Vern’s Venting: Moral High Ground

By Lavern Merriweather:

Let me start by saying that while I don’t find domestic violence acceptable, in fact I think it’s completely abhorrent, I don’t feel sorry for every single solitary woman that gets hit by a man. Nor do I feel that we should still continue to tolerate white people holding black men in judgment for violence towards women. I am done as of right now, D-O-N-E with white people, especially white men, thinking that they hold the moral high ground when it comes to domestic violence.

Recently, Dallas Cowboys player Greg Hardy was released from the team once a picture surfaced of the bruiseshe inflicted on his now ex-girlfriend. Despite what I previously stated, this incident was most likely unwarranted. So Hardy is getting exactly what he deserves by the team. What Greg doesn’t deserve however is to have a bunch of racist, self-righteous, arrogant, two-faced assholes judging him as if their shit don’t stink. And yes I said racist because I have never in my whole life seen a white male take crap from the media, public or court system for his thuggish behavior against a woman.

Always on the cutting edge of being so racist that they make the Klan jealous, the scumbags at TMZ showed the picture of Hardy’s ex. Of course there were no shortage of pious little shits whining about how horrible a person Hardy is and calling him thug. Granted I think what Hardy did was repugnant, but lets be fair here. A MMA fighter named Jason Miller who goes by the nickname of ‘Mayhem’ did his damndest to try and live up to his nickname when he viciously assaulted two different women and the police officer that attempted to apprehend him several months ago at a bar in LA. I have only read about the Miller attack once on some obscure sports website.

I highly doubt that TMZ, Sportscenter, Sports Illustrated, or any other publication where sports and entertainment meet will spend nearly as much press on Miller as on Hardy. Keep in mind that Miller is an MMA fighter. That means he not only makes a living beating the holy shit out of other people, but he’s also skilled at it. This means that he probably has every ability to truly physically hurt another person, particularly one that is smaller in size than him without an audience, referee or rules to follow.

And spare me the bullshit that the sport of MMA fighting isn’t as popular as the NFL as a reason why what Miller did isn’t getting as much coverage as Hardy. I don’t give a rat’s ass which sport has more fans or has higher ratings. What Miller did was JUST as reprehensible as what Hardy did, if not more. Miller attacked three people, two of which were women. Yet the media and those pissants crying foul on TMZ’s website can’t find enough time in their life to vilify him? Sorry but that’s straight up bullshit.

White males in the media are very careful in who they target and you can bet millions of dollars that aren’t even yours that the males they demonize – the majority of time – will not look anything like them.

TMZ also failed to mention in any way, shape or form bit player actor Emile Hirsch. Hirsch physically attacked a female executive at the Utah Sundance film festival this January. The woman he beat up stated that it took two people to pull Hirsch off of her. Yet Hirsch only got 15 days in prison and had to pay a $4800 dollar fine. Interesting that many white folks on the blog love to whine on how easy those overpaid Negroes have it. That if this were anybody else, they would be in jail.

Oh really? Then why isn’t Hirsch sitting in prison for the next 20 years like he should instead of getting off so fucking lightly? Pray tell, could it be the fact that he’s a wealthy young white male that has made a couple of modest hit films? It could also explain why TMZ has said nothing about him and why that dickweed Perez Hilton rushed to defend Hirsch by claiming that he was drunk that night. Big fucking whoop! Lots of men drink and get stinking drunk. They don’t, however, violently beat up a woman for no reason whatsoever.

If that weren’t bad enough we have Journey drummer Dean Castronovo who was recently kicked out of the group when they discovered that he physically assaulted his now-ex-finace. I thoroughly applaud the act of the band to get rid of Castronovo. He seems like a major league punk and when interviewed about it made some rather lame attempt to make excuses for himself by saying he has drug demons. Come again? Being an alcoholic, drug addict, Italian, Irish, stressed out, fired, broke, etc. does not justify him hitting a woman, especially when the same folks so quick to criticize certain offenders stay quiet when they share the same racial make-up.

When I pointed out in a less than polite way about the white males guilty of beating on women, I was shut down. Or the angry sanctimonious mob got very silent real quick. They can’t face their own villainy but are more than happy to get 5,000 kinds of holier than with darkie males. On top of that are the white people justifying what that cuntbag Ben Fields did to a black female teen in South Carolina weeks ago. Add to that a number of videos that have surfaced showing white male cops behaving in the most brutal ways imaginable to women. Apparently white folks want it both ways. They are mad as a cave bear when a Negro male strikes a woman. Yet find no fault when it’s a white guy, provided that he has either a badge and uniform or name famous enough that they can forgive his drunken ‘indiscretion’.

