Black Lives Matter Under Attack…Again

Blaming Black Lives Matter is no different than blaming black people which is one of this nation’s past times when it doesn’t want to face its own bullshit. Yet, there are people who are warm and comfy about doing just that when it fits their racist anti-black agenda. They won’t admit it in so many words, but it all comes down to their white racist mindsets working overtime to find anything they can to blame the movement, even if it makes no damn sense.

Recently, an Illinois police officer Lt. Charles Joseph Gliniewicz recently took his own life. At first, it was believed that he was murdered. So what happens. The lovable loons over at the conservative base decided to take that opportunity to point fingers at the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Surprisingly, someone over at Fox News decided to check those fools. Shep Smith, a commentator, revealed a lot about the officer who was discovered as being far from Illinois finest:

Smith pointed to fresh revelations in the documents, including that Gliniewicz attempted to hire a hit man to kill a village administrator he “feared would expose him as a thief” and text messages stored in his phone that indicate he considered planting cocaine on the administrator to “discredit her as a criminal.”

Investigators also unearthed evidence Wednesday that Gliniewicz had been stealing money from a local police program he oversaw for years.

See what I mean about this making no sense? But that doesn’t matter to conservatives as they are too stuck on white skin and badges to care about learning about a cop they wrongly defended while throwing Black Lives Matter under the bus. I’ve yet to hear anything from the right about apologizing for this and over blunders. And you will likely not get one as they will continue to imagine this “war on cops” as more urgent than the safety of black people from trigger-happy police.

I wish they and others would stop blaming a movement that’s trying to highlight the value of black lives in a nation that deems them inferior or worthless. But that is just wishful thinking as they would not relent on their continuous fuckery. To them, its black lives who are responsible for getting taken down by cops. It’s black people who must get their shit in order to keep from getting killed by cops, not the police. In the end, they may as well come out and say what they really feel, that black lives don’t matter to them, but police lives do because…police.


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