Vern’s Venting: Them No Account Negroes

By Lavern Merriweather:

Former tennis pro James Blake was in New York recently waiting for a cab when he was attacked by a cop claiming that he ‘fit the description’. Turns out Mr. Blake didn’t look as much like the guy as the cop claimed even while the commissioner of police William Bratton is trying to defend the cop’s bigoted actions. Blake has been speaking out continuously saying that the cop should be fired.

I agree 100% with what Mr. Blake is proposing. And as one person so astutely pointed out, he was accosted by some overzealous prick because of identity theft.

Since when did THAT crime require cops to use harsh physical force? It doesn’t. The fact is Mr. Blake is black. So how the cop treats him regardless of how wrong is completely irrelevant, at least to the people stuck on stupid and prepared to defend cop’s actions to the fullest regardless.

What I love most about this story is that Mr. Blake is not mincing words about why he was treated so disgracefully. Still, there are plenty of dumb Negroes that behave as if a cop’s word is law.

Peggy Hubbard, a mom from St. Louis, posted a video on Facebook that, once again, blames the victim. She blasted protesters in Ferguson for speaking out on behalf of the young black male that was caught on the anniversary of Mike Brown’s death shooting at cops. Hubbard questioned why is it that those same black people aren’t as angry about Jamyla Bolden. Little Jamyla was a six year-old playing in her housing project that was shot and killed by a stray bullet during a drive-by. While I certainly agree that the death of a child in a senseless act of violence should be a top priority to focus on, Hubbard is very misdirected in her verbal assault.

Hubbard states that if you shoot at a cop you can expect them to shoot back. So, if that were true, then the countless numbers of white people I see disobeying the police and being outright defiant should be dead too right about now. Guess what? They ain’t. Miraculously, they didn’t obtain Hubbard’s memo that not complying with police should end your life. She didn’t mention, however, the black people killed by police like Amadou Diallo, Bernard Monroe, Rekia Boyd, Samuel Dubose, Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams that didn’t do shit to warrant their death sentence, that there is a huge number of black folks dying by police for no damn good fucking reason.

Hubbard wants to be the type that imagines the majority of black folks as hoodlums asking for trouble. Typical that she is being called ‘brave’ by a number of white people on the internet. I wonder how many of those would be saying that were her attack on white people’s felonious pathology rather than, yet again, picking on the safest target. Interesting that white people find a Negro hating on their own in a stupid, self-serving, asinine rant courageous. Yet if you flip that script and have a black person criticizing white people, they are insulting fools who don’t know what they are talking about. According to white people, black folks are only right when they don’t attack anyone white. I don’t recall white society calling Tim Wise heroic at any time ever. Nor have they once given him credit for having the balls to go there with a group of people that hate to hear the truth regardless of how harsh. Sort of like the same people who will protect a racist cop’s dumbassness even when he is absolutely at fault or will whine about how black folks need to get their priorities in order.

As her own son sits in jail, Hubbard bragged about the fact that she turned her own son in after she discovered that he committed a crime. She doesn’t appear to want to brag about how her shitty parenting skills might have somehow led to her child’s predicament. Yes, I know that some people can be the best parents in the whole world and still raise a tainted seed. However, I have a very strong suspicion that Ms. Hubbard’s sermonizing is more about being bitter because of her failure and less about black people needing to get their shit straight. As I said before she hasn’t spoken out at all about the black people killed by police that didn’t do anything to deserve it, just like Mr. Blake didn’t deserve what he got. But that ain’t enough for some idiots. Has Peggy Hubbard got anything to say about the two white male fugitives that escape from a New York prison recently? Come to think of it, nobody has really had much of anything negative to say about Richard Matt and David Sweat. I haven’t heard one word about what they did, how long they were going to be in prison, etc. I especially haven’t heard anybody, including Hubbard, calling them derogatory names. Not one person in the media has called them lowlifes, scumbags, thugs, losers, take your pick of the adjectives used for Negroes. They weren’t even referred to as dangerous, neither was the white female employee that helped them escape, despite the fact that she originally was going to run away with one of the criminals. She also wanted him to kill her husband besides, providing cash and a getaway car. Yet she isn’t being seen a paragon of evil or a bad person. There’s no rush to condemn the actions and mentality of three white people who saw nothing faulty about breaking the law at every turn. I’m surprised they haven’t claimed the “she is mentally ill” defense, but I suppose that’s coming down the road at some point.

White people love to make excuses for their illegal activity, even while they congratulate a moronic black female for her so-called guts to stand up against the status quo of her fellow Negro. I would very much like to know where is that same attitude when the person that’s doing something unacceptable is one of them?


6 thoughts on “Vern’s Venting: Them No Account Negroes

  1. I hate to say this and I dread it, but sooner or later people like Peggy will come to have what we in the ‘hood, like to call a N****er Moment. The police will do a fine job of putting her in her place, especially once they see that high horse she’s sitting on, unfortunately.

  2. Richard Matt was shot and killed by a SWAT team for not dropping his gun and complying. The POS had been serving 25-life for beating death.

    David Sweat was unarmed, but was shot twice in the torso when he tried to run from police, because he was designated as dangerous. All the news reports I saw and read during that time specifically warned that both fugitives were dangerous. That scumbag Sweat had been serving a life sentence for killing a sheriff’s deputy.

    I agree with your conclusions about white folks being handled more gently by police and media. I just think these two fugitives were bad examples, as both were shot (and the unarmed one killed) by law enforcement during their apprehension, and I can’t recall anyone defending them or saying they got other than what they deserved.

    1. Still the way they were portrayed wasn’t NEARLY as negative as it would be were they black men. And have you seen they are comparing the recent shooter to Obama because he is mixed race? What the fuck does that have to do with anything. They certainly aren’t hurrying to call him crazy.

      1. I haven’t seen that yet, but I believe you. The racism and knee jerk reaction of pulling Obama (and his race) into every situation seems almost reflexive.

        I do agree with your conclusions.

  3. My, my, my, … well, what do we have here? Is it another coon desperately seeking the glory of infantile whites? Certainly appears to be the case. I don’t even know where to begin with this witch. This is one of the saddest display of self hating; disoriented; lonesome; yes mam-yes-sir, contemporary slave servant that I’ve seen in quite a while.

    Peggy complains about the honorable work of the Black Lives Matter organization, which was established in response to the frequency of white cops murdering unarmed black men in this shit-hole of a country. It goes without question, to realize that the death of any man, woman or child due to a senseless drive by shooting. Black Lives Matter from the very beginning stated what were their objectives. That is: To give voice to the murdering of unarmed black men and women either by a cop with a cavemen mentality or some vigilante white boy (man) who has an unquenchable thirst to bring harm or even death to any person that’s black.

    On the other hand, Ms. Piggy posts a rant chastising Black Lives Matter for their good deeds while she hasn’t done a DAMN thing prior to the establishment of Black Lives Matter. If Ms. Piggy was so sincere about her profanity laced rant on Youtube, she would’ve done something about the senseless violence in black neighborhoods by establishing her own darn organization with some other obviously insincere whites that currently support her to stop the violence that she incoherently speaks of. She hasn’t done sh^t except to prostitute herself as a empty big mouth!

    I wish that I had her home address so that I’d personally send her a rocking chair free of charge so that she would sit her ass down and SHUT UP!

    Sorry “bout that, I meant to say Ms. Peggy! (wink)

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