Vern’s Venting: Double Standards DO Exist


By Lavern Merriweather:

Recently Brotha was lamenting in one of his posts that he wished there was a famous white male celebrity/athlete/politician accused of something or in trouble with the law. I had to remind him that there is such a white male and his name is Patrick Kane. Kane is a starting forward for my hometown hockey team the Chicago Blackhawks. He is currently being investigated for a claim of rape by a young woman in New York where he lives during the off season.

The two supposedly met at a bar last month where they were seen cavorting with one another. The young lady in question then reportedly went home with Kane and that’s where she said the rape occurred. She has since alleged bite marks and a scratch on her arm which probably won’t take very long to determine who caused them.

Yet that hasn’t stopped many in the blog world to already paint her as a gold digger. They whine that she is just out for money or attention even when this seems like a lousy way to make a fortune. The never-fail-to-disappoint media crowd is – of course – staying quiet about these damning allegations until all the ‘facts’ come out.

ESPN host of “Pardon the Interruption” Michael Wilbon once again showed his true house Negro colors by moaning about how we should wait before passing judgment. It seems Mr. Wilbon is very butthurt right now because he and his equally douchebag of a partner Tony Kornheiser are being called to the carpet by some folks on social media. I know this, because he was foaming at the mouth at the idea that his arrogance and pious hypocrisy was actually coming under fire. Apparently some people have said, and I agree, that the attitude of ‘wait and see’ by white males was not evident when LA Lakers basketball star Kobe Bryant was also accused of rape. They complain that the media, which includes Wilbon, hurried in very racist fashion to condemn Kobe before charges were even filed. After they were, it became a feeding frenzy by the media to as usual call a black man guilty from minute one.

Wilbon seems to have short-term memory loss, because any time a black man is accused of something, he blathers on and on about entitlement, how these young black males have no direction or responsibility, because they have been coddled all their life and were never held accountable. Interesting that when Mr. Wilbon himself is expected to have that same sense of accountability for his words he gets 3,000 kinds of mad about it. Now ‘Magic Mike’ is upset, because there are those in the public who can see right through his bullshit, that since the times we live in allow for those who aren’t in his same position to have a voice where he is the one under the gun.

It appears that those who mistake their arrogance for intelligence hate to find out they had it all backwards. That they aren’t as brilliant as they believe, just very egotistical. Not to mention inconsistent to boot. Rarely, if ever, are white or black males in the media, especially the sports media so fucking patient about the outcome of a situation when criminal activity is alleged by a black male athlete. Nor are they as silent as they are when it’s non-white folks behaving badly.

A few days ago, New York Jets quarterback Geno Smith was punched in the jaw by a teammate over some money he owed. The teammate has since been released and picked up by the Buffalo Bills where he will get a second chance. Smith, on the other hand, will have to sit out 6 to 10 weeks until his broken jaw heals. In true to form fashion a lot of high and mighty white people in the sports media jumped all over this story. The only part they left out was calling Smith’s teammate a thug, their new favorite code word for Negro males. Although I’m not defending what Geno’s ex fellow Jets player did, I’m not the least bit prepared to agree with the holier than hypocrisy coming from the old white fart media whine brigade.

Former Raiders coach Tom Cable punched his assistant coach in the face causing the man to fall off his chair onto the floor. Cable then proceeded to scream obscenities while threatening that he would kill the man he had just attacked. Upon hearing this, Cable’s first wife came forward and claimed that Cable also used to hit her. The same media speeding with the velocity of a Road Runner went on to criticize both Jets players said absolutely nothing about what Cable did. They went merrily about their lives as if nothing had happened. Not one white male spoke out even when Cable admitted that he did commit spousal abuse on his ex- wife.

Another case involves media darling and latest golden girl soccer star Hope Solo. It’s reported that Solo physically assaulted her younger sister and nephew. Granted I can understand why people are more inclined to be outraged when a beatdown is not evenly matched as in the case of a male versus a female. However, Hope Solo is much stronger and bigger than her sister so she can inflict a lot of damage if she wants. In fact, she caused multiple bruises to the other woman and her 16 year-old son. Still, the media praises Ms. Solo and the rest of team USA for winning the World Cup title. They haven’t made one mention of the despicable thuggish thing she did to her family members. And don’t think for even one second that the media is showing any compassion to Geno Smith. The snide, sanctimonious comments being made are vilifying both men.

It should be noted that Patrick Kane is also guilty of beating up an elderly cabbie over a fare dispute. But that little tidbit of information is getting lost in the shuffle of white supremacy as well.

I’m going to give Brotha the real deal and cut the crap here. We don’t hear about white males behaving badly for the simple fact that they never discuss the wrongdoings of other white males! It all boils down to that in a nutshell, they don’t talk about it because they refuse to believe it. They are like the 43 year-old aging party girl who continues to frequent the club because she can’t deal with the fact that she’s no longer 25. That time and good sense have long passed her by. Apparently time is standing still for white males because they are hopelessly stuck in 1955


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