Vern’s Venting: When Coons Attack

By Lavern Merriweather:

Raven Symone, the one time adorable TV star moppet, is not one of my favorite people. Her annoying and meandering rebel wild child shtick on ABC’s “The View” has gotten beyond tiresome. Now her irritating, supposedly progressive ‘I speak for everybody and everyone has a voice’ claptrap has reached a new low.

Recently, Democratic nominee Martin O’ Malley was booed then criticized by many black activists for proclaiming that all lives matter not just black lives. When the women on the morning show gabfest tackled this story, Symone immediately defended this idiot and his insulting rhetoric. A white female comedian by the name of Michelle Collins became a voice of reason by explaining to the young nitwit why black people there and across the country were so upset. I agree with Michelle when she stated that O’ Malley was, yet again, appropriating a movement meant to benefit Negroes. Then, he had the nerve to twist the words around, because he can’t stand the idea that compassion for black lives is being deemed a priority by anyone.

Symone wasn’t having it as she whined incessantly that black people don’t own the hardship of police brutality. It didn’t help matters that Raven was cheered on by her equally moronic co-host Nicole Wallace who also believes that it isn’t just black folks worrying about 5-0. Maybe so, but it DAMN sure is the majority. However, to hear those delusional heffas tell it, black people aren’t the only ones suffering in this country. Nor are we the only ones vulnerable to the notion of a tyrannical police state. If that’s the case, then why are the overwhelming majority of crimes committed by the boys in blue mostly against Negroes?

Little Ms. Symone can hide her head in the sand or up her ass all she wants, but the reality is that when it comes to police violence, black people are always first on the list. Apparently some delusional Negroes have to wait until they get their very own personal ‘ni**er moment’ to understand.

I wrote a post about a homeless white man in California named Kelly Thomas who was beaten to death by cops. The two cops responsible only got suspended leave and probation. Now while I sympathize completely with the dead man’s family, his story and the story of any white person victimized by the thin blue line is just a drop in the bucket compared to what black people have endured for decades. A number of people, it seems, Ms. Symone included, think that the protests because of police brutality are a new thing. She needs reminding that terror has been inflicted upon black people by the police for a very, very long time – in a lot of cases way before she, I or even Brotha were born.

Still that doesn’t stop her and many other foolish Negroes from totally disregarding their history with asinine arguments. House Negroes like Symone give a big boost to the assclowns and bigots on Fake Noise who of course also don’t like the treatment of O’ Malley.

Fake Noise host Kennedy of MTV blathered that using the hashtag #blacklivesmatter is divisive and exclusionary. Funny that she doesn’t seem nearly as troubled by the fact that her network is extremely divisive and exclusionary. All that bothers her and many whining ninny white people is that any sense of compassion be directed at black people. So I get especially pissed when some clueless, stupid, arrogant moron wants to downplay black history to make herself more acceptable to her white bosses and audience. This is a slap in the face of black folks who have fought, been jailed and died just so her dumbass can have the right to sit on TV and disrespect them.

It also is an outrage to those black people that keep losing their lives at the hands of police. Days ago a black woman from my hometown of Chicago named Sandra Bland had relocated to Galveston, Texas. She was pulled over by a white male cop for failing to use a turn signal while switching lanes in traffic. Last time I checked, that was neither illegal nor cause for an arrest, but she was stopped anyway. Video evidence from a dashcam shows the trooper being belligerent and obnoxious to her from the start. Ms. Bland even laments about how ridiculous what he’s doing to her is. People from every corner of the globe change lanes without signaling. Hell, some people will cut right in front of you and not care. However, this particular cop felt the need to play some version of Dudley Do Wrong and harass yet another black person for no good reason.

Ms. Bland was later found hanging dead in her cell from what the cops are claiming is a suicide. It should be noted that Ms. Bland was a political activist who ironically organized several protests against police for the murders of Freddie Gray, Mike Brown and Eric Garner. Sadly, her name will be added to the increasing and sordid list of black people dying while in police custody.

As I have said, I am not a conspiracy nut but there is obviously a shitload of bullshit to the cops’ description of what happened. Ms. Bland’s family has already demanded an investigation that will begin soon. Still, I don’t hold much hope that it will do any good or have any progress in making racist cops accountable. They haven’t been forced to face any consequences so far, so I ain’t expecting very much to come of this. We have seen justice for black people denied time and time and time again. Even when it is blatant as hell and caught on video, somehow the cops always manage to elude punishment. Color me not shocked to discover that Sandra Bland was deliberately targeted. The fight ain’t over despite what some dumb black folks seem to imagine. It won’t end until there is finally restitution. When that’s going to occur? I don’t know.

What I do know is that I’ll be damned to see some puissant like Raven Symone benefiting from the hard work and sacrifice of other black folks as she sits in the ivory tower of her white massahs playing the game by the rules of the very same people who have her ass oppressed in the first place.


18 thoughts on “Vern’s Venting: When Coons Attack

  1. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, I could just rip out that toucan-colored hair o’ Raven’s self-hating, think-my-light-skin-makes-my-azz-immune-to-prejudice-and-better-than-fellow-brown-folk-and-other-POC, confused self! Someone please buy their heifer a super-sized muzzle and put it over this dumbazz broads mouth!

  2. @Mz. Nikita maybe we could get color of to sign a petition for that muzzle to go on Symone’s mouth. She is just an idiot.

  3. Leave Raven alone. She is getting paid to do and say exactly what she is doing and saying. She’s not about that black life.

      1. I agree…but as long as blacks have been on American soil, there has been those of us that have been willing to sell ourselves and our people for a few trinkets. This is a reality of black existence in America and it’s not going anywhere any time soon.

        My thing is this- even though Raven is a despicable woman, blacks need to ignore her because she has been given a platform to support white supremacy- and she is doing her job. Realize that whites will NEVER give a real black person a platform, so this is why you see those coon azz negroes promoted (e.g., Raven, Whoopi, Sherri Shephard, Don Lemon, etc.).

        Until these blacks start seeing some consequences for their betrayal, this is what we can expect.

    1. @ reality_check

      Exactly. Anything for a damn butter biscuit. But when they get their N****r Wake Up Call, then they want Blacks to have their backs.

  4. Raven Symone is a huge disappointment. To think I used to admire her so much on Disney, now she’s just…ugh

  5. Lol @ The title of the article. They may as well go ahead and make a cheesy 40’s style horror film with Bill Cosby & Clarence Thomas as the villains with the same name.

  6. At one point ,I supported a child prodigy of course. Now,shes gotten plum stupid and embarrassing. What a dingbat.

  7. @A, from the looks of it she seems to have already offered her lite-brite-wish-I-was-whiter-than-white self up to the “Racial Delegation” for their consideration! lbvs

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