Guest Post: When White People and Law Enforcement Say It’s Not About Race, it Certainly Is About Race!

By Blakksage:

Over the past two years in America, there has been a plethora of high profiled cases involving unarmed black women, child and men assaulted, maimed and murdered by white police officers and lone wolf vigilantes. Just as soon as one of these racialized incidents take place, the usual guardians of white supremacy come out of their hiding sewers in full force. The protectors of systematic white supremacy are black and white race baiters sworn to uphold the pillars America, even at the cost of appearing to make themselves out to be mind controlled fools.

The usual sewer dwelling defenders of white supremacy are David Clarke, Milwaukee County Sheriff, Don Lemon, CNN news anchor, Harry Houck, CNN News Analyst and last but not least, Bill O’Reilly, Fox News Anchor who are amongst a host of lesser known protectors of the scourge that we refer to as white supremacy.

As we all know by now, white supremacy is the belief in the superiority of the white race, especially in matters of intelligence and culture—achieved the height of its popularity during the period of European colonial expansion to the Western Hemisphere, Africa, and Asia. Unfortunately, here in the early stages of the 21st century, visions and reality of white supremacy is still here with us. This demonic belief that an individual is superior, merely due to the skin tone makes absolutely no sense.

Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott opined: “I make that decision based on personal knowledge about this deputy,” Lott said. “He’s been dating an African-American female for quite some time now.” He made this idiotic statement when referring to School Resource Officer Ben Fields. He is the officer seen in the recent social media video slamming an African American student to the floor while she was still sitting at her desk. Fortunately, he was fired due to this excessive use of force in this incident due to media exposure. Eventually, officer Fields was reluctantly terminated.

I would not be surprised if officer Fields will eventually be hired by another South Carolina county as a Deputy Sheriff. Therefore, keep your eyes open for this to happen.

Moreover, the Sheriff initially stated that what officer Fields did to the high school student was lawful. Well then, if what he did was by policy and lawful, why the hell was he fired?

It is safe to safe to say that officer Ben Fields was and perhaps still is a white supremacist who has an African American girlfriend (I hate the term African American, however, that’s another story).

Not so dearly departed white supremacists Sen. Strom Thurmond, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington have already proven to us many times over how a white supremacist could date a black woman as either a mistress, sugar daddy provider, concubine or girlfriend. More specifically, in the case of President Thomas Jefferson, he had sex with a slave child by the name of Sally Hemings who bore him six children. Who, by the way, was only 14 years old at the time she was first seduced by Thomas Jefferson.

Under today’s laws, President Thomas Jefferson would have been convicted of statutory rape and ordered to report the local Sheriff Department to register as a sex offender and have a mug shot taken.

Therefore, for a racist white American to have either a short or long term companionship with an African American woman is as Amerikkkan as baseball, hot dog, apple pie and Chevrolet. In short, Sheriff Lott’s analyst that it’s impossible to Ben Fields to be a white supremacist simply because he has an African American girlfriend is as shallow a statement one could utter to deflect the attributes of a white supremacist doing what they do in the name of Ben Fields.

Furthermore, President George Washington became the owner of 318 slaves at the age of eleven after his father. Between 1785 and 1786, the first president of the United States, George Washington (1732-1799) had a child named West Ford with a black slave girl who was either 15 or 16 years of age, known as Venus.

Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke Jr. stated: “When we take people to the ground, it’s called decentralization.” When we use language like brutality or slamming to the ground is a little bit of hyperbole and is used to incite and inflame. Cameras don’t always tell the whole story.”

Really, … Sheriff Clarke? Decentralization is the appropriate word to utilize when a child is slammed to the floor who presented no physical or life threatening harm to the officer? Also, since “cameras don’t tell the whole story,” as you put it. I surmise what the sheriff is insinuating, is that IF officer Fields was wearing a body-camera, it would’ve shown or told the world an entirely different story than what the students’ phone camera captured? Is this what you’re telling us sheriff Clarke?

Well then, why wasn’t Fields wearing a body camera so that we the people, and the world could be privy to the difference between what cops see on a video in relation to what ordinary people perceive?

What happened to the student in South Carolina is just another glimpse into how white supremacy operates. The operation of White supremacy is to avoid admitting to being a white supremacist at all cost; change the language and wording of the situation to lessen impact of what truly took place. The corporate owned media then flood the air waves with those who engage in nonsensical jargon in order to cover their tracks through certified task masters (insert Don Lemon, David Clarke, Bill O’Reilly and Leon Lott). They then blame the victim and tell the masses of people that what they saw, was in fact a lie and that (the hired coons) have some special discernment power to see and differentiate what the masses of people didn’t see on the video. Perhaps the status quo see the difference through a crystal ball.

White supremacy will never cease to exist; it will always be sustained in this country so long as the people allow the status quo to manipulate and distort the narrative and arresting or clouding truth through technological devices and temporarily hired Uncle Toms. I encourage people to trust their own eyes.

Remember, in this country, evil has power and finds its home in the human heart and in the human condition to inflict unabated, random violence primarily against the descendants of former slaves (God’s people).

Job 9:24 The earth is given into the hand of the wicked: he covereth the faces of the judges thereof; if not, where, and who is he? (We know who the wicked ones are)




4 thoughts on “Guest Post: When White People and Law Enforcement Say It’s Not About Race, it Certainly Is About Race!

  1. I sometimes feel guilty for thinking this way against my own people but I can’t wait for the day when coons like David Clarke have their nigger moment

    1. @Nidotopianwarrior,

      karma comes back to those who engage in coonery in due time and with a vengeance. Look no further than Bill Cosby who once sought the glory of white people (Edomites). It was just a few years ago, he alluded to black men in general, essentially being thieves across the board with his “pound cake” story. Now, … come to find out, people was listening to a potential serial rapist who had quite a few skeletons in his own closet!

  2. White men have never had a problem sleeping with those they deem inferior to them, so the idea that someone is not a racist or misogynist because they’re dating a POC, is a meaningless argument to me.

    White men have thought of women, in general, as inferior to them for centuries, and in fact, part of their inferiority, was that they were required to sleep with them.
    So just because someone is dating a person who is not the same race as them doesn’t make them less racist.

    The problem is believing these are mutually exclusive activities.

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