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By Lavern Merriweather:

Vulgar and obnoxious movie director Quentin Tarantino has made some enemies in the police departments across America recently. The big-headed jackass made some inflammatory comments that cops misinterpreted when he stated that some cops were murderers with a badge. They quickly took offense, then declared that they would boycott his latest film “Hard Eight” and any future movies of his.

The filmmaker further ruffled police feathers when he took part in several #Blacklivesmatter marches in New York. Fellow movie maven Michael Moore and actor Jamie Foxx have since come out in full support of this jerk.

Now, I am all for a white person or any person for that matter engaging in a cause that is not their own. That shows humanity as well as a streak of unselfishness. Still, does it have to be this prick?

I absolutely despise Tarantino for the films that he has created throughout his career. Many of them make light and mockery of the dreaded n-word by over using it. Then instead of being the decent human being that he’s pretending to be now and recognizing his assholeness, he defended his disgraceful position by calling his racism ‘art’. You don’t get to have it both ways Trick Baby Tarantino. Much of the derogatory language that you glorify perpetuates the same ideal that makes cops and their white counterparts believe they are justified in destroying black life with no consequences. I get that he is just a movie maker and that Hollyweird is a place of fantasy, but let’s look at the bigger picture, shall we?

Hollywooden has, for the longest time, been a cheerleader and instigator for racially maligning imagery. They are every bit as culpable as those who work on the nightly news and most media outlets. The fact that you attempt to wrap your racism in a package that has been prettified and celebrated by stupid, clueless movie critics and a gullible public doesn’t do a damn thing to change that. You Quentin are very guilty of making racism acceptable and all the damage that comes with it.

There are some extremely dumb Negroes that tried to protect the bigotry of this jag-off by claiming that since his last film “Django Unchained” was set in slavery times, then that made it okay for him to use the n-word as much as he liked. Well, here’s the problem with that. He has made many other films that had nothing to do with slavery where he also used that word to his heart’s content. I feel that I have covered this ground with this fool before. However, since some moronic black folks are like the hungry dog with the bone, I have this need to repeat myself. We look for love and allies in all the wrong places. Fuck apologizing to the police. He still hasn’t given US one yet! But here these black folks are walking side by side with this dickweed as if he were our new crusader. Umm no he’s not. He’s a manipulative, sleazy, phony creep that knows how desperate black people are for allegiances and white approval. Tarantino is using those people the same way he thought nothing of disrespecting them, and he is the guy black people are looking to as a current hero? Are you fucking kidding me? How thirsty can you Negroes be?

Jamie Foxx? I’m not that surprised. He’s been drinking so much of the Kool-Aid that it’s basically dripping down his chin and messing up his shoes. Those other black people and Moore on the other hand have no excuse. You know what this asshole stands for, and it was never about standing by you. I wouldn’t be that shocked to find he is just hoping to get publicity for his picture which seems like it will be crap anyway.

Tarantino’s dad Vinny has since come out and chastised son, saying that he raised him to have respect for law enforcement. He damn sure didn’t raise him to respect black folks though. Keep it real, people! An apple ain’t going to fall too far from its tree. Whatever notion that Quentin got thinking that saying the n-word willy nilly was all right most likely came from his father.

And no, Quentin your mom parading a slew of black male athletes in front of you when you were a little shorty because she loved black manhood doesn’t get you off the hook. If anything it makes you even more of a fucknut seeing how in all likelihood those men were nice to you and perhaps gave you souvenirs or autographs. That still wasn’t enough for him to not want to use the world’s most hateful word regardless of context. So don’t expect me to think that now all of a sudden you are more than willing to play in the black kid’s sandbox.

Tarantino didn’t give a damn about using the n-word but he wants to somehow make amends by saying that yes black lives do matter. I, for one, ain’t buying what this con man is selling. This guy is a joke as well as a hypocrite, although I get that using an insulting word isn’t nearly as bad as what cops in America are doing to black folks. However, I believe that the line goes: if you’re not part of the solution, then you are a part of the problem. No thanks Tarantino, you have been on the erroneous side of that equation far too long for me to ever start trusting you.