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There’s a viral video going around social and mainstream media where a hulking white cop is seen brutalizing a black female teenager. What was the problem, you asked? It seems that the teacher asked her to leave, but she refused to. (The reason why is unknown as of this writing.) So, a resource officer by the name of Ben Fields was called to force the girl out of the classroom. Instead, he started handling the girl, who was unarmed and nonviolent, like she was an overgrown rag doll while most of the other students watched. The video was filmed by fellow student Niya Kenny, but then, she got arrested for filming and standing up for the girl!

Reports say that Ben Fields has questionable past, to say the least. He attacked army medic Carlos Martin and his wife Tashiana Rogers in 2005 because of a noise complaint. Both of them are black. It is said that Fields has been known to target black students. After the incident, he is placed on administrative leave and the Sheriff has called for an FBI investigation on the matter.

As expected and quite typical, there are people coming out in defense of Fields. They place the blame solely on the student for not being cooperative. Some have even blamed her parents for not doing their job of raising her better. As always, it’s always black people’s fault for being assaulted by white cops.

Of course, if you’re a white person, most likely you would get much better treatment. But if you’re black, prepared to get handled like either a WWE wrestler or a wild animal in the woods during hunting season. The same sadly and realistically goes for black children.

In this racist nation, black children are not seen as children. Instead, they are seen as potential troublemakers, thugs and future criminals that deserved to be locked up early on during their academic careers. The pipeline from school to prison has been overflowing for years filled with mostly poor minority children. It is directly due to the teachers’ mishandling of students behavior seeing it as a pathology that deserves the attention of law enforcement and the criminal “justice” system. The smallest infractions that seem like no big deal are magnified to appear like felonies to teachers who most likely don’t know how to handle children and shouldn’t be teaching in the first place! Instead of seeing children and teens as developing young adults, they are seen as – you guessed it – criminals that deserved to be handled just as badly or worse.

This isn’t to say that the girl did anything, but whatever she did doesn’t warrant such treatment, provided that she did anything to begin with. Students who witnesses the event are saying that she didn’t do anything wrong. Yet, she got treated like a wild beast or rather worse than a wild beast.

Most of the people defending this brutish cop can’t or won’t see all that is wrong with this incident. Ben Fields, heavily built, was basically throwing around a young girl who could not defend herself. Nevertheless, she was wrong for “disrespecting authority”. So, she got what was coming, and she has no one to blame but herself.

I think it’s safe to say that black children will never be seen as children, especially to the eyes of cops and the “justice” system so long as there are people like Ben Fields wearing badges and have people who will have their backs whenever they abuse their power. There will always be a racial bias against them, and there will always be defenders of such an oppressive system. We clearly have to learn how to serve and protect our children from the ones who are supposed to “serve and protect” but are only out to enslave and oppress.

UPDATE: Ben Fields has been fired! In my opinion, with the record and reputation he has, he shouldn’t have been hired in the first place.

Also, the young girl is revealed to be a teen who recently lost her mother. She sustained injuries to her back, arm and neck after the attack.

Lastly, resident house negress Raven Simone defends the officer by stating that the girl should’ve followed the rules. She and Don Lemon both may as well join Fox News as they would feel more at home there.