Vern’s Venting: My Outrage

By Lavern Merriweather:

It always gets me whenever there is high profile racially charged case like Jordan Davis, Trayvon Martin or Mike Brown where white people will say why don’t black folks get just as bent out of shape over all the black on black violence. Well, talk about the pot calling the fucking kettle!

I could write a 400-page long book about the many instances of white people’s selective outrage. Those same folks seem oblivious to their obliviousness when there is violence among people of the same race. Usually, that’s anyone who is black or of African descent. They don’t want to admit that they aren’t 100% perfect. So they trot out worthless excuses like the white males guilty of slaughtering several people with a gun at one time are mentally ill. Or that they have a predisposed disease making them that way.

Well, I have a condition too! I’m what’s known as crap intolerant. I’m very, very allergic to bullshit. Something that has been in great supply the past year with white people in the media. Yes, there is a problem in the black community with some young people not respecting themselves or each other enough. Either they haven’t been taught the value of every human life, including theirs, or they just don’t give a rat’s ass, because it’s safer to target other black folks.

Still, that doesn’t mean we should sit silently when the perpetrator is white, especially if it’s an authority figure who likes to abuse his power. Maybe the powers-that-be never holding thug males in uniforms accountable is what gives young black males such a sense of hopelessness about themselves in the first damn place! It’s very hard to imagine your worth or dignity when so many others keep telling you every day that it doesn’t exist, that your life is on contract that you are an expendable commodity. It was the norm 150 years and it’s the same way today, despite claims from white people to the contrary.

Fake Noise’s most annoying Stepford wife Kimberly Guilfoyle actually had the temerity to whine that black leaders who don’t speak out enough about black-on-black violence are being racist. Oh really? Because from where I sit, the white folks at Fake Noise have taken racism to a level. Even the most ardent bigot didn’t know that it could go. This is just another opportunity for them to hem and haw about how unfair those mean old darkies are being. Well guess what, bitch. It ain’t your kids and young people dying on a daily basis at the hands of police. So don’t expect your arrogant, privileged protest of hypocrisy to hold any water, particularly when those at Fake Nosie have become experts at hypocritical statements, as well as hypocrisy in who they choose to vilify and demonize.

We can’t pretend that to a large extent that the self-hatred we express to one another didn’t spawn from the wretched treatment by whites. Not that I’m saying black-on-black violence is acceptable somehow, because it isn’t. However, to proclaim that there is a lack of concern or outrage when the victim and aggressor are both black is a flat-out lie. It continues more ridiculous propaganda from folks that have no clue about what black people do with straight up bullshit.

Recently hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons set up an outreach group in Chicago comprised of parents from several black neighborhoods who are fed up with gang violence. Unlike those in the media, some black people do believe in consistency and are protesting against self-inflicted destruction in black communities. But those stories aren’t that salacious to warrant much attention or give white people in the media a reason to degrade any young black male murdered at the hands of a white person. It’s always about ‘blame the victim’ for them. Yet, they can’t do that when there’s no racial angle seeing how white people in the media love to play racially motivated games so they can once again pit Negroes against everybody else. They enjoy attacking a young black person’s character by implying that they had it coming, that society was a done a huge favor by the death of this impudent Negro. This is why they can’t wait to rehash whatever bad thing a black male celebrity is accused of doing. White folks will rush to point fingers and say see that’s a typical thing for them. Of course when a white male does the same thing they will either make up flimsy lame ass excuses or ignore the story altogether. They put their blatant hypocrisy on display for the whole world to see while they criticize black folks’ contradictions.

Another thing is who the fuck do those assholes expect to speak out on behalf of black people? It damn sure ain’t them considering that the only voice they appreciate is that of white male politicians, cops and lawyers. They never invite the Negroes that encounter police violence on their shows. They never have a balanced or diverse perspective. So guess what, stupid asses. Yeah we are going to complain when there are vicious assaults on black people by white folks regardless if it shatters your fantasy of finally getting the chance to play the terrorized rather than the terrorizer. The media hates it when a story portrays the people they that happily believe to be the villain into the victim. Anything that ruins their illusion of black people always being the bad guy is way too much for them to bear. So they have to find any excuse to demonize a Negro even one that is concocted and even when they are in chaos.

Let’s not forget the false tales told about the supposed crimes going on in the New Orleans Superdome after Hurricane Katrina. I have yet to hear anybody from the media make amends or a retraction about the boldfaced fabrications told by the news. Then again, the media in spite of which side they fall on have forever been a tool by the government to justify the behavior of police. Perhaps that’s why we get so much angrier about the cases of evil done by those who aren’t black towards us. There is a lot more at stake if we say nothing while you get to say everything no matter how wrong and untruthful you are.


5 thoughts on “Vern’s Venting: My Outrage

  1. This is the tactic now. This is how they’re working this. To take things they think we care about, like black on black crime, and Martin Luther King, and use these things to bludgeon us over the head, to make us shutup talking about things they’re doing wrong.

    I just watched an interview with Mike Huckabee, where he’s using Kings words to basically tell black people to stop being so radical. It completely escapes him that King himself was a radical, and gave more than a few speeches that weren’t all lovey-dovey, and passive.

    Huckabee doesn’t give a flying shit about King, hasn’t read a speech or studied his life, but he does know that black people care about Kings words and he knows a couple of snippets of speeches and is willing to use that to make black people feel ashamed of their activism. I’ve seen people doing this all over the Internet, as if we didn’t know the things this man said and they are somehow experts on his thoughts.

    Once you recognize the tactics, it gets easier to counter them.

    1. Another tactic is making it seem as if people can only care about one thing at a time. Like we can’t care about black on black crime and police brutality at the same time and we need to get one thing in order before we can address any other issues.

      I guess they don’t realize that the argument they’re actually making is: Well black people don’t care about killing each other, so it’s okay for white people to do it.

  2. these reprobate whites really grind my gears. Don’t be deceived, the whole black on black violence trope they keep churning out is just a deflection tactic. They seem to forget conveniently that white on white crime is vastly higher than black on black crime, you can even check it out on the FBI website crime stats. The overwhelming majority of violent crimes in the entire history of the USA is committed by whites. Yet you don’t see police officers disproportionately patrolling their neighbourhoods like they do ours… These racist demons would have the whole world believe that black people are the problem. As I have said before, before whites point their long sticky fingers at everyone else they need to deal with the skeletons in their own closets….. bunch of sickos

  3. “Another tactic is making it seem as if people can only care about one thing at a time. Like we can’t care about black on black crime and police brutality at the same time and we need to get one thing in order before we can address any other issues.” @ikeke35, yeS!! “The overwhelming majority of violent crimes in the entire history of the USA is committed by whites.”@nido, add the whole world to that list while you’re at it!! @’Vern-right ON!!

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