Your Thoughts: Bernie Sanders


What are your thoughts on Bernie Sanders? Please comment below.


4 thoughts on “Your Thoughts: Bernie Sanders

  1. I would vote for him if he got the nomination, which is unlikely. I agree with his positions on a variety of issues, not all, but definitely most. No candidate is perfect. I expect this is going to be one of those “lesser of two weasels” elections.

  2. Bernie Sanders is Jewish and well known in much of the Eastern states. Vermont is over run by White Americans just like so many of our New England states. I have driven and visited many of these states. Sanders is an Independent and was helped by the NRA when they wanted to get rid of Bernie’s opponent in 1990.
    Further we must reason that White Americans are the majority of both the Democratic Party as well at the Republican Party. What history teaches us is that White men stick together. Are we to ignorant of learned behavior as to accept that the Democratic Party was blind, deaf, and dumb when the GOP was gerrymandering states? When the GOP was gerrymandering maps the DEMS in Texas ran into New Mexico so no voting could be conducted. It worked but it did not save Texas from the callous and ignorance of the GOP.
    Senator Sanders however is a Socialist and as anyone who is educated and cares about humanity and the planet we live on, knows socialism is not communism. Communism is a failure only because of the hell Tsars put the Russian citizens through giving them no choice but to fight to survive. The monsters that put Russia through years of starvation and killings in the Gulags of intellectuals, doctors, lawyers, and government officials is well known.
    Another Jew wanted to teach humanity the steps to take so they could feed, house, and educate everyone in their nation over two thousand years ago. He needed a bloodless revolt to overturn the rich. Who would deny him today but those who crucified him then?
    Senator Sanders if he in fact wins the nomination will need a revolt but even if he wins the young and gets voted into the presidency he does not have the machine to make things happen to elevate or rid us of the GOP. Senator Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are not enough, however add Hillary Clinton as POTUS and you have Warren, Sanders, with Nancy Pelosi and other strong democrats not scared of risking their seats in congress and you may have a strong bloodless revolt; one that is strong enough to rid ourselves of the GOP Party itself as they are becoming an enemy of the citizens of the United States.

  3. Amerika has had 44 elected Presidents thus far. Each run-up to the presidential main event presented an opportunity for Amerika, through the elected POTUS, to affirm its commitment to true freedom and equality for everyone, especially the descendants of slaves. But yet, just as soon after the roaring crowds at campaign events return home, lights, cameras and satellite dishes are turned off, campaign promises are either placed on a post-it note or in a brief case and eventually forgotten until the next election.

    Thus far, Bernie Sanders’ conversation regarding the sluggish economy and that Hillary Clinton’s primary interest is to look out for the status quo is correct. However, any conversation coming from Bernie regarding race has obviously been absent. To me, that’s quite telling because I’ve lost track of how many high profile, unarmed black woman, man or child that was murdered by racist police officers and neo-Nazi lone vigilantes over the past two years.

    Perhaps Bernie Sanders doesn’t watch the local or national news or have a Facebook or Twitter account.

    At bottom, I personally believe that Bernie is no different than any other politician. He’s just another self loving politician who tells a polished story to get the people’s vote. He’s clearly a politician without conviction on the issue of race. That, my friends, should be enough to make voters think twice before pulling the lever for him, even more so if you’re black in Amerika!

    Sirach 27:4-5 When a sieve is shaken, the husks appear; so do people’s faults when they speak. The furnace tests the potter’s vessels; the test of a person is in conversation.

    Yahawa Baha Sham Yahawashi (God coming in the name Jesus)


  4. My thoughts…
    I heard J Behar state something like, “I just love a good, Jewish Socialist!” I guess that DumbA$$ liberal F#(K missed the class that taught about the Jewish Holocaust, run by the NAZI party – a socialist party. As for Bernie Sanders, I’ll take Colonel Sanders over him… At least the Colonel knows chicken… Bernie knows $H1T… I would say he doesn’t even know $H1T. Peace, my fellow privacy – loving, self – suffsufficient Americans.

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