Your Thoughts: Donald Trump’s Campaign




9 thoughts on “Your Thoughts: Donald Trump’s Campaign

  1. Don is either 1) on a huge ego trip, or 2) playing some kind of elaborate game with the people of this country. He has not uttered one word of substance to tell us why we should elect him as President.
    According to him, everyone in Washington, D.C. is “stupid”, women he doesn’t like are “ugly” or “disgusting”, any questions directed to him about words that have come out of his mouth are “unfair”, or “politically correct”, and he is owed an apology. He is a self-described “whiner” who will “whine until he wins”. Hispanics “love him”, as do women of all races and ethnicities; he intends to build a wall between the U.S.A. and Mexico (with a door in it) and will negotiate the deal with the President of Mexico and make them pay for said wall; on and on ad nauseum. He prefers to phone in to news shows but when asked to give some concrete examples of how he would run this country, responded by saying we would have to “wait until the next debate”. And lastly, he can’t be criticized on his looks (the same way he criticizes women), because he’s “so good-looking”.
    Anybody who supports this guy as a serious candidate for the Presidency needs their head examined, pronto.

  2. Reality TV/Politics are one and the same to a person who is an attention whore and nothing more. As the internet has taught everyone the best way to get rid of a troll is not to feed it. same defences should be applied here except basically he is supplying more reality tv free entertainment but this time is paying for it himself and that only makes it that much more amusing.

  3. ..Good points all, as far back as I can recall from my childhood viewing Donald Chump on various TV shows, he was and still is a self-important blowhard who apparently has long been unsatisfied with his (inherited) wealth and seems to find the most happiness by being an irritating douchebag to others!

  4. Everything was basically set and given to this guy. He earned most of his success when people of color weren’t allowed a foot in the door.

  5. If this man becomes president,you best believe that the U.S.will be in serious trouble.With that mouth of his,were going to get in trouble with the world if that happens.

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