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It seems like whenever something wrong happens, there’s only one person some people (mostly conservatives) will blame, and that person is President Barack Obama. ISIS? Blame Obama. Any mass shooting anywhere? Blame Obama. Natural disasters? Of course, blame Obama.

As you can see it’s quite comical, if not totally sad and insane. The right has this nagging habit of finding things, virtually and literally anything, to blame the President with no matter how nonsensical it is. The argument is that liberals blamed the previous president George W. Bush on everything. So, why can’t conservatives do the same with Obama?

Barack Obama may not be the greatest president this nation had. But there are a few things he did that deserve some props:

The economy has grown considerably.

Job openings have risen and unemployment dropped.

The stock market doubled in value after Obama took office.

Gas prices has been dipping in prices and is still dropping.

Osama Bin Laden, the man responsible for 9/11, was killed under his watch.


And yet, the Right continues to dump all over the Obama administration’s accomplishments and instead find the most preposterous reasons to find fault, no matter how outlandish. If a cop is killed somewhere in this country, well, it’s obvious that it’s Obama’s fault.

When you think about it, it’s similar to when people blame black folks for everything wrong with this nation. Rape? Blame the black man. Single mothers? Blame the black woman. Gangs? Blame black youth. Since Obama is a black man in the highest office in the world, it’s safe to make a reasonable connection between blaming him and blaming black people. Black folks are this country’s scapegoat whenever a crime or something ridiculous occurs, especially when a white person is a victim. This syndrome of blaming Obama for everything is not much different. In fact. it’s basically the same.

The sad part is that after Obama finishes his second term in office, he will likely still be the target of the Right’s bullshit just like black people will continue to this nation’s scapegoat. We have already seen conservatives try to discredit and demonize the Black Lives Matter movement by pinning recent notable mainstream murders of a policeman and two newspeople onto the movement as if it was advocating violence against cops and white people. And it has been gaining traction among the Right since.

It’s obvious to anyone that blaming Obama and black people for whatever happens is nothing short of racist and pathetic. Since Obama took office, it seems that racism came out of the closet and became more and more overt. Sadly and almost ironically, the right blames Obama and black people for that too, because to them the real victims are the ever-so-innocent white people. Obama and black folks are the usual suspects of white racist paranoia garbage, and I blame that on white racism and their douche bag disciples.