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By Lavern Merriweather:

While appearing on “Meet the Press” one Sunday to discuss Republican candidate Donald Trump’s inflammatory comments about Mexicans, Latino activist Maria Hinojosa observed that if this were any other group, those words wouldn’t be tolerated. She, of course, mentioned black folks and I could only seethe then shake my head.

Once again another stupid, selfish, arrogant person of color tries to equate the struggles of Negroes to their own all while being as insulting and offensive as possible.

Did this bitch not hear the statement made by former head of education William Bennett? Sixteen years ago Bennett remarked that the best way to reduce crime in America was for more black women to have abortions. Bennett somehow believes that the less black babies born, the better for the welfare of society. He doesn’t have any explanation for how that’s going to prevent the many mass shootings by white males though or stop the countless number of white male serial killers that are glorified in this country. Yet, even with his disgraceful and moronic comment, some non-black people have deluded themselves into this fantasy that racism against Negroes is finally over and that there are no more white folks in the USA who would dare speak ill of those people from the Dark Continent.

I beg to differ greatly, assholes. And don’t, for one second, expect me to show those fools any sympathy. People of color who are not black can’t keep pretending that bigotry towards black folks is a thing of the past. Keep in mind Bennett didn’t say that shit 150 years which seems to be the unwritten designated precise moment that bigotry towards black people actually came to an end.

Another thing, a radio DJ in Arizona played a Lauryn Hill song then uttered afterwards “no wonder people drag them behind their trucks”. A cruel and thoughtless reference to a black man named James Byrd from Texas who was lured into a truck by white supremacist fuckwads, then tied to a chain behind the truck and dragged for several miles. Mr. Byrd not only died as a result, but the coroner said that he was almost decapitated by the experience. Still that’s not enough for dumbass insensitive idiots who whine that prejudiced laden statements about black people isn’t acceptable in America anymore. They fail to realize that violence, especially by a significant number of officers on the police force, IS accepted in America. In fact, in a lot of cases it’s celebrated, mostly by the nightly cable and local news networks that love to reveal every little personal detail about the deceased as they continue to defend the cops behavior regardless of their wrongdoing and overzealous actions.

Cops are always right, black folks are always wrong but according to Ms. Hinojosa white folks in America are just stepping on eggshells and holding their tongue because some Negroes suddenly entered the room. She obviously also hasn’t heard about the brutal, sadistic killings committed by a white thug named Dylan Roof which were clearly motivated by race. Nine innocent African-Americans were shot and killed by that punk during a church service in Charleston, South Carolina. Despite what some really dumb white folks on Fake Noise (Fox News) would have you imagine, Roof murdered those people because of race not religion and not because he was mentally ill. He was an angry asshole looking to hurt black folks because he felt that we had too much power. That must be the same power that Ms. Hinojosa was talking about. Funny but it didn’t do a damn thing to save their lives from that scumbag.

It’s not just race either. I was watching a video excerpt on YouTube from the ABC morning show “The View” where they were discussing an article in the gay magazine the Advocate. The title was called “Gay is the New Black” meaning that now gay people are the number one target for discrimination in the US since the furor over Negroes has died down. Some pinheads had the gall to agree wholeheartedly with that egotistical tripe by, yet again, attempting to bogart the civil rights movement. One shitbag even complained that Native Americans have had it worse than anyone and that the tribulations of black people pale in comparison. I think that prick, like a number of people of color, love to play Oppression Olympics because they can’t bear the idea of compassion for black people. God forbid that them darkies ever get sympathy or understanding. That would be way too much for certain people in the land of the free. This is why few of a lighter hue want to acknowledge the horrors that black people have encountered for so long. They just hate that any emotion towards black folks beside contempt be expressed at any time. Plus, they must have completely better shit to do when deplorable things happen to black people at the hands of non-blacks.

Rarely do I see or hear groups of other races rushing to denounce the evil conditions that black people face on a daily basis. The death of activist Sandra Bland who was a black woman hasn’t elicited a peep from Latino, Asian or Native American groups. However let a nasty proclamation ripe with prejudice be spoken about them and they expect us to be at their beck and call. It must be quite a bit to ask that they return the favor they demand, because they probably never will. As I have written before, it is NOT the job of black folks to beat up all the schoolyard bullies on the racial playground. We did our part and often times with zero help from the same people bitching that we should have their back when they refuse to have ours. In my lifetime I have watched a number videos documenting the savagery that black people bravely took head on in 1960’s fighting for civil rights. Those videos show black people getting dogs and hoses unleashed on them with nary a sight of anybody who isn’t black undergoing the same trauma. But they feel that they can call on us like we are their own personal superhero?