Vern’s Venting: Dressing Down Black Folks

By Lavern Merriweather:

It appears that white people are so paranoid about losing their place atop the food chain that their disgust will sink to a level of complete batshit proportions!

At the latest VMA’s hosted by Miley Stupid Ass her new nemesis, Nicki Minaj called Miley to the carpet. More specifically she called Miley Stupid Ass a bitch because of comments Miley made about Nicki’s Twitter feud with country star Taylor Swift. Although she had nothing to do with their back and forth ramblings, Miley felt the need to throw her two cents in.

In an interview with the New York Times she criticized Nicki’s hair and outfits, then claimed that Nicki could have handled it better. Keep in mind, this heffa didn’t utter a peep about Taylor or how she was behaving. Taylor and Nicki have since kissed and made up, but of course, the media wants to attack Nicki because she dared tell a nosy, busybody to mind her own fucking business. And per the script of white folks, Miley is playing the victim to the hilt. I’m surprised she didn’t complain about having the ‘vapors’ while delicately holding a white handkerchief to her forehead.

This is typical. How dare they/she/he give us any lip or backtalk. So they have to, once more, remind us of our place, and it ain’t at the head of the table. We are supposed to be in the back toiling our lives away in the kitchen like any happy darkie. If that sounds a lot like a slave analogy then bingo, that’s exactly what I was going for. And spare me the argument about how those days hence ideals are over, obviously not so far, particularly when you have white females pitching the hissiest of fits, because they don’t like their spot at most desirable challenged.

Recently, No Doubt front woman Gwen Stefani felt the need to insult Rhianna for being, in her words, ‘too slutty’. She also slammed Rhianna for not being talented enough. Someone should remind Gwen that her voice isn’t exactly giving Barbara Streisand a run for her money either. When asked about how they were different Stefani replied that “she has the sense to put pants on”. Oh really, then that must have been some other screechy sounding blond bimbo shaking her ass in her “Hollaback Girl” video. You know the scene I’m talking about where Gwen has her ass hanging all out in a VERY skimpy red outfit. Yet she has absolute nerve to whine about Rihanna when she uses just as much sexuality in her videos?

I’m beginning to notice a trend of obnoxious, no talent white folks complaining about Rihanna and Beyonce without uttering a peep about certain skanky white women like Katy Perry or Lady Gaga. Gaga behaves in a way that is not only bizarre but childish also. By that, I mean she does a lot of goofy shit to get attention. However ridiculous though, her actions will be seen as cool or outlandish.

Black women on the other hand don’t get that luxury. Our faults are to be critiqued and judged by hypocrites and idiots.

It’s not just white females feeling the heat of getting replaced by those inferior to them. After LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling was heard on tape making inflammatory and racist statements to an ex- girlfriend, fellow owner Mark Cuban was compelled to come to his rescue. Cuban did the requisite, full of shit, white person dance by saying that he found Sterling’s words troubling. But he still defended them! He moaned that even if people were bothered by what Sterling said, and well they should have been, Sterling still had a right to say them as well as a right to his opinion. Well let’s just bring back lynching and having black people sit on the back of the bus while we’re at it huh Mark? What a stupid, asinine, arrogant asshole viewpoint, especially when you take into account that Cuban really had no dog in this fight. Unless maybe his true feelings about the Negroes that HE employs finally came to light.

It wouldn’t surprise me much that a bunch of the owners had the same mentality as Sterling. Let’s get real here, the young black males playing for these rich, white assholes are often nothing but a monkey that hops around to an organ grinder. I will bet Bill Gates many billions that I don’t have that every single black person reading this post can remember a scene from a movie or TV show where a white person was allowed to talk down to a Negro. They of course never get to say a damn thing back and have to go on humbly with their lives and their tail between their legs. That’s the way it was in real life 65 years and it’s still that way in this day and age. “Regardless of how much of a dick or whore I’m being it’s not up to you, a Negro, to correct me.” It’s ok however if they tell us what’s what because that’s their God given right. They have to instruct us simple little black folks on how mistaken we are all the time. It’s the same malarkey white people use for their argument about political correctness.

That must have been what Gary Oldman meant when he defended scumbag and has-been Mel Gibson when he made sickening comments on tape about blacks and Jews. Oldman seems to think that we shouldn’t play thought police and admonish someone for their beliefs. I guess he would have been preaching that garbage to those who opposed the Holocaust too.

The problem with white males like Cuban and Oldman is that they have the ability to speak on the other end. They have no clue what it’s like to be on this side of the spectrum. Nor apparently do they give a damn that they are protecting dangerous, disgraceful mindsets, making it that much harder to fight against what people like Sterling and Gibson stand for. What gets me the most about those dickweeds are the people whining, because they got caught spewing hatred. Well no shit, stupid. Of course they weren’t going to admit their real feelings for all the world to know. The reason for that is because they know that their words breed cruel, sick bigotry. It’s something that those coming to their aide need to learn a thing or two about as well.


5 thoughts on “Vern’s Venting: Dressing Down Black Folks

  1. The mentality is a part of the caucasoid’s nature wether rich or poor. It is the same mentality exhibited by Adam in the garden as it relates to knowing what is best. It will take a very painful chastisement to force the caucasoid to bow to right behaviour due to the fact that they have been able to justify all of their behavior, wrong not withstanding.

  2. Taylor Swift and Gwen Stefani’s statements are nothing new. The appropriation or theft of black culture has been going on for ages by white mutants. The way we walk, dress, speak and how we style our hair have always been points of contention for whitey. They speak ill of us and then turn around and copy us.

    I have yet to witness any of these mutants speak in unflattering way of the Amish people and then turn around and mimic their way of living, much less the manner in which they wear their attire or move about town in a horse carriage. I’m still waiting.

    Whitey will never copy the certain Hamite tribes in Africa who, for some strange reason, believe the implantation of a circular object in the entirety of their lower lip is an aesthetic sight. I would love to see either Iggy, Taylor or Gwen do this to prove that they are not jealous of American blacks and what we do isn’t generally desirable by unstylish whites. Imagine the ghastly image of any of the white females listed above with an object forced into their lower lip for a moment. Not pretty!

    Simply put, they don’t copy other cultures because American blacks have always set the trend in everything that most other cultures secretly desire but refuse to give credit towards. This not only happens here in Amerika, but it’s worldwide!

    Oh yeah, haven’t white women generally been jealous of the black women’s fuller lips and hips?

    Bottom line is: White people are full of SH^T!

  3. The blacks in america i believe should strive to be upright when dealing with each other first and foremost. When dealing with. The caucasoid we have to be upright to guard against their tricks and schemes. The Caucasian as a whole will have one hellava time trying to imitate right behavior and will be forced to admit(verbally and with their actions) their eminity against us in such a way that the holdout negroes will no longer be able to make excuses for the whites wicked behavior toward us.

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