White Responsibility

Fellow blogger and owner and operator of the popular blog We Are Respectable Negroes Mr. Chauncey DeVega wrote an article asking for White America to examinine their masculinity as it is ‘toxic’ to society. I won’t go into much detail about as you can check out the entire article here at Alternet.

Basically, the article is asking for White America to start taking responsibility for what’s going on within their boundaries that has a (mostly) detrimental effect on not only others but themselves. While there are comments from those, assuming some were white, that pretty much agreed with what DeVega was trying to tell them, in the most respectful way possible, there have been others who, of course, were infuriated, and didn’t take too kindly of being under the microscope, again assuming they were white.

Some commenters accused the article to be racist against whites. They declared that it was insulting to lump all whites under the same group to be held accountable for the actions of a few extremists with gun fetishes and right-wing idealism. The response overall was, “How dare that Negro tell us what to do and blame us for the bullshit that’s been happening!?”

After blogging for a few years, I’ve learn that when it comes to asking white people to share or take some responsibility for anything directly coming from them whether they’re racist comments to wars, they’re not having any of it. It’s seen as a threat against their image of being basically good.

Here’s the thing though. Not many people calling for white accountability has ever said anything about white people being evil, nor has anyone “blamed the white man” in general. What most people are simply doing is asking for a group of people, the dominant class, to examine there they are in society and take a good hard look at themselves and their actions. You know, kinda like what they do with minorities, only with a much less condescending, overbearing tone without blaming them for practically everything wrong with society.

Another thing one has to consider is that minorities have never averted from their role in holding themselves accountable for what’s going on in their lives. Recently, some black leaders in Baltimore, Maryland called for the black community to take accountability for the recent spike in shootings.

Minorities even take responsibility for the bullshit that isn’t even entirely their fault. When someone blames shit on black people, for instance, some black people believe it and some do whatever it takes to fix the problem. No black person, as far as memory serves, has ever denied the problems of crime, poverty or poor education in the black community. But some are duped to believe that they’re all black problems as they are social problems. Nevertheless you have black folks that will go out of their way to address and fix those issues, because they are important to our livelihood.

When have white folks ever admitted that they have issues, especially the ones that effect the greater part of society, including minority communities, and when have they ever taken responsibility for those issues? I’ll wait.

The main point is that no one is blaming white people for anything. However, when there’s a need to rap about issues directly coming from white folks, there must be a discussion and a plan to take care of those issues, especially if white people end up as victims of their own crap.


One thought on “White Responsibility

  1. ..Kudos for bringing up the proverbial “White Elephant” in the “dark” room, if you will ‘Wolf! When will these folks ever grow a pair, face that mirror and Honestly have a (self) heart-to-heart, and follow it up with a true diagnosis of reflection in order to start a truthful dialogue with POC that they affect on a daily basis!?

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