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The news has been runnin’ wild with stories about this formerly unknown county clerk named Kim Davis who made headlines because she refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. In short, the Bible says it’s wrong, she’s abiding by her religious faith, and all that jazz that right wing pseudo-Christians love to impose on the world.

As a side note, it seems to be the only “belief” so-called “good” Christians, those to the right of the political aisle, are heavily focused on. It seems no other verse or chapter from the Bible is as important as the infamous Leviticus 18:22. They don’t take other parts from the Bible as seriously as that one as evidenced through their actions. You may have seen the type. They are against gay marriage but they’re not as against adultery.

Those on the right believe in “God’s authority” but they rarely practice it. And that’s where Kim Davis came in, despite her being in her third, or is it fourth(?) marriage and having a child by a former husband while still being married to another one. But then again, conservatives are so falsely “worried” about other people’s businesses but rarely do they take the time to look at themselves in the mirror and examine their own flaws. But then again, gay marriage is no flaw by any means. But to the right, it is. Why? The Bible says so.

It seems to be the only thing the Bible says about anything when it comes to these religious nuts.

Davis was arrested and was later freed. Immediately after her release, she was hailed as a hero along the ranks of the likes of Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King by none other than the right, the same people who appropriated the aforementioned civil rights leaders for their own means. But to do so is not only incorrect, but downright ridiculous. Both Parks and King fought against prejudice. Davis fought for prejudice. There is no comparison to be made, unless you want to compare Kim Davis to the likes of deceased former Governor of Alabama George Wallace, Then it would be more sensible.

As this sage plays out in the national media landscape, we will continue to see those like Kim Davis who uses God, religion and the Bible to advocate in the name of bigotry and hatred. We will definitely see it from the likes of right wing foot soldiers, and possibly from the left as well. Marriage should be between two people who love each other regardless of their gender. And it looks like the struggle for this right is reaching a tipping point in which more and more people favor it. However, there will always be other people like Davis who will not have any of it as they believe they’re acting in favor of a higher power, a power they see themselves as, haters of all things necessary, just and progressive.