Black Folks Can Think For Themselves

There seems to be a recurring, static theme among Republicans that black people, in general, vote for the Democratic party because we have been manipulated by them. There’s an even crazier notion that by joining the right, everything will be fine and dandy.

I’ve dealt with this mindset before dealing with a certain conservative blogger. He or “they” apparently think that black people aren’t smart enough to think for themselves. That’s why we somehow always vote Democrat as if we all vote for the left. Judging by black politicians Dr. Ben Carson and Colin Powell alone, they would see that we are not all down for the Dems.

Those of us that are, however, do so because we generally go for the lesser of two evils. We don’t all think the Democratic party is all good. We see that it has its share of demons in the form of racism and discrimination. So, we keep an eye on it as we would Republicans and their bullshit. The only thing is that they are more covert, careful, clever and quiet than the right. So they deserve extra special attention since they’re all for free speech, stricter gun laws, legalizing marijuana and all that shit. How will all that benefit black folks? See what I mean?

The thing that drives most (white) people crazy, especially those on the right, are people of color with minds of their own. They want us to be obedient to them the same way slavemasters want their slaves to be docile and quiet. It’s funny how we’re supposed to get over slavery coming from those who still like like slavemasters and their negro “helpers”.

All in all, we are not a monolith of mindless drones as many conservatives and just as many liberals think. We are all individuals with our own mindsets, thoughts and feels. And there are times and issues where some of us can agree on, and some of us think the Republican party is cray-cray and stupid when it comes to real world problems and situations. Largely speaking, they choose not to know what the hell black people need and they are purposely ignorant of the issues we face daily. Their dismal record of not knowing a damn thing about what the black community goes through speaks for itself.

Again, in case someone doesn’t fully understand, black folks can think for themselves. If there are some who side with the right, sad as it may be, we accept that. We are not all one hive-mind collective. We are a group of individuals with minds of our own. If Republicans don’t respect that, then it’s totally on them, not us, especially those of us free-thinkers.


6 thoughts on “Black Folks Can Think For Themselves

  1. I have been saying this all over the comments sections, and even on Quora. We DO NOT love the Democrats. We just hate them less than the Republicans. I say that to every one who challenges me about why Blacks don’t vote Republican. I say that after giving them a firm, clear, side-eye. Because …really?!!

    Republicans seem pathologically incapable of keeping their contempt for PoC, out of their mouths. At least Dems try to keep a lid on that shit and some of them you can actually speak to about what they said or did wrong. They’re still hard headed, but at least they’ll listen. You can’t do that with Republicans, many of who are so deeply ignorant about most of the world’s issues its nearly impossible to hold an intelligible discussion on anything.

    Now, I am making a distinction between someone who is Conservative and someone who is Republican. I’ve known Conservatives who were not Repubs, and held actual human like discussions with them, but the kind of Repubs out there now…it’s impossible to talk to them without wanting, desperately,to give that person a short, sharp slap, in the hopes that It will wake them up.

  2. The difference between the RepugNicans and the DemoRats are quite minor. They both want black folks to live a scripted life tailored to fit their needs and beckoning. Personally, I do not believe that neither one of these so-called political parties sincerely have the interest of black people at the center of their heart or as a core element within their political platform.

    You mean to tell me that after 150 years or so, we are still not a free people, after the Emancipation Proclamation was given. Are you telling me that twenty-eight (28) Presidents after Lincoln, we are still not a free people and that I should continue voting between two corporate owned political establishments just for the sake of voting? Simply being able to vote does not mean that you’re free.

    We as black folks are literally stuck between a rock, a hard place and runneth low on oxygen. I’m a firm believer that people have the right to vote for whomever they choose to vote for, if they choose to do so. Personally, I’ve quit voting and thinking that one of these parties will eventually come to our rescue. Man cannot and will not free another man. That’s a job for the one and only true Savior!

  3. I’ll have them niggers voting Democratic for the next two hundred years.” – Lyndon B. Johnson, who was a democrat and one of MLK’s main antagonists regarding the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Seems like his prophesy is coming true.

    1. I’ll have them niggers voting Democratic for the next two hundred years.” – Lyndon B. Johnson, who was a democrat and one of MLK’s main antagonists regarding the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Seems like his prophesy is coming true. – Black Guidance

      I understand your point regarding your post above. However, it appears that you’re giving Lyndon B. Johnson way too much credit in saying that he PROPHESIED about the voting patterns of black people. He was correct in PREDICTING the voting patterns of blacks due to our collective past erratic behaviors in terms of voting.

      The Almighy One, the Ancient One, the Potter, the Omnipotent One, the King of Terror or more appropriately, YAHAWA, which is His true name in Hebrew is the only One who can prophesy. He only does that through his messengers or prophets. All of the biblical prophets were black. I sincerely doubt Pres. Johnson was a prophet simply because he correctly predicted.

      In fact, there are no Idumean, Esau or Edomite prophets. (which are Greek biblical term for the color red people, what we refer to over here in Amerika as white people). There never has been and never will be a white prophet! However, your point is well taken.


      1. I didn’t mean to get you going because of the word “prophesy”. What I was doing was simply showing that LBJ hit the nail on the head. I guess he felt after he passed the Civil Rights Act (even though he was one of the primary opponents of the bill), that we blacks would owe the democrats something. After integration, I think we have gone backwards in this country. But that’s another topic. My whole point is that we shouldn’t blindly vote democrat every election. Blacks voted 97% democrat in ’08, and 93% in ’12 without barely doing anything for us.

      2. “My whole point is that we shouldn’t blindly vote democrat every election.” – Black Guidance

        I agree with you, however, it seems as if the vast majority of black folks vote for political and social concessions in return but get nothing when it’s said and done. This happens year after year, mid-term and presidential elections. There is an obvious and bright line pattern in the manner in which black folks vote. Both corporate owned parties have capitalized on our collective and wandering behavioral patterns and have utilized these mistakes by blacks for their personal gain and have been beneficial to their party. For black folks to continue voting without anything in return is quite foolish.

        Just imagine for a moment what would happen if all black Americans or nearly all of us would refrain from voting in these presidential elections until our social demands were met and the candidates that wanted our votes had to sign a binding pledge in advance in order to get our vote.

        It’s just too darn unfortunate that people do not see the power in NOT voting. If this was to take place, watch how much these white candidates scurry around like cock-roaches to get our vote! This would be one way to TURN THE TABLE and hold the political system in this country as a hostage.

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