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By Lavern Merriweather:

There is a good reason why I’m including the pictures of these two specific women. The lady on top is actress Emma Stone who is a very hot property in Hollywood right now. The one below her is one of my favorite actresses, Rosalind Chao, who was wonderful in “The Joy Luck Club”. As you can see, Rosalind is an Asian woman and Emma is not. That however obviously means nothing to the powers-that-be in ‘Hollywhite’ because they cast Emma as a woman who supposed to be half-Asian for the film “Aloha” which also stars Bradley Cooper and Alec Baldwin.

While Stevie Wonder could see that Emma has no business whatsoever playing a woman who is Asian, ‘Hollywhathehell’ thought they could pull off whitewashing people of color once again. I do understand that there are some actors such as Kristin Kreuk and Dean Cain who are indeed half Asian, but they look nothing like Emma. And she doesn’t look anything like them. So, why the fuck is she being hired to play a woman of color? Just another example of white people appropriating, then bastardizing the race or culture of non-white folks.

By now, everyone has heard of the Washington branch president of the NAACP Rachel Dolezal who recently had to step down. Rachel didn’t so much quit as she was most likely pressured to leave, because some nasty truths were revealed about her days ago. Rachel, who identifies as black and has brownish skin and curly hair, is in fact a white woman pretending to be black. Her own parents came forward to state that Rachel is actually a blond haired, blue-eyed white female. They even produced pictures of Rachel at 15 which leave zero doubt to her true racial identity, even though Rachel herself posted a picture of her with an elderly black man that she claimed was her father. Turns out that man wasn’t her dad, because her real father is of German/ Scottish heritage.

Of course, the apologists and defenders have come out in full force to support this heffa. They whine that she has done a lot of good work for the black community, saying that while she is a boldfaced liar, that doesn’t negate what she has done in the past. I still have yet to hear one word about what it is that Rachel has done which was supposedly so great. It seems to me like all she did was manipulate and steal positions from real African-Americans.

The worst part of her treachery in this sordid little saga are the white folks who say ‘So what?’, and behave as if we should be grateful as if being black is such a horrific thing that we should be happy little darkies when some seemingly kind hearted white woman wants to adopt our culture as hers. Or that there is only one race and that’s the human race.

Well I say that is the biggest cop-out bunch of bullshit I ever heard spewed by some of the stupidest people ever! Empathy is one thing. Hell, it’s a great thing. But that’s not what’s going on here. This is about a sneaky, obnoxious, lying white female playing dress up.

Being black is not some costume or uniform that one can put on then take off whenever they feel like it. On top of that, she doesn’t have to worry about losing any of her privilege. Privilege that was in full effect when she was questioned about her ridiculous and, in many ways, bizarre actions. She had the nerve to play dumb when asked by a reporter about whether or not she was truly black. If he asked her to multiply 835 by 782 then I could understand her confusion. However, this was not the case. It was a straight forward question that she refused to answer. This tells me right there that little Miss Rachel isn’t the ally she pretends to be. Particularly when she goes on the “Today Show” with Matt Lauer and evades the issue as much as possible. A person who truly wants to align themselves with a marginalized group would not be so deceptive about it. As Dr. Marc Lamont Hill put it the other night on CNN while talking with Anderson Copper, when she gets pulled over by the cops she won’t want to be black then. There it is in a nutshell. Rachel doesn’t enjoy being persecuted for deceit and won’t realize why many black folks are so upset.

It’s the same thing with that punk son of actor Tom Hanks named Chester who believes that it’s okay for him to use the word ‘nigga’ because he loves rap culture and has black friends. Having skin in America that is black carries with it many burdens and connotations that most white people can’t relate to, regardless if they wear their hair in cornrows and over tan their skin to make it look darker. That flies in the face of people who had to face countless struggles that they don’t get to dance away from by changing their hair or clothes. Chet and Rachel can claim to be down with Negroes all they like, but at the end of the day, unless they are willing to experience ALL of it, the good, bad and ugly, then they are just speaking out of their asses. Plus, they are perpetuating more selfish fetishizing of the same people that they claim to have so much affection for.