Vern’s Venting: Butthurt

By Lavern Merriweather:

When legendary actor Jack Nicholson uttered the iconic line for his classic movie “A Few Good Men” “You can’t handle the truth!” he couldn’t have possibly known how right he was. It seems that a lot of folks in America are averse to anything resembling truth. It’s something that has become a passion of my boy Brotha which is probably why he created this website. And why he speaks every day to the constant injustice faced by those not on the winning side of the supremacy lottery, particularly black folks. Yet, we are supposed to stay silent lest we piss off some folks.

Recently I wrote a post about the complaints of whiny prick Michael Wilbon. He didn’t like the fact that he and his partner on “Pardon the Interruption” were facing the heat for their reluctance to discuss the rape accusation against Chicago Blackhawk [grrrr!] player Patrick Kane. To that, I say tough shit, Not-Magic Mike, because you chose this as your profession. You also choose to criticize young black males every chance you get when they are accused of something regardless of how minor the infraction.

People in the media make a federal case out of anything involving black males while keeping their lips zipped about white men. No surprise that some white male sportswriters on the web have used this as an opportunity to pretend fairness while rehashing cases mostly about black males. They haven’t uttered a peep about the rape allegations against Marv Albert, Christian Peter, Mark Chmura or the football team at the University of Colorado.

Recently, Christian Taylor, who was a college football star, broke into a car dealership and caused some property damage. When the cops showed up and Taylor didn’t comply with their commands he was promptly shot then later died. A member of FOX Sports blathered that if Mr. Taylor wasn’t at that business doing what he was doing then he wouldn’t be dead now. Well, he wasn’t exactly thrilled when I not-so-nicely reminded in an email about New Orleans Saints player Barrett Robbins. A number of years ago Robbins was at a club in Miami during the off-season. He was being disorderly and sloppy drunk. So the bouncers there told him to leave. Robbins then started a fistfight with the men and the cops were called. Once they got there Robbins, proceeded to choke one of the officers where he was shot then arrested.

My point is that while Mr. Robbins was wounded it wasn’t fatal. He is still alive and well breathing the fresh air of whatever team bothers to pick his sorry ass up. He could inflict physical harm on a cop and still not lose his life. Christian Taylor, on the other hand, would have no such fortune, even as many in the media and in the blogworld try to justify his murder by saying that it was his own irresponsible conduct which led to his death. Okay, if that’s the case, then why didn’t the cops shoot and kill Barrett Robbins? He was attacking a police officer by strangling him but the cops didn’t end his fucking life. On top of that Robbins has never been vilified by the same media defending the death of Christian Taylor. Robbins was seen as a pathetic figure making a cry for help. The same bullshit excuse white males always make to exonerate themselves from their criminal behavior.

In addition to the rape allegation, Patrick Kane is also guilty of beating up an elderly cabbie over a minor fare dispute. That act of thuggish stupidity has been ignored by the high and mighty folks of the media as well. And woe to you who dare say anything about their hypocrisy.

My new hero, entertainment reporter Claudia Jordan, recently aired her disgust with the racial inconsistency of the media on HLN’s Daily Share show. She almost seemed afraid to state her opinion after getting browbeat by the host but I totally appreciate the fact that she went there, something that rarely happens with other Negroes in the world of American news. I get that you have a job to do and that it might not be the most popular sentiment to call out certain athletes. However, when they want to talk all their shit as if they are the world’s most determined crusaders, then they should be held to that standard that they have set.

I don’t even think that Michael Wilbon is a crusader, he’s really a COWARD. And he’s the worst kind of coward because he placates the very racism that holds Negroes like his simple ass back. It’s what excuses the cops killing a promising young black talent while going easy on a lowlife white male being violent with police. In fact Robbins doesn’t have a very squeaky clean record seeing how he has been arrested eight damn times. Much of that was for assaulting other people, yet he isn’t brutally gunned down by the police. I’ll bet if you look at some white male athletes that get in trouble with the law they have a laundry list of illegal activity. What they don’t have is the need to look over their shoulder when it comes to law enforcement. They have plenty of peace of mind when dealing with the police. The same way they do when the media begins whining about athletes and bad behavior. They know that their names won’t end up on that list.

So if Mr. Wilbon wants to be mad because his feet are actually being held to the fire then too damn bad. Maybe he should spend more of his time questioning why a young black male not causing that much trouble has his entire life destroyed as the white males he chooses not to piss and moan about get to move on with their lives. He might also want to consider whether or not he is a part of the solution or just another part of the problem.


6 thoughts on “Vern’s Venting: Butthurt

  1. Have you noticed a lot of the media silence surrounding Blakes case? Whenever the subject of his “hotel tackle” by undercover police is brought up, they quickly change the subject to not make it about race, but mistaken identity. That’s because according to the footage of the event, their usual arguments ( it’s the victims fault), fail to pass muster.

    Sooner or later, shit is going to reach a head. All of the wrongs that White men are committing are coming too light. People (and that’s every group of people on Earth who have a grievance against them) are already getting very tired of their “we’re all innocent-stop victimizing us-not all men” schtick. They’re just absolutely refusing to get, that just like the police, all their shitty behavior is an indictment against their race. At some point, the world is going to start holding White men to the same standards they’ve been holding everyone else.

    Hey guys! You see that image coming up in your rearview? Justice is coming. And you brought it on yourselves.

    1. I’m doing a post about what happened to James Blake. I saw the video too and thought it was total bullshit. I hope that asshole gets fired.

  2. We really need to stop expecting black media personalities to bring up race and race relations in the media- KNOWING that they are hired by whites who CONTROL the media to advance their agenda. If we blacks want to expose racism and the double standard, then we need our own media outlets. It’s really that simple.

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