Vern’s Venting: Same Shit, Different Name

By Lavern Merriweather:

Yet another black person has been senselessly murdered by a member of the cocksuckers on the police force [sigh!]. If it sounds like I have no respect for law enforcement, that’s because I don’t. Cops have become the scum of the fucking Earth to me. Don’t give me that song and dance either about being a in a noble profession or putting their life on the line blah, blah, blah. I don’t want to hear it, because that doesn’t mean shit to me. They don’t mean shit to me.

Still, those not on the receiving end i.e. white people, especially those at Fake Noise, just can’t figure out why those angry darkies hate the police so much. I tell you assholes why. It’s because they deserve our damn hatred! It’s because they have declared open season on us, and then expect us to tolerate it. Besides they feel that they can bogart our saying for their own purpose when the numbers of their deaths are not evenly matched to ours.

Samuel Dubose, a young, black and unarmed male from Cincinnati has become yet another notch on the belt of black lives stolen by the police. I won’t call Mr. Dubose a statistic, because I feel that lessens his value as a human being, something that has been happening far too often with the police shootings. It’s a pattern of insensitivity I refuse to engage in. Just like I won’t indulge the high minded Negroes and white folks on social media by saying that he had it coming. Bottom line, many black folks, especially young black folks, have EVERY right at this point to not want to respect a cop’s authority, to not want to do as we are told particularly when you take into account that he wasn’t doing a damn thing wrong.

Mr. Dubose was sitting in his car near a school district. So naturally, cops had to be called because a scary black man was sitting in a vehicle minding his own business. Apparently in this day and age, that has been deemed grounds for murder when you are black. The thug cop harassing Mr. Dubose, of course, tried to lie and say that Dubose was dragging him even while his dashcam video says otherwise. Then when that load of bullshit didn’t work, he said that Mr. Dubose attempted to run him over. The offending officer is now in jail with a million dollar bond awaiting trial on a charge of second degree murder.

Although we have seen this scenario play out before with cops allowed the freedom to take black lives with impunity, the fact this sonofabitch is being held accountable to some extent still makes me hopeful. Needless to say, there have been protests, not riots, after the murder of Mr. Dubose. The mayor of Cincinnati John Cranley has called for peace in his city and says he won’t tolerate lawlessness. It looks like that puissant already has seeing how he isn’t saying that same shit to his officers. Typical that the same white folks crying for peace never feel the urgency to instruct their agents of law to not be thugs themselves. They call for calm when they have spent years permitting chaos by their own civil servants. Sorry chief, but it’s a little late in the game to cry for ——— when your boys are killing black people with as much reckless abandon as they can.

During a protest in Ferguson on the one year anniversary of Mike Brown’s death, violence erupted when a youth fired shots at officers. Several officers were wounded but none seriously. It didn’t take long for both sides of the media to use this as an excuse to point fingers and claim that this is why police presence in certain areas is imperative. I say that maybe he was shooting at cops because of the vicious and sadistic way we have been abused by authority. Instead of jumping on the bandwagon to attack and distance themselves, I would be cheering that young brother on. The only thing I hate about it is that there were no fatalities for the cops.

If you think that’s a rotten thing for me to admit, then consider what happened at the Danziger Bridge in New Orleans ten years after Katrina. Two black families were trying to leave the city when they were confronted by some approaching police cars. The police who got out started an altercation which resulted in shots being fired and two of the party killed. A black crime reporter working the case at that time says that when the police reported that there were two fatalities on their side and none on the police side, there was applause. Another classic example that black lives DON’T matter to 5-0, including black people that were just trying to find help after a devastating tragedy.

You think that cops would have reacted that way towards the mostly white people on the East coast affected by Hurricane Sandy? No! Nor were any of the Sandy people called stupid because they believed that staying and protecting their property was a better priority than finding refuge elsewhere. Plus, none of the Sandy people would dared be called looting while searching the city in hopes of getting food or clean clothing.

Then there is the story of college player Christian Taylor. Mr. Taylor was a stand-out football player who broke into a car dealership one night in what appears to be a drug induced haze. He ran around the building hopping on cars and even smashed the glass of one, got in then rammed it into the front door. The cops were called and, as usual, when they arrived, Mr. Taylor was treated with disregard and disrespect. Mr. Taylor refuse to comply with police and was shot where he later died of his injuries. Many on Twitter and YouTube are whining that Christian got what he deserved, because he was being defiant with police and that he committed a crime.

While I don’t know what set Mr. Taylor off, I can say without question that it probably didn’t have to end in him being murdered. And for those who complain that he brought it on himself, let me remind them that there are a number of videos on the web showing white people getting into fistfights with cops and they are still alive. Hell, I’ve seen white people shoot at cops, sick their dogs on the police, even try and run a cop over. Yet, they aren’t lying a in a morgue somewhere.

There were only nine people killed in that biker melee recently in Waco, Texas. I would even bet my last dollar that some of them didn’t die at the hands of the police, that it was other bikers who killed them. The point is that if their logic is right, then cops should have been gunning those bikers down by the dozen. That, however, isn’t what occurred. The bikers had few casualties despite the fact that they were shooting at the police present.

Spare me the cock and bull about cops. They do treat black people differently. It was that way 65 years ago and it’s that way now. So how the hell can you expect us to not feel that it’s about race when you go out of your way to make that fact as obvious as day?


6 thoughts on “Vern’s Venting: Same Shit, Different Name

    1. That’s the best way to deal with those ftards. They are just trying to draw you into a ‘debate’ on reverse racism. Nothing pisses them off more than to simply ignore them and walk away.

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