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Crimes committed by black males are newsworthy in today’s mainstream media circle. They are especially trendy when the culprit is a famous black male. Not only that, they become the face of a social problem that is regularly not exclusive to one race.

Soon after the release of the hit movie ‘Straight Outta Compton’, Dr. Dre, a former member of the group NWA, the group for which the movie is based on, became the center of the subject of domestic violence against women. Michel’le and Dee Barnes, women with whom Dre had relationships with, spoke out against the movie for omitting out his past violence against women. Dre has since publicly apologized for his actions. But it seems not a lot of people have bought it. Many believed it was a publicity stunt to maintain his ‘safer’ image.

Dr. Dre’s domestic violent past is the talk of the day among many in the liberal news circuits as it should be. The conversation has been ignited the same way it has for Chris Brown, Floyd Merriweather and Ray Rice, to name a few. However, it seems that whenever a famous black man is reported or caught beating up women, that’s when society suddenly perks up to talk about the issue of inter-gender violence. Despite it being a social issue, black males are the face of domestic violence in the media and society at large.

Let’s not get it twisted. There should be a national movement, if not conversation, as to what to do to stop a worldwide epidemic of misogyny that exists in all cultures. And the black community is no exception. However, it’s false and misleading to only regulate it to one culture as being exclusive to this problem. Painting black males as potential woman beaters and only have that image circulate throughout the world is wrong on so many levels.

However, it’s also wrong to ignore this problem in our own communities. We can not afford to ignore or excuse this problem which is destroying black women. We must be held accountable for our actions as it is the number one killer of black women. But still, so does the rest of society. It needs to get off its ass and do something about the problem inflicting other women. But I don’t see that happening as long as society continues using black males as scapegoats

We never seem to have conversations whenever a white male, famous or not, has committed a wrongful act. We never paint white males as the face of domestic violence or any of sort of crime. It’s all due to that little thing I like to call white privilege. Even though we have white female victims of domestic violence, especially in Hollywood and in the sports world, and of course, white male abusers, they are never held accountable for their crimes, at least not very long or as often. Why is it?

I can only guess that there’s an agenda to maintain the stereotype of the black brute, a black male with zero respect for women enough to assault and rape them, all the while portraying certain people, mostly white, as those who truly care about the issue. Are they truly concerned with domestic violence? They seem to give a damn only when it’s a famous black male abuser in the mix. They spot it and run with it, addressing it as a ‘social problem’. And it happens everytime.

For white males, it seems that they are given more leniency. Stories about domestic violence in white communities are not as frequent or long-lasting. Most of the time, it’s a non-issue. There’s not a lot of white women out there addressing the issue whenever a white male is the accused. And it appears as this is clever ploy in the game of white supremacy to portray white males as the better “choice” for all women. The narrative seems to be that white males don’t beat their women as often as black males. And so many people have fallen for that crap.

No matter how many famous white males have been accused of beating their wives, girlfriends and lovers, the call for a conversation seems nowhere to be found. There are no feminists out there calling for those men to own up to their bullshit. There are no calls for those men to be punished. In fact, if those white males ever did anything positive, that overshadows and even diminishes the accusations, either that or it’s overlooked entirely, brushed aside as the world moves on to appreciate their acts on screen or on the field. And they especially love it when they say or do something considered progressive against the social norm.

Domestic violence has been racialized, and it’s a huge detriment to all women. Sure, we need to talk about Dr. Dre’s past, and hell yes, he needs to own up to it, if he hasn’t done so already, but so does Charlie Sheen, Robert Downy Jr., Mel Gibson, Bill Murray, and all other white males, famous or not – no, all other males period. We can’t say that we’re against men beating up women when we only focus on one kind of man while giving the rest a pass.