Vern’s Venting: The Blame Game

By Lavern Merrweather:

Apparently, the overly privileged perspective that arrogant white people spew has reached such an astounding level that it must at times boggle even their minds! Conservative whiny shill Laura Ingraham was recently on Fake Noise (Fox News) TV bemoaning how the lack of fathers in the black community is what’s causing all the civil unrest in cities like New York, Baltimore and Ferguson Missouri. I have yet to figure out what that has to do with thug cops feeling it’s become acceptable the norm to eliminate black lives often times with no provocation, justification or consequences.

Yet, to hear those on both sides of the media tell it, we black people are the reason for our own trouble. Did we create our own oppression too? Maybe it’s our own fault that we had to drink from separate water fountains, eat in the kitchen at most restaurants, have scumbags firebomb our homes, get dogs and hoses released on us and get lynched indiscriminately. According to those in the more privileged hemisphere, every problem that we Negroes face is directly related to something we did.

After a video of teens at a pool party being assaulted viciously by white cops surfaced, there were many in the public who rushed to defend the boys in blue. No surprise. They, of course, targeted the black teens despite the fact that it was a multi- racial gathering. Plus, the white teen whose house it was that shot the video himself noted that the cops didn’t brutalize any of the white kids in attendance. The quick-to-talk-shit gang also didn’t mention that the problem started because a few white adults who live in the neighborhood came over to the party to complain and that they began shouting racial slurs with a grown woman striking a teen girl in the face. Naturally when the police show up, they assume that the black kids were the ones creating chaos and immediately went after them, one of them being Dejerra Becton who was clad only in a bikini. Yet, that still didn’t prevent the head bully officer in charge to attack her like she were the next Aileen Wournous.

The officer responsible has since issued an apology and made a sorry excuse by saying that he was having an emotional day. I say tough shit, asshole. Don’t bring your problems to work with you! Furthermore that rhetoric works solely for women. So, come off it.

A number of hypocrites on the blogs and in the media have whined that it’s not about race even while using code words typically reserved for insulting Negroes. Radio host Michael Berry called the teens who were attacked ‘wild animals’ and said that like wild dogs, they needed to be put down. But of course that statement has no negative or sinister racist connation behind it. They never want their words to come off as racist even while they continue to justify senseless murders and thug police behavior, even as they say that the policies of our current president and those that have benefited Negroes in the past are what’s responsible.

Silly me. Here I was thinking it was the policy of Jim Crow and systematic racism when all the time it was what assisted black folks that is the real issue. Obviously cops shooting unarmed innocent citizens 50, 41 and 137 times isn’t what’s causing the strife. Its welfare. Its affirmative action which has actually only helped white women but never mind that shit! In their little world, Negroes are who the government was once again giving a free handout. I guess because they are pissed that the American political structure decided to rectify past wrongs in the most half-assed way possible that justifies open season on Negroes. Just another case of blame the victim in order to protect those that protect and serve their interest.

People like Fake Noise’s third biggest bigoted blowhard Greg Gutfeld tries to downplay these disgraceful incidents as isolated all while chiming about how if we restrict Officer Not-So-Friendly from doing his job civility as we know it will end. I got news for him, civility in America never even existed, unless he believes the genocide by Christopher Columbus of countless Native Americans, the slave trade and the ongoing racism that has followed, the bombing of Japan and the internment of Japanese Americans are acts of civility.

Another thing, prick. Since when is it a cop’s job to overreact to a car backfire, then cause the deaths of two people by firing 137 bullets? Most cops issued guns don’t carry that many fucking shots. So that means the cocksucker reloaded after realizing he wasn’t getting any return fire. Anyone reading this knows he didn’t because Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams were unarmed. So you’d think it would be impossible for anybody even the jag-offs at Fake Noise to not find his acquittal a complete travesty.

Well, you’d be incorrect, because they see nothing troubling with the recent rash of cop killings. It’s not the cops fault, it’s the out of control Negroes who have let the government freeloader machine lure them into the false belief that they truly have rights as a human being and an American. Oh no! How dare they! How dare the government support financially the ancestors of those lowly Negroes that spent day and night breaking their backs to provide free services and goods to white folks too lazy to do it their damn selves.

Before anyone cries about how that was in the past, the sin of being allowed to murder a black person without recourse sure as fucking hell ain’t! Neither is the ability they have to live comfortable, wealthy, privileged lives off the backs of others. Like I have written before, don’t expect those in this country not on the positive side of history to share in your basking of selective nostalgia. Those who have experienced what black folks were dealing with back when it was okay to terrorize black people with guard dogs and hoses refuse to give you that luxury. You want to revel in your privilege with the full knowledge that what ails them won’t ever knock on your back door. Therefore, don’t believe for one second that you can tell me how to respond when it knocks on mine.


5 thoughts on “Vern’s Venting: The Blame Game

  1. Mama Vern, we are living in a society run by reprobate minded demons. You cannot expect any better from them…

  2. Indeed, ‘Vern this blame game is one of the oldest, and dare I say played-out tropes to ever spew from these racist pricks (men and women) mouths! Thanks for the information about radio host douchnozzle Michael “Fairy” Berry, I did not have the mis-pleasure of even knowing who this turd was until reading this-but you may be interested to in adding to your knowledge of him that he was also spotted speeding out of a local gay bar in Texas, in addition to damaging a car he ran into on the way out-trying to escape being seen in a place that “good ole’ Conservatives” such as himself usually shun, perhaps? Hmmm…

    1. Not surprising Sean Hannity is a college drop-out who was mediocre anyway yet ahs the nerve to whine about affirmative action and who is or isn’t the most qualified SMH.

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