have a damn thing to do with us. I could chalk it up to black people, more specifically black males, always being the token whenever there is a need for white people’s brand of diversity.

However, FUCK THAT! While I’m at it fuck them. There will be no excuses given for white people’s failure at recognizing their own failure or faults. This happens practically every time with black people. Even when white people are flat out wrong, they are still in some way right in their own world like the asshole who made a feeble attempt to justify his stupidity by saying that the mom looked like a black woman.

Hang on a second while I go call Mr. Bullshit. So that makes it acceptable that your dumbass let the racism spew like water from a broken dam? Yeah, no it doesn’t anymore that she was justified in socking that guy on the jaw. Good thing I can’t meet those idiots on YouTube in person. Otherwise they would see an actual black woman take a swing at someone.