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This week has been a sour one, if you’ve been following the news, and if you’re a black man. We see the departure of Jon Stewart of the Daily Show and Amy Schumer’s success for her movie “Trainwreck”. Both of them have gotten tremendous praise and admiration, and I’m not mad at them in the least. Then, we heard the usual feel-ggod stories about everyday white folks and the good deeds they’ve done.

But when it comes to black folks, famous blacks in included, it wasn’t the same. This week also saw another black male athlete in trouble, more Cosby woes, Dr. Dre’s domestic violent past and more crime committed by black folks on the evening news and local papers.

The news has always had a bias. White people, especially celebrities, are usually seen as the best thing since sliced bread, while black people are almost always seen as the opposite. This can have a heavy effect on one’s self-esteem.

There haven’t been much fuss about how blacks and whites are seen in the news from this angle. But there have been those who pointed out how black and white victims are treated when it comes to murder, especially at the hands of the police. Still, not too many people have spoken on the media treatment of whites versus blacks. Why do whites mostly receive positive reporting while blacks receive the negative kind? It all points to which people run the media in the first place. Hint: They’re not black folks.

This may sound morbid, but I’m at my wits end. I would love to see a white celebrity in serious trouble. I would love to see a famous white person get arrested. I would love to see white athletes get arrested. I want to see well-known white males get in trouble for rape and domestic violence. And I want to see the media treat them as they would black celebs. But I guess it’s too much to ask. As long as white people rule the media, they get to define which people are basically good and which ones are bad and make money besides.