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There seems to be a recurring, static theme among Republicans that black people, in general, vote for the Democratic party because we have been manipulated by them. There’s an even crazier notion that by joining the right, everything will be fine and dandy.

I’ve dealt with this mindset before dealing with a certain conservative blogger. He or “they” apparently think that black people aren’t smart enough to think for themselves. That’s why we somehow always vote Democrat as if we all vote for the left. Judging by black politicians Dr. Ben Carson and Colin Powell alone, they would see that we are not all down for the Dems.

Those of us that are, however, do so because we generally go for the lesser of two evils. We don’t all think the Democratic party is all good. We see that it has its share of demons in the form of racism and discrimination. So, we keep an eye on it as we would Republicans and their bullshit. The only thing is that they are more covert, careful, clever and quiet than the right. So they deserve extra special attention since they’re all for free speech, stricter gun laws, legalizing marijuana and all that shit. How will all that benefit black folks? See what I mean?

The thing that drives most (white) people crazy, especially those on the right, are people of color with minds of their own. They want us to be obedient to them the same way slavemasters want their slaves to be docile and quiet. It’s funny how we’re supposed to get over slavery coming from those who still like like slavemasters and their negro “helpers”.

All in all, we are not a monolith of mindless drones as many conservatives and just as many liberals think. We are all individuals with our own mindsets, thoughts and feels. And there are times and issues where some of us can agree on, and some of us think the Republican party is cray-cray and stupid when it comes to real world problems and situations. Largely speaking, they choose not to know what the hell black people need and they are purposely ignorant of the issues we face daily. Their dismal record of not knowing a damn thing about what the black community goes through speaks for itself.

Again, in case someone doesn’t fully understand, black folks can think for themselves. If there are some who side with the right, sad as it may be, we accept that. We are not all one hive-mind collective. We are a group of individuals with minds of our own. If Republicans don’t respect that, then it’s totally on them, not us, especially those of us free-thinkers.