Vern’s Venting: Get Your Own House In Order

By Lavern Merriweather:

Lil Duvall, a very unfunny and annoying comedian, shared the sentiment of a lot of white folks when he stated that the #blacklivesmatter movement should also cause a stir when black people kill each other. He, like a lot of misguided Negroes, seem to believe that there is no outcry from the community when black-on-black violence occurs.

While I feel that he couldn’t be more wrong, the thing that pisses me off the most about that attitude is does he not expect that we would be upset when it’s the police? So, according to him and stupid Negroes like him, there is supposed to be a hierarchy of outrage, that we are somehow being hypocrites, because our anger is more palpable when the perpetrator is a white male authority figure.

Somebody needs to remind that clueless black soul that maybe we get more pissed off about white males is because for the longest time, we couldn’t. For decades, black people had no say in the murder of another black person by white hands.

Once upon a time in America, a lynching was held in a public square. White people would show up by the thousands to watch a black male, and in some cases black female, hung by the neck until they died. Much of the time it was for no damn good reason at all. It could have easily been because some arrogant ass white prick was irate that day. And the best way for that fucker to fuel his aggression was to take it out on the most expendable person available. No secret who that hell that was back then.

Not only that but a number of times, white people would bring their families to a lynching. White women would bring the kids, food and drink. It would often times be considered a party or picnic outing. So maybe THAT’S why our feathers become a shitload more ruffled when the person gunning down a black person wears a badge and has white skin, particularly when the end result of a lynching is basically still the fucking same. Our lives can be taken at a moment’s notice with no consequence or justice involved pretty much how it was 100 years ago, even as some white folks whine that they aren’t responsible for what their ancestors did. You are when you have turned into your ancestors, asshole! You commit the same exact behavior, yet deny your guilt of what they did. It don’t work that way partner. You are no different and just as much of a fucknut if you are repeating history in the name of police duties.

Another thing, those gangbangers killing other black people will face a form of punishment. The cops on the other hand have nothing more to worry about than maybe a suspension or probation.

Now, you know when even ex-cops are saying that sonofabitch needs to burn for what he did, something ain’t right. Very few people including fellow officers are justifying the cop in Cincinnati who brutally murdered Samuel Dubose recently. The offending officer has since been charged with murder and has a million dollar bond. As skeptical as I am, still it’s good to see somebody in blue finally held accountable. This would not have happened if we had followed the rhetoric of people like Duvall. Are some black people being rather inconsistent with their argument of black lives matter? Of course, but that doesn’t mean every black person is. And it damn sure doesn’t mean that our passion about the desire to protect ourselves from reckless, stupid thug police officers should slow down in any way, in spite of how some foolish ass Negro feels, especially when he probably isn’t doing that much for either cause. Those Negroes who squawk the most about other black people most likely don’t do shit else but complain, like the folks who are under the impression that Obama is the only one that can bring about change.

Every time I hear some half-wit like Larry Wilmore or Fake Noise’s best house ho Angela McGlowan piss and moan that our current president isn’t doing enough, I always wonder what the fuck are they doing? Are they creating protest groups or organizing marches, you know the stuff that black folks used to do before the butter biscuits took over and convinced the rest of us that racism had become a thing of the past? The problem is we have gotten far too lazy and complacent while the dummies with the biggest mouths have taken the mike. If that ain’t bad enough, their agenda is mostly clouded in the hopes of appeasing their white bosses. Trust when I say that Lil Duvall’s motivation relies solely on a paycheck from the people he has to keep happy, the same way black folks stepped aside and viewed their own dying in record numbers.

I would bet that there have been more black people killed in America by the practice of lynching than in the last five world wars combined. The statistics don’t reflect the truth, because the only raw numbers white people state are the ones that say we commit most of the crimes in America while yet another black family makes funeral preparations because some dick cop was having a bad day. Sound familiar? Yeah, because that’s just what it is. I can shoot to kill and get away with it because nobody cares about those darkies. The one thing missing now is the beer and potato salad. A party is probably what that prick will get after he gets away with murder. A black person killing a fellow black however gets prison food and jail time. Perhaps Lil Duvall thinks that’s a fair trade off, but I sure as fuck don’t and neither do a lot of other black people. That’s why the fight against somebody white takes on a whole different and much more significant meaning, despite the protests of those who never lift a finger to protest anything in the first damn place.


7 thoughts on “Vern’s Venting: Get Your Own House In Order

  1. Comedian Lil Duvall?? I have never heard of such person. It is obvious that he isn’t very good at being a comedian if he has to resort to making fun of the tragic situations regarding the murdering of black folks. And like most negroes that subscribe to coonery, or pleasing white people, this dumb-ass, booty-licker unconsciously suggests that black folks should also be upset at black on black crime within gangbanging circles.

    Gangbangers and other reprobates like them do not owe a sense of duty, law, fairness or security to black communities, but the police, law enforcement or the State certainly does. He should find himself a new line of work because he’s definitely not funny. Additionally, if he seeks attention to boost his comedic career, he chose the wrong subject to do so!

    1. Oh dear Lord those folks especially the so-called ‘comedians’ make my head hurt so bad I need 300 grams of aspirin. I hang my head all the time when they speak.

  2. ..Sidenote: I love the intelligent sister (Christina Greer) and brother (Michael York) who countered against the dumb statement that lil’ dude made on the Nightly Show (concerning this topic)-very concise, adamant and elegantly on point too!

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