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Like it or not, there are a lot of white people out there that have a pathological problem with people of color, and most of those white people are afraid to face that truth. They will fight tooth and nail to show how not racist they think they are by ironically showing how incredibly racist they truly are.

There’s a video going viral about an on-air verbal smackdown between former teacher-turned-conservative commentator Angela Box and civil rights activist Quanell X. The pair were discussing the now-infamous video of a white male cop slamming a black female teen student in a South Carolina classroom. The cop Ben Fields has since been fired from his job while the teen sustained some injuries, but will survive nonetheless.

Box tried to defend the officer and begins by blaming “black culture”. Quanell fires back by suggesting that the officer’s firing was appropriate and proceeds to bring up white males shooting schools. Needless to say, the exchange got heated very fast.

Raw Story reports:

During a KRIV news segment called “Face Off,” Angela Box argued that Deputy Ben Fields should not have been fired for violently throwing a 16-year-old school girl to the ground because he was “doing his job.”

To Box, this teen was no saint. She should’ve followed directions and be obedient to white authority. Since she wasn’t, then she deserved to get her ass kicked.

“It’s time we start addressing the root cause of all this,” she said. “The disrespect of teachers, this Black Lives Matter movement, this perpetual chip on your shoulder against everybody that’s not like yourself. It’s got to stop. We’ve got to address the culture.”

Maybe Box should get off her white ass and start researching the why’s behind why we have this “perpetual chip on our shoulder”. Contrary to what most people think, it didn’t come from a vacuum. Maybe she should find out what Black Lives Matter is really all about instead of listening to the wrong sources and not asking any questions. Maybe she should talk to black people instead of at them as if she’s the only one entitled to talk about any damn thing as if she’s a freakin’ expert.

Activist Quanell X calmly asserted that the officer should have been indicted in addition to being fired.

“Ms. Box, nobody supports a disruptive student in a classroom because it stops other kids learning,” Quanell X explained. “But what I do have a problem with is, men should never handle a woman like the way that cop handled that little girl, to turn that desk over the way he did, grab her around her neck, then grabbed that child and threw her across the room, that is unbecoming of a man with decent character and conduct.”

“Now for you to say that we need to deal with the culture of black kids in schools,” he noted, taking a deep breath. “Let’s deal with the culture of these crazy fanatic white boys who go in schools with guns and shoot and kill everybody.”

Quanell addressed that no one supports a disruptive student but at the same time, no man has any right to put his hands on a woman. In this case, it was a grown man physically abusing a teen girl.

Box should’ve been smart enough to see that as a problem, but clearly, her privileged mindset is incapable or unwilling to do just that one simple thing. She instead chose to see this as a case of a disrespectful black thug mouthing off to a good white police officer. But when Quanell mentioned the continuous problem of young white males committing school shootings, something that should be discussed and examined, that’s when her claws came out.

Box began shouting back but Quanell X continued: “Columbine, killing the kids at the [Sandy Hook] elementary school, the shootings in other cities across the America have all been crazy little white boys shooting up innocent people so let’s study that culture!”

With her finger in Quanell X’s face, the teacher-turned-pundit fired back by blaming Democrats for destroying black families and their “self worth.”

“Address the black culture, the perpetual chip on your shoulder, blame whitey!” she yelled.

“Show some manners,” Quanell X replied. “Don’t tell me a damn thing about the black culture and kids in school when it’s white boys who go in school and murder all kinds of innocent people. Don’t tell me that! We need to study these fanatic white boys!”

He does have a point. But Box wasn’t having any of that.

“When you go in these inner cities and start teaching there, you let me know,” Box quipped. “Then you can have something to say about it.”

“I went to inner city schools!” Quanell X exclaimed. “And at the end of the day, there’s wolves in sheep’s clothing teaching at inner city schools.”

“How dare you say that to me,” Box gasped.

“It’s the truth when it comes to you!” Quanell X concluded.

It should be noted that Angela Box is the same woman that publicly wished that President Obama would die from Ebola, called Muslims “goatfuckers” and filed a lawsuit against Quanell X in the recent past for defamation for calling her a racist! It’s funny and typical how white people when caught with their bigotry will blame everyone and everything else and never take any responsibility for their bullshit. Clearly, Box doesn’t like to be called out on her shit, but she sure as hell doesn’t mind dishing it out.

Box felt entitled to lecture a black man she seemingly deems as lower than she is and is less informed about the problems facing this country’s education system in how it deals with children with issues. She didn’t talk to Quanell X like a human being or as her equal. Instead, she lashed at him, tried to shut him up, and had the nerve to feel disrespected when he tried to speak his mind, defend himself and disagree with her. Through all that absurdity, Angela Box has shown why she’s the perfect Fox News commentator, and what’s wrong with white privilege, white entitlement and of course, white racism.