Well which is it white people? Is it okay to hit a woman or ain’t it? Because at the rate you all are going you are confusing even your own agenda by yet again caring more about your racism than what you were supposedly so fucking concerned about in the first place. Regardless of your answer, the fact has become perfectly clear that you will no longer be in a position to judge when and if it does happen again with a black man, unless you are willing to accept that same judgment, and we already know that you aren’t. So I say from now on I’ll save the sermons for Jesus and not you.


8 thoughts on “Vern’s Venting: Moral High Ground

  1. Oh, such people are always quick to vilify Black men for the shit White men are doing. I heard about the MMA fighter who nearly beat his model girlfriend to death. His case hasn’t been mentioned since and it wasn’t in the mainstream media. When the before and after pictures of her surfaced, she was I recognizable. That’s how bad he beat her. (Not upsurge it’s the same fighter, though.)
    Oh, yeah White people have a long damn history of pointing out every tiny little thing some Black man is getting wrong, while not only ignoring the plank in their own eye but (on some websites) actually advocating that White women be beaten and raped for their own good.
    Everytime a White woman opens her mouth to say anything on the Internet, she gets sent rape and death threats, but it’s supposedly Black men who are more violent. (I’ve been Black my whole life and am fairly outspoken like most Black women, yet no Black man has ever threatened or offered me violence. Ever.)
    They point out everything Black men are getting wrong but craft whole film and television industries glorifying the misdeeds of serial killers.

    Yeah, I been done with their lies.

    1. It’s actually two different thugs from the MMA and I saw those pictures too. White folks in the media harping on Ray Rice but leave those white males alone, it’s pathetic

  2. Amen, Mama Vern! I’m just had it with the hypocrisy and lies of the dominant group when it comes to violence against women when they have a record miles long when it comes to actually doing violence against womenkind. Their celebrities and powerful men have committed heinous crimes against their women and women of other ethniciites around the world each day. They have a nerve to scapegoat Black men for being violent towards women. Evil hypocrites!


    1. Examples:

      Johnny Carson
      James Woods
      Sean Penn
      Woody Allen
      Roman Polanski
      Edward Kennedy
      William Kennedy Smith
      Robert Chambers(Preppy Murder fame)
      Jimmy Page
      Charlie Sheen
      Bill O’Reilly
      Axl Rose
      Michael Fassbender
      Sean Connery
      Tommy Lee
      David O’Russell
      Mel Gibson
      Chuck Knoblauch
      Jack Gordon
      Nick Carter
      Phil Spector
      Nicholas Cage
      Alec Baldwin
      Elvis Presley
      John Lennon
      Former Judge Mark Fuller

      Need I say more? The media gives us Mike Tyson, O.J. Simpson, Chris Brown, and Ray Rice as the faces of domestic violence but not those men mentioned above. Once again, hypocrisy at work.


  3. Greg Hardy has not been released by the Cowboys. He is still a member of the team as the starting left DE. He will remain a member of the team until the season ends. The chance that he is extended is up in the air. Hardy has been a fairly decent teammate and is our best defensive player by far. However, since the photos, things has gotten very tense. He is watched like a hawk by everyone in sports media. The question of fairness in not even relevant at this point. As a proud Cowboy fan since age 7, I nor anyone approves of any form of DV. No one ever promotes the idea of two people, especially and man and a women to ever get violently physical with one another. When it does happen, it is an unfortunate situation to which I feel is a private matter. Greg Hardy as a human man has a right to have his story told. However because of his profession and due to his size and race, he has never been afforded this. Therefore, members of the sports media has decided to tell the story instead, as if they were there. All of the members seem to have their own personal agenda towards Greg Hardy. There has been absolutely any objectionable journalism in reporting on greg hardy ever since he was signed by the Dallas Cowboys. He is scrutinized whether if he sends a tweet in his own defense, being late to a position meeting, or the releasing of photos, of hers, not his by a media who really does not care about DV, but rather to shame a pro organization into bowing to its will. The media has ran with stories of a non proven payout to his ex because she refused to testify in his retrial, which lead to a dismissal and subsequently removal from his record, which prompted the photos only less than 48 hours before an important divisional contest against a hated rival. Anyone being involved in a DV situation is a sad case. But the media’s treatment of Hardy has been deplorable, disgusting, and deeply disturbing.

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