Vern’s Venting: Stealing Black Folks’ Thunder

By Lavern Merriweather

It appears that lately, black people can’t start an argument about racism or the racist bullshit we have to face on a daily basis without it become an opportunity for white folks to whine about their plight. After the former head of the Washington branch of the NAACP was discovered to actually be a white woman masquerading as black, the media came up with the term ‘trans-racial’.

I have yet to figure out just what the fuck exactly is ‘trans-racial’? Is that supposed to be someone that is so above the notion of race that they can transcend any and all races? Or is it just another bullshit term made by stupid, clueless fools that have no idea about how negatively a concept they began affects others not like them?

Most of the major cable networks even went so far as to invite a number of transgender people (whites only of course) to discuss this. They kept making idiotic comparisons between Rachel Dolezal and Bruce…er…Caitlyn Jenner. It’s bad enough that the parallel makes no sense, but what’s worse is that they continue to derail the dialogue about race while managing once again to make themselves the victims by parading around white people who are gay. As I have said before, being a black person in America is not the same as being a gay person in America! That goes especially for those that are black and gay.

Gay white people still have their privilege to fall back on, as does Ms. Dolezal which is precisely why a number of black people are disgusted and disappointed with her lies and deception. She is nothing more than an opportunist who – it should be noted – actually sued the legendary HBCU Morehouse for discrimination. Missy Anne, I mean Rachel, didn’t like that the mean old Negroes she now masquerades as they wouldn’t let her play in their sandbox. You mean to tell me that real African-American officials who run an institution of higher learning felt that protecting the future of the young black people who they serve was more important than servicing the needs of this blond/blue-eyed white woman? The nerve of those uppity Negroes! Humph!

Rachel’s entitled, unbelievably arrogant behavior is the very reason why many black folks are not falling for her con, despite the cries and pleas of well- meaning white citizens who whine that she did a lot of good for the NAACP. What all that supposed good was? I am still waiting to hear, just like I’m expecting that a conversation about racism and the abuse of the system by a scheming white female should not be deflected for gay issues, particularly when some of those same white transgender people have stated emphatically that who they are has no bearing on Rachel’s fake charade.

Are you listening to that media? It’s the voice of reason telling you how stupid and unfair you are being. So, you might want to pay attention, much like the way you are trying to deny that Ms. Dolezal isn’t taking full advantage of her skin even after she attempts, in vain, to change it.

What I don’t get is how could the people that worked right besides this huckster not see through her false persona? The goofy looking spray-on over-tan and ridiculous afro curly wig should have been a dead giveaway to those knuckleheads. That heffa didn’t even bother to change her eye color, and the braids she wore in several photos looked tacked on as well as tacky.

I hate to sound like a paranoid theorist, but I truly have some serious questions as to her intent. It seems very likely that something a lot more sinister is going on here than white people will care to admit. Before the doubters start squawking, let’s not forget that Martin Luther King had spies and traitors in his midst as did the Black Panthers. For all we know it could be something more than just problems with her identity or being pissed off at her parents and heritage by using this as her way of getting back at them. Either way, the ‘trans-racial’ moniker needs to go ASAP. Since race is more of a social construct rather than a biological one, that mentality is complete bunk. There is no such thing as ‘trans-racial’, especially in regards to a phony like Rachel Dolezal.

Another instance in the war of gay vs. black was the extremely heated verbal spat between former host of “The View” Rosie O’ Donnell and current host Whoopi Goldberg. Although I am not a fan of either, I appreciate that O’ Donnell was smart enough to denounce Whoopi’s ludicrous claim that racism is practically over. Rosie made some very valid points to counter what Whoopi was saying. So, she pulled out the ‘I’m older therefore I know better’ card. Whoopi’s condescending attitude and words are proof positive that not everyone gains wisdom when they age. Yet, somehow their exchange turned into once again an excuse for white people to play the victim by making it about gay folks, then create an asinine dialogue about who has it worse in this country.

I’ll tell you right now it ain’t the people that get to have the luxury of nobody knowing what makes them marginalized. We constantly have to look over our proverbial racism shoulder, because we don’t have that freedom. We can’t just sit calmly in a church service and not have to worry about some thug scumbag white male raised on hate to viciously take our lives. Now, we have the dumbasses at Fake Noise along with conservative politicians saying that the tragic and sickening murders of the 9 black people in Charleston, South Carolina was about religion. I guess then that all those years of cross burnings by the Klan on black folks’ lawns was because of Jesus. It wasn’t really hatred of black people; it was hatred for them loving the Lord. Oh that clears everything right on up. Thanks Fake Noise!

Here’s the problem with that rhetoric. Those white assholes burning the crosses pretended to love Jesus too. They sat falsely in a house of worship playing good, decent, honest, hardworking Christians all while killing people of color. Many even did it in the name of religion and the bible. So, I ask just who in the fuck does Fake Nosie think they are fooling?

