Black Lives

It’s hard being black in a white dominated world. Even though there’s a movement to dismantle a proven ideal, black lives truly don’t matter, unless they’re doing the bidding of the demons of white supremacy. But even then, they don’t matter compared to that of whites. When it comes to police, it’s obvious everytime a black person’s life is taken at the hands of cops, one way or another. It’s even more obvious if and when those same cops get off with a light sentence, if they are ever punished. Maybe that’s why so many black folks believe in a place called Heaven. We’re living in a virtual Hell on Earth created by white racism.

From day one, black folks are told in some way that they are worthless or just plain rotten. And there are systems in place to ensure they turn into the very thing white racism wants them to be or else they face death. Either we become complicit of white supremacy, accept it for what it is and its definition of who we are, or we face its wrath which could result in our very lives being taken.

Simultaneously, white people are given the red carpet treatment of positivity. The same system gunning for black people, and people of color in general, nurtures and even protects them from the harsh realities of the world. They tell them that their physical features and white skin are testaments of superiority over the human race, that they are predestined to rule the world and everyone on it. In a way, they are as close to God, whom is white Himself through the ideal of white supremacy, as you can get, This is not to say they live in Heaven or that they don’t have problems of their own, but compared to how we got it, they live in a white utopia of basic goodness while we represent the exact opposite.

That is one reason why the Black Lives Matter Movement is threatening to them. It Some white people prefer to think they are the only lives that truly matter, because somewhere in the white racist fold, they are told they are victims of black racism. They are also scared of the reality that their fellow human beings are being devalued. So, instead of facing it, they run away from it.

Black Lives Matter is a loud and proud response to the constant taking of black lives at the hands of the police, the people charged with the responsibility to ‘serve and protect’ but has done anything else but when it comes to black citizens. No where does it advocate that only black lives matter and everyone else’s don’t. It wishes to acknowledge that black lives are worth just as much as whites.

Black lives are depreciated daily through all facets of society. Black Lives Matter is one way of changing that for the sake of humanity. Those who see it as a bad thing obviously need their moral compass fixed.


18 thoughts on “Black Lives

    1. Nobody’s denying that it’s hard to be anyone other than white in a white dominated society, but it can not be denied that people of color, no matter what color, have it hard in a nation such as this.

      1. I agree to some extent, but still say that BLACKS and WHITES both have it much better than the ‘rest’ of the minorities that don’t even make it into the news because we are seen as less important here.

    2. @Opinionated Man said: “Try being Asian in a BLACK AND WHITE society.”

      Give me a freakin break! For a Black man to be treated as Asian in Amerika, should be quite an easy task. When was the last time an Asian man get choked to death by a white cop (Eric Garner)? When was the last time an Asian child (17yr) was shot to death by a so-called neighborhood vigilante after purchasing a bag of candy (Trayvon Martin)? When was the last time an Asian child (17yr) was shot to death for supposedly playing his music too loud (Jordan Davis)? When was the last time an Asian child (12 yr) playing with a toy gun was shot to death by Nazi cops who failed to properly assess the situation? It was even mentioned to the cops over the radio that the gun appeared to be a toy. When was the last time an Autistic Asian man (27) was shot to death by police officers without cause or properly assessing the situation (Los Angeles)? When was the last time an Asian woman was told to “get out” of her for a damn traffic violation and a day or two later is found dead inside of a jail cell (Sandra Bland)? When was the last time as Asian woman was shot in the face by a home owner, when she simply needed help due to an automobile accident (Renisha McBride)? When was the last time nine (9) Asian people were shot at a false church conducting Bible study (Charleston, SC)?

      Asian folks have Chinatown, Koreatown, Japantown all over this demonic driven country selling cheap, overprices products. Where are the Blacktowns or African Americantowns? For your edification, there are none because just as soon as we do get our shit together, the white man will come and MURDER, RAPE, BURN and BOMB it to pieces with airplanes, just as they did Black Wall Street in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1921, and the Rosewood FL. massacre of 1923, Newark, NJ. 1967, and the 1964 Rochester, NY race riot.

      I could go on and on and on, but that’s not necessary. I hope you get my drift my now. I hope you feel me by now. There is no way in hell that Black folks in this shit-hole of a country has it worse that Asian folks.

      I’m not saying that the Asian community doesn’t have some issues, but to attempt to equate the minor issues that Asians have as being on the same level as Black people is simply ludicrous.

      And don’t think for one second that I have something against Asian people because when I step out of my door, my neighbors to the right and left are Asian families who are cool people.

      1. I grew up in a black city. Come down south, we have plenty of them. Do some research. ๐Ÿ™‚ Memphis Tennessee isn’t a “white” city. Like I said, I grow tired of people hogging the oppressed card. Asians get it from all of you. ๐Ÿ™‚

      2. Don’t forget that Black people have been experimented on and never given recompense (i.e., Tuskegee syphilis experiments, Henrietta Lacks, Vertus Hardiman), forced sterilization of Black women. And, of course, lynchings.

      3. @Opinionated Man said: “Minor issues that we face? Sighโ€ฆ OK ๐Ÿ™‚

        REALLY??? Why don’t you tell Ms. Garner that her husband getting choked to death was a minor issue. Why don’t you tell the mothers of Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis and Michael Brown that the murder of their sons were minor issues?

        By the way, why haven’t you answered any of my questions above?? CRICKETS!!

  1. There is a sliding scale on who has it better or worse depending on the situation. I read a chart that showed where in some areas Blacks had it better than Asians (positions of authority) and in other areas Asians had it better than Blacks (considered studious, hard-working, more accepted in interracial relationships).

      1. @Mickey,

        Hahaha, simple people like you are so darn funny. Well then, if you didn’t agree with it in the first instance, why re-post that bullshit here?? Perhaps you incorrectly believed that someone here would believe the regurgitated garbage that you read elsewhere! Personally, I would never re-post or paraphrase something that I didn’t agree with to begin with. You, … sir are a certified liar aren’t you??

  2. You nailed it (again), ‘Vern-the BLM is an important and much needed force within this plantation/nation, and needs to continue to flourish in order to make its’ presence and sincerity felt. @blakksage, Bravo, I’m totally with you on all points about this so-called “oppression olympics”!

  3. @blakksage,

    First of all, I am a female. Secondly, I have a right to post whatever I want as long as Brothawolf deems it okay. Thirdly, don’t start shit with me by calling me simple or a certified liar because I posted something you (and I) disagree with, dude. I have been posting on this blog for quite a while now as Brothawolf can vouch for me. So don’t go starting shit with me. I am not your enemy, man.

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