Vern’s Venting: What’s Mine Is Mine and What’s Yours Is Mine

By Lavern Merriweather:

I’ll start this post by saying that I used to be a very big fan of comedian John Leguizamo. But now, I feel that he can seriously go fuck himself! I say that because John joined a group of Latino protesters angry about the appearance of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on SNL last Saturday for his inflammatory words about Mexicans. Besides that, the Donald has eagerly expressed his plans to end illegal immigration once elected by getting rid of any illegals and building a bigger wall to keep new Mexicans from coming in.

Trump also stated that most of the crimes being committed in America right now are being done by illegals, be it drug cartels or murderers. He even pointed some stories about two women from LA that were killed by Mexican immigrants here illegally. Now while some may say that what Trump said was racist and insulting I had no dog in the fight either way. I have heard far too many horror stories from black folks about the shitty way they were treated at immigration rallies by the very people that they were there to support to get worked up over a white man’s words no matter how hate-filled.

That isn’t however what has me hopping mad at Leguizamo. It’s him having the nerve to, yet again, pull that tired, offensive and selfish as hell trope of if this were the blacks or Jews. Once more I am going to have to use my post to put a thoughtless, stupid, insensitive dumbass of another color in their place.

I guess John has been hiding in a cave the past few months. Otherwise, he would have heard about Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin, Freddie Gray, Samuel Dubose, Rekia Boyd, Marlene Pinnock, Charlena Cooks, Eric Garner, Deejera Becton and now the black female teen violently pulled to the floor then dragged out of her classroom by thug white male cop Ben Fields. I notice how John boy and many other folks of color have stayed relatively silent about all the horrific, brutal and unjustified killings of Negroes by the police. Which reminds me of a truth I have already known but many black folks keep forgetting, that the minute white supremacy rears its ugly head against us black people, WE ARE ON OUR OWN when it comes to facing racism regardless of how blatant! Yet, these same assholes that don’t give a damn about black people always expect us to play race police and jump on their bandwagon whenever a white person offends them.

I will say this for the last time. IT’S NOT BLACK FOLKS JOB TO PROTECT YOU MOTHERFUCKERS!! We have our own shit to worry about if you weren’t so damn busy being arrogant dumbasses to notice. Don’t forget, John works for the Hollyweird industry. So I don’t for one second think that this is his first rodeo when it comes to being exposed to racism. Yet, somehow instead of calling out the white powers-that-be, he targets what he considers the most vulnerable target.

Psychologists call this displacement, which is when someone is too much of a pussy ass to attack the one that is attacking them. So they go after a perceived weaker subject. Not this time John. If you have a beef with a white man, then take it up with that white man, fucknut!

I have zero sympathy for any person of color so caught up in their own trauma of racism that they callously and easily forget that the group they are complaining to the most not only ISN’T responsible for the egregious statement but that it just plain old ain’t my fight. You are a big boy John and a grown man. Black people don’t need to hold your hand when you cross the street any more than you should demand that we be there to have your back, because a rich white guy running for president didn’t care about hurting your feelings. Guess what John. I don’t care either! You aren’t my son, friend, husband or someone that means anything to my life. You are a somewhat talented funny actor that I used to like and admire. The best thing about this is that I now know what an obnoxious prick you are. I won’t have to waste one penny on any of your movies or watch one more TV show that you perform on.

Besides him there is the world’s dumbest little shit and hypocrite Terry Rambler. Rambler is the head of an Apache group that spearheaded an effort to get the owner of the Washington Redskins football team to change its name and logo. This past Halloween Rambler proved how full of shit he and a lot of non-black folks are when he appeared in blackface and dreadlocks pretending to be reggae legend Bob Marley. Not to be outdone in the dumbass department, a number of white folks happily defended this asshole’s right to dress up in blackface. They seem to be forgetting that Rambler himself met with President Obama to get him involved in his hopes of changing the mind of Redskins owner Dan Synder. Apart from the fact that Mr. Obama has far more important shit to worry about than Rambler’s ego, he showed his gratitude by being a total bitch.

For any white person that defends this I say fuck off. First, this doesn’t have shit to do with you. And second, if he dressed as Frank Sinatra in whiteface there would be an outright outrage from uptight white folks. So, don’t even try it! Might I remind them that they got all kinds of butthurt and ass bent out of shape when chocolate thunder Idiris Elba was picked to star as a Norse god in the first “Thor” movie and when he was suggested by current Bond producer to be picked as the next Bond after my boy Daniel Craig leaves the series?

So no, white people. You don’t get to defend what Rambler did while whining like hyenas, because you didn’t approve of a casting choice. Plus to say that he did it out of respect to Marley…Spare me the stuck on stupid routine, white people. We ALL know by now that blackface is meant to be one thing and one thing only. An insult, particularly when it comes from some dickweed upset about the name of a football team. The next time a non-black person complains about if this were the blacks I will tell them that when it is us, we have to deal with racist shit by ourselves. As far as I’m concerned they are more than welcome to do the same.


2 thoughts on “Vern’s Venting: What’s Mine Is Mine and What’s Yours Is Mine

  1. This caping by Blacks for everyone but themselves started after rhe passage of the civil rights act amd affirmative action. The language was changed to represent women and minorities which meant white women and everyone else who wasnt a WASP. White women and all the other minorities as a whole did not have to fight for these bestowed rights. Blackfolk did the fighting and dying for them. So everyone learned from that event to fiend concern about us in the most shallowest of language (we are all in this together) which is usually enough to get enough of us to join their cause with both hands tied behind our backs so when their mission is accomplished we fall flat on our faces with no support from anyone. Ps remember after 911 the arabs fiend comradery with us until their honorary white status was restored then you know the story

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