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Local News

Depending on where you live and the news outlet, which is most likely own by white males, black people are usually over-shown as criminals. The first two minutes of the local news program will showcase the latest in crime, and more often than not, you will see mugshots of black criminals or black suspects handcuffed and in chains escorted by (usually) white cops. In the newspaper, where crime is always a front page topic, you will likely see a mugshot of a black suspect. Most of the crimes covered involve drugs and violence. Thus making it seem that black people are the most violent and are mostly involved in drug activity.

Black folks seen outside the coverage of local crime get minimal attention, or seldom make it to the front page. Stories about black accomplishments or black heroism are covered in the newspaper but they are rarely seen as front page news or get as much attention as opposed to white people’s accomplishments and heroism.

State and National News

Black folks are rarely seen in state and national news outlets, except when it comes to crime. The crimes usually covered are violent crimes like murder, rape, robbery and assault. Hardly any mention of black achievements outside sports.

When blacks are presented as victims, they are dragged through the mud. They are seen as deserving of being shot and killed, especially by the police. They try to paint picture that that man or woman had it coming because of something that happened in their past, that they were violent to begin with or they had drugs in their system. Black folks who are suspects are always treated as representatives of black cultural pathology. In other words, most black people have something existentially wrong with them that has nothing to do with racism, institutional or otherwise.

On the other hand, white suspects are treated with more sympathy. The number one cause for his or her crime is ‘mental illness’, according to the news. White suspects are always treated as individuals, never parts of a larger problem. In the meantime, white victims are treated like victims who didn’t deserve to die.

Celebrity/Tabloid News

Black celebrities get a more balanced coverage, but when it comes to doing or saying something wrong, it’s news. Sometimes the latter gets more attention then their accomplishments inside and outside the entertainment world. And if a crime has occurred and a black celebrity is a suspect, it’s covered extensively from accusations to courtroom trials. You hear more about this compared to white celebrities whose wrongdoings get very little attention.

Sports News

Black athletes’ only achievements happen on the court or on the field in the sports news media. When any black athlete is accused of a crime, however, it’s a news story from start to finish. Most crimes covered involve drugs and alcohol and it gets limited attention, but when it involves violence, it’s widespread and frequent. Sometimes, their mishaps get more attention than their on and off-the-field achievements. It’s very rare you hear about any positive stories off the field, unless you’re a white athlete.

Conservative News

Conservatives admonish black people frequently from false stories about being the biggest welfare spenders to the ones most responsible for the nation’s high crime rate. Black folks are almost always involved in violent crime. When the victim is a white person, then it’s seen as a reverse version of a hate crime. In fact, most conservative outlets cover “black-on-white crime” more often than they do “white-on-black” and white intra-racial crime! Black conservatives that are on board with the right’s base must always agree with their white correspondents and possess their white racist mindset. They too look down on black folks as much as their white counterparts. There is clearly a bias in their news reporting.

Liberal News

Liberal news seem more balanced, but it’s not without a racist slant to their reporting. Most of the time, blacks are seen as victims of racism. They are hardly mentioned in negative stories unless it’s a black celebrity. Then their bullshit is covered in the news. But you hardly see black folks in positive stories as opposed to white folks. White folks in positive stories, especially when it comes to topics of race and sex, get loads of praise! Black folks get praise too, but not as often as white folks.

Black Owned News

Depending on the outlet, news about black people are mostly balanced. Sometimes there’s an imbalance as black folks get more positive coverage instead of crime coverage. Some outlets never report on crime or any misdeeds of black folks that will often grab the attention of the white-owned news media. Black achievements and heroism are given way more coverage as opposed to mainstream news. And black victims of violent crime and police brutality are treated as people.


Almost all mainstream news outlets are owned by white folks. So, you can’t rule out any racial bias regardless of whether they are conservative or liberal. However, most black owned and operated news outlets present a more balanced picture of black America. Some present a more positive picture to counter negative and even racist news reporting. Through it all, it’s safe to say that black people must be in charge of their own stories. Only then would you likely get a more accurate and humane picture of what black America is all about.