Your Thoughts: The Virginia Shooting: Racists Emerge

From Raw Story:

At about 6:45 a.m. local time, WDBJ reporter Alison Parker and photographer Adam Ward were shot point-blank, allegedly by Vester Flanagan who goes by the broadcast pseudonym Bryce Williams. Williams apparently filmed the attack and tweeted his confession.


…Some concluded that the Black Lives Matter movement, which seeks to end police brutality and racism in the criminal justice system, was somehow to blame, though Flanagan made no mention of the movement in his Twitter confession or recent Facebook posts.

The following are the tweets obtained. The last three are from the Huffington Post:


A black man murdered two white colleagues on live t.v. Keep giving #BlackLivesMatter a voice, MSM. They’re killing YOUR COLLEAGUES.

Do all lives matter yet?

#WDBJ shooter was a black SJW. Feminists and #blacklivesmatter are at fault here. Racists

#BlackLivesMatter Is at fault for #WDBJ. Make no mistake about it. We live in a world where you can lose a job and its “Racism’s” fault.

I wont be surprised if the shooter is a member of #BlackLivesMatter mob, he seems as braindead as them. #WDBJ

Your thoughts please.


12 thoughts on “Your Thoughts: The Virginia Shooting: Racists Emerge

  1. When I first heard about the shooting, I was able to see the shooting on a local newspaper website. However, when I watched the mainstream media, they refused to show the video (which I didn’t care to see anyway). What I don’t understand is why the video of Walter Scott (the man that was gunned down by police) was and is shown repeatedly on the same mainstream media. I really don’t care to see any of it. Just my thoughts…

    1. It’s easier to show black men dying at the hands of white people, then white people dying at the hands of a black man? Just a guess.
      Although you would think the media would go out of their way to show the footage, if only to vilify black men, which has been its stock and trade since the 80’s.

  2. Apparently the movement is getting too much traction. It has so thoroughly and completely incensed white racists ( who really don’t think our lives matter) to the point where every single excuse that can be used to discredit the movement will be used.

    But I’m not defeated by that. We need to keep true and keep moving forward. Their tactics for discrediting black lives will become more and more extreme, and eventually begin to work against them ,just as it did with the Civil Rights movement. It will began to show those who are amenable to our cause just how vile and hateful, these people are and how determined they are make sure nobody’s lives matter.

    I keep relating this to the Sandy Hook massacre, because that event showed me just how little white people care about their own lives and the lives of their children. Black people speaking up for ourselves puts the lie directly in the faces of such people.

    The powers that be care about NO lives. The more evident that becomes, the more they will lose.

    How can people argue against the worth of other human lives and think they’re on the right side of anything?

    1. “I keep relating this to the Sandy Hook massacre, because that event showed me just how little white people care about their own lives and the lives of their children.”

      “The powers that be care about NO lives.”

      EXACTLY!!!!!! They don’t give a flying FUCK about WHITE lives! Why the FUCK would they care about BLACK ones!?

  3. Ikeke35,

    You are so right. White elite and white folks have no empathy towards anyone whatsoever. They think that they above everything and that others are the problem, which is why they are hated. Especially white men and women in power. When that teenage white boy in SC was murdered by the police, not one white who chanted “All Lives Matter” came to his family’s aid. It was the BLM who came and comfort the family of the slain boy. I have to say that us Blacks have compassion for people than whites. And they have the nerve to say anything about Black crime.


  4. No compromise today.

    Is the white media going to dig into the CRIMINAL HISTORY of the reporters who were killed ? Did they ever smoke pot or hit a spouse ?

    The SAME people outraged over the shootings were telling us there was NOTHING WRONG in the killings of Sandra Bland, Walter Scott

    I’ll get OUTRAGED about white people killed on video when whites get outraged over BLACK people being killed on video.

    One more thing, that blk people should watch, you won’t find ONE white person any were in the media, or even on youtibe who will be talking about forgiving this guy, the same way some black people are so willing to forgive, nor will you find any white person talking about ‘white on white’ crime

  5. Interesting how White racists want to use Flanagan with the BLM,like Black peopler arent individuals that cant think for themselves.Lets say if the BLM was a racist violent organization ( in which they are not) was his reason for his rampage,the same can said about Dylann Roof …by his own admission… being influenced by KKK,neo nazi and Aryan nation. Right wing news. organizations like Breibarts and Fox should be added as hate organizations(oops…I forgot SPLC has already declared FOX news as such). Donald Trump and his right wing goons have already let the world knows how he felt about minorities (and after one of his staff put down and threw out a prominent Univision journalist,but Fox doesnt butt kissers and White racists? Really ?

  6. I’m not surprised by their bs because their reactions are predictable and expected. They can conflate and whine and moan all they want, just like they can fly their own personal confederate flags all they want, as far as I’m concerned. I simply do not care.

  7. Sigh, … just as soon as people begin to realize who they’re dealing with (insert Huffington and Twitter comments here), the level of surprises at the comments made by Edomites (white people), will cease to exist. It’s nothing new. Usually, their claim to fame essentially is all about FALSE EQUIVALENCY!

    Another point of contention is the fact that the General manager of the tell-lie-vision station, Jeffrey Marks, responded to this tragedy by simply saying that the shooter’s life was spiraling out of control. But yet, he never stated why he thought Mr. Flanagan’s life was in such a dismal state. Then on later reports he stated that the gunman complained about discrimination at work in regards to him being a gay black man. An investigation was supposedly conducted but the complaint was found to be without merit.

    Here, my beef with the so-called General manager’s action or better yet, inaction is as follows. If someone complains about harassment or some other type of work discrimination, the GM or Chief Operating authority of the company should account for what took place. This should include the names of people that partook in Mr. Flanagan’s difficulties at work.

    Are you telling me that there is no discrimination in Virginia? Ssshhhhh, … after all, the Confederate flag is actually the battle flag of Northern Virginia, give me a break, I digress here.

    All of those people that played a role in this man’s so-called “spiraling out of control” is at fault at some level and should be held accountable. It should be the law the head of companies in conjunction with HR should reveal what steps they took to prevent a violent act at work. Someone should’ve been reprimanded, suspended or even fired depending on the severity of the situation. And if upper management is unable to detail or produce the steps they took to prevent this tragedy which resulted in death, they should be brought before a judge on criminal charges of either manslaughter or wrongful death. This is where the problem originally stemmed from and not where Mr. Flanagan killed his former co-workers. As far as I’m concerned, all of these people have blood on their hands.

    I guess implementing laws such as what mentioned above requires fairness, sincerity and justice regarding the truth. I surmise this will be TOO MUCH JUSTICE!

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