That punk loser Dylan Roof didn’t do his dastardly deed because he hates God. He did it because he hates black people, something that they refuse to admit still exists, because Fake Noise is responsible for fueling much of that animosity. In spite of the claims of Fake Noise’s fourth biggest blowhard dumb shit Howard Kurtz, he surmises the typical white folks’ script that this white piece of shit was a lone gunman who had no affiliation with any group. Not only was his blather old hat; it gave the white male media establishment another chance to go completely off topic. As they hem and haw continuously about having no clue what his motives were. Who gives a fuck shitbags!? Stop acting like you truly give a damn about the fallen when you spend every moment of airtime proclaiming how rotten them Negroes is. And don’t think for one even half a second you can downplay this dreadful event with your moronic, selfish, worthless attempts at diversion.


17 thoughts on “Vern’s Venting: Stealing Black Folks’ Thunder

  1. It’s pretty embarrassing for me as a white person to listen to so many white people say things like “How come they can say the n-word and I can’t?” and somehow believe that is equivalent to actually experiencing systemic racism every day. There’s a viral video going around of some teenage black girl beating up a teenage white girl (there are thousands of cell-phone videos showing teenage girls beating up other teenage girls all over the internet, by the way), and I keep hearing other white people saying, “How come the media won’t show THAT? We’re treated so unfairly!”

    Right, because that’s the same thing as being shot for shopping in Walmart or being choked to death for selling cigarettes, or (insert any of 1000 other similar instances that end up with an unarmed black person being killed by law enforcement). Or how whenever a pretty white blonde girl is murdered or disappears it is national news for weeks.

    I’m dating myself here, but you may recall way back in the day the Central Park Jogger rape case. Some white female advertising exec (or other Madison Ave type job) was jogging in the park and was raped and beaten (thankfully she survived). Of course it is a horrible thing no one should ever experience, but that story went on for months and months in the news. I am old enough to have read the newspaper that first day the story broke. Page 1, giant headline. On page 15 or so, there was a small article tucked into the corner: “Hispanic woman raped and thrown off building to her death.”

    Same city, worse crime. But the victim was Hispanic, so she got one small article halfway through the paper and was never talked about again.

    1. There was also a black woman raped and thrown from a building but luckily she survived. I also noticed that the white females crying for justice with the Central Park Jogger were silent as mice for the retarded girl gang raped in New Jersey by white football players. Double standards have their advantages it seems.

  2. more irrefutable evidence that whites just can’t be taken seriously, they are nothing more than a based species or reprobate demons. It’s really funny how they manage to turn almost every black issue around and make it all about them, to portray themselves as victims and make us look like the racist oppressors. Everyone else is a terrorist and a savage, and they are the innocent good hard working Christians. This is the kind of reprobate mind we are dealing with here….. btw check out my shocking new post

    1. Can’t wait to read it and notice how a white male thug that commits a mass shooting is never referred to in derogatory terms. Typical

  3. ..Say it again, ‘Vern-LGBT/Transsexual issues are Not Synonymous with Black racism/inequality issues! I was just discussing this very same topic over in Canada on vacation last week after seeing this on the news over there-it’s like anything/everything that deals with the persecution of any kind is Automatically linked with Black folks! SMH x’s 1,000..

  4. @nido, I too enjoyed your insightful post-thanks for the info about that Aunt Jemima moron bka Karen (WTF) Cooper, scary doesn’t begin to describe her and others of her ilk! ..Methinks some folks are being paid by the Gov’t to spout this idiotic nonsense from their mouth to the masses, no?

    1. @Mz.Nikita, I agree with you wholeheartedly in regards to that witch Ms. Pooper. It is obvious that she seeks the glory of white folks. Ms. Pooper also acts as if those that were captured for the purpose of slavery, were given the option between staying home in some west African country or board a less than luxurious ship bound for Amerika for a life of slavery. JUST UTTER STUPIDITY!


  5. Excellent as usual essay, Vern!

    Here is really good video about Rachel Dolezal. Be warned, since it contains a lot of profanity.

  6. Coveting another group of people’s pain, sorrows and history is the aim of white troll on some of these blogs in general, … that’s until shit hits the fan. The elementary claims of white folks who push the envelope that they are somehow being mistreated by blacks or the US gubberment is an attribution towards their ignorance. That white gaze and mindset is a dangerous thing to contend with in most instances.

    Just a few days ago, (I won’t mention the name of the other blog) however, a blogger of Irish descent was trying to portray the Irish people as having suffered just as much, if not more than black folks in Amerika. I damn near fell off of my chair. Of course, I did embarrass him with the facts because embarrassment is what he so easily qualified for. Simply put, it’s best to correct trolls like this with the facts and move on without arguing further.


    1. @Blakksage:

      Good for you! Any White person who compares their situation to Blacks is an a**hole! I hate it when they do that! Good for you for telling off that d*ck!

      Here is a really good video about gay rights. Be forewarned, because it contains some graphic images and a lot of profanity.

    1. @Blakksage:

      You’re welcome! I wish that Prince Solomon didn’t use so much profanity, but I watch his videos because he tells it like it is, and he uses a lot of examples to prove his case.

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