Vern’s Venting: Look Away, Dixieland

By Lavern Merriweather:

After reading a comment for one of my post about a woman named Karen Cooper, I decided to check out what nonsense she said about the Confederate flag. To my shock and utter disbelief, I found out that heffa was not only not from the South but that she was actually born in New York and that she used to be with the Nation of Islam! HUH?!

Still, Ms. Cooper is defending the land below and the flag they so proudly fly. She even joined a Tea Partyesque group that whined once it was demanded by public officials and concerned citizens following a tragic shooting of nine black people at a church in Charleston, South Carolina that the flag be removed from the State Building.

Although she is a Republican, South Carolina governor Nikki Haley was the first to express disgust with the flag and order that it be taken down. That’s a gallant move on her part. Yet, once again, we see that people of other races are more worried about our welfare than we are. Even if the sickening act of that thug Dylan Roof had never occurred, the flag is still a terrible symbol of hate, brutality and violence towards black folks. The thing that really burns my butt about the issue is those white people who claim that the flag is history, all while bitching to Negroes that it’s a decades old image from a long time ago.

Which one is it exactly because it can’t be both. Perhaps this is just another example of certain white people trying to have it both ways. They want to remember history a.k.a. their own legacy in the nicest way possible. They will be damned if some uppity, mouthy Negro like myself comes along and rips off those rose colored glasses that they are so fucking fond of.

Speaking of history, I was floored when I found out that Ms. Cooper also believes that slavery was a choice. Yes you read that right. This fool seems to think that instead of enduring the pain and anguish of being property that Negroes should have committed suicide by the thousands or fought back with the strength of Sampson, mixed with Hercules and just a dash of Conan. She is the very reason why some black folks say “Harriet Tubman should have left your ass behind”. I say Harriet should have busted a cap in that moron’s ass then reloaded and popped a few other body parts as well. I mean seriously how stupid is this woman?

I wonder greatly about what it must look like at those meetings she attends with her good old boys down South. They must get the world’s biggest kick that they have a highly melanin, utterly idiotic assclown in their midst to justify their mindset/agenda. To say that slavery was a choice is like saying that humans have a choice to live on land or live in the sea. After all, aren’t there countless products to help us survive in an environment we aren’t used to or are supposed to live in? If you think that logic sounds ludicrous, then it makes about as much sense as the idea that dummy is preaching. Slavery was anything but a choice. That’s why it’s called slavery. This means you are being held against your will and are forced to do someone else’s bidding. When the fuck has that ever equaled having an equal say?

By the way, she might want to remind herself that the black people made to come to America by thugs and criminals from the West were kidnapped. That right there completely negates her argument, unless she herself is willing to volunteer to be a slave for 10 years. Then we will see how well her little theory about willful decisions holds up or not.

On top of her royal stupidness are the white folks who blather that the Confederate flag was once a symbol of good, that its origins were not rooted or representative of what the flag means in this day and age. I say too damn bad; it’s way too little, way too late to make that commentary. The people who didn’t want it bastardized should have said something in the first place. I have a very sneaky suspicion that the reason why they didn’t is because they shared the same values and ideals as those using it in a sadistic, evil, cruel way. There is no more room left for ignorance or pretending that we don’t understand the true origins of this country’s most decadent and vile token.

White people can’t have it both ways and they can’t in good conscience protect an emblem that has come to define some very despicable behavior. If white people are so deadest against black people living in the past then they need to stop making movies about Moses, Jesus, Amelia Earhart, Titanic, Columbus, Noah, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Jack Kennedy. Stop moaning that you want an end to racism in America while you hold on to a disgraceful symbol meant to provoke fear and incite terror for an entire group of citizens. Stop decrying incidents of a bygone era when evidence to the contrary is all around you every fucking day. And stop telling black people who shell out their hard-earned money that they can’t complain about a replica of hate decorating a federally funded building that their taxpayer dollars support. They have just as much right to say I won’t pay for something that offends me as you do trying to persuade them to change their minds.

Guess what it ain’t going to happen, because that era you pretend is over is actually over when it comes to Negroes lying down and taking your crap. This time we do have a choice unlike another time in America’s sordid history. Despite what some very backwards thinking black female wants to imagine. Since they don’t really know who put the flag there or why they can’t say it wasn’t an act of bigotry. Don’t forget one-time President Woodrow Wilson had a screening of that extremely racist garbage “Birth of a Nation” at the White House and that sonofabitch loved that movie. So I don’t put shit past white male politicians especially back in the day. Where if there hadn’t been those black voices trying to make a change that loser Cooper would get her wish. However, she most certainly wouldn’t be bitching about keeping the flag flying then.

Side note: As of this writing that infernal icon is finally and thankfully gone for good after the senate in the state of South Carolina voted overwhelmingly for it to leave. Still there are some knuckleheads and fools butthurt about it. I say they can gather with their hoods at the local Wal-Mart and cry in their $8.00 dollar beers.


7 thoughts on “Vern’s Venting: Look Away, Dixieland

  1. ..I am just blown away by the beautifully expressed sentiments about both the removal of this flag, the hypocrisy that its’ “defenders” have been exposed to-and that delusional dingbat aka Ms. Pooper (Cooper)..Bravo, and thanks for this great article ‘Vern it says exactly what I’m feeling these days!!!

  2. You ain’t nevah lied, I heard that she was originally from New York and a former “pro-Black” advocate o’ something along those lines..somebody must’ve took a major piss in her corn flakes one day to make her switch positions like that! lols

  3. Not a gallant move on her part at all. Go back a lil further, dig a lil’ deeper and you’ll find she stood w/those who claim its heritage. Fast forward to now w/9 black lives as mortgage/payment on our stay in Klanland… “Ok, ok. I guess we can take it down.”

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