Vern’s Venting: Do Black Lives Really Matter?


By Lavern Merrweather:

Democratic hopeful Bernie Sanders was giving a speech several days ago at a public square in New York when two black females approached the stage. They questioned Mr. Sanders about what he would do about the many police shootings happening to unarmed black folks. Feeling overwhelmed Mr. Sanders stepped away from the podium and allowed the women to take over. The two ladies then addressed the crowd about the importance of the next Commander–in–Chief doing something to prevent ongoing police violence in black communities.

As to be expected, both sides of the media were not too pleased about what happened. They, of course, referred to the women as being overly bold and saying that they accosted Mr. Sanders. Every derogatory stereotypical expression for black women was expressed when the media spoke about this story. Typical words were used like ‘loud, angry’ and ‘irate’ even while Mr. Sanders himself showed them no ill will and graciously moved aside so that they could let their voices be heard for once.

One smart ass pissbag even called them ‘Predators’ which was a film starring Ah-nuld from 1987 possibly because they had long braids. It’s bad enough that the powers that be media are creating an act of aggression where there was none, but they are using petty, snide comments to do it. Exactly what do those assholes believe, that we should just sit back and wait for them to save us? If we don’t do it nobody else will, certainly not the high and mighty media who resorted to bitchy, childish mean girl comments over something so damn serious. People are losing their lives and they are behaving like cyberbullies. Worse than that, they are once again perpetuating a time honored old racist adage that they get to tell us when we can achieve goals. God forbid Negroes stand up for ourselves and do things in a manner which white folks find unappealing.

Now, we have a number of Fake Noise house Negroes going along like good little darkies and saying that cops lives also matter. That all lives matter and that the movement black people created is divisive. Well no fucking shit, dickweeds! It’s separate, because this whole fucking country has been preaching separate justice, rights and value for black people ever since America’s inception. We have been constantly reminded on a daily basis about where we sit on the totem pole of importance in America. So, they will have none of it when we actually decry getting treated with such savage and sadistic brutality by law enforcement. I could understand their point if it was a two way street but it ain’t! Black lives are being annihilated in record numbers with no repercussions. It’s ok for white people to be up in arms about a lion in Africa but they will be damned if black folks demand the right to survive on any level.

How the fuck can cops lives also matter if THEY are the ones always recklessly pulling the trigger? They started this feeling of animosity with the black community and want to pour salt in the wounds by disrespecting and disregarding our desire to say that we matter too. For their info, white people, particularly white males, have not been that polite in how they handled legislation they wanted changed. Anyone who has seen the 1990 Jack Nicholson flick “Hoffa” about the former teamster president Jimmy Hoffa knows that white males are not subtle when pursuing their rights. Yet, any time we get just a little too fucking bold, it’s problematic.

Well guess what assholes? Sometimes you have to bust the door down to get attention. You can’t just walk in with a humble manner and ask for things nicely. That shit don’t work especially when those that you are protesting against take no responsibility for the part they play in the situation. Or make matters worse by appropriating a development that sprung out of their failure to rectify their own wrongdoing. They want us to imagine that cops lives matter as well while they continue to tell us that ours don’t. How the fuck can you demand that we put the same value on you that you absolutely refuse to put on us? Apparently they can command respect but we can’t. This is why it’s vital that sometimes we don’t always act in a gentle fashion and why we have to bulldoze our way in on occasion and take over, like it or not. And if certain folks’ delicate sensibilities get offended in the process, then that will be their cross to bear. We have much more important shit to worry about than hurt feelings.


5 thoughts on “Vern’s Venting: Do Black Lives Really Matter?

  1. ..Dam#, the mic is still smokin’ hawt after you dropped it (and that real talk knowledge) right there ‘Vern! I used to think back in the day that the “best” way to approach such pressing matters as those of the BLM was to not rile any “white feathers, so speak. This has not been thinking for ages now though, as I have seen it with my own eyes that such tactics do not usually work-especially now since it has long been declared open season on Black folks!!!

  2. ” It’s ok for white people to be up in arms about a lion in Africa but they will be damned if black folks demand the right to survive on any level.”

    WALLAH!!! WALLAH!!! HABIBTI You had me jumping up and down on my bed in a fit of laughter with that statement. You are so right Mama Vern…..I can smell that curry chicken, hot and spicy as always..

  3. Deflecting about “All Lives Matter. Yes. But at the moment it is black bodies being brutalized. I knowing the dominant society knows this they are just being obtuse or just stupid in regards to black America. Or maybe just giving zero f**cks.

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