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By Lavern Merriweather:

It appears that many white folks in the media only want to give a shit about black women when it suits them, more specifically when they can use it as an excuse to play protector against the big, black male boogeyman.

I wrote previously about a female pedestrian in California named Marlene Pinnock who was viciously assaulted by a state patrolmen, presumably because she tried to cross the street without using the intersection, and he was pissed off about it. Or maybe he’s just another thug with a badge that gets off abusing his authority with a woman he knows society won’t care about. I didn’t hear a peep from the holier than media or the whiny, acerbic, self-serving feminazis. Ms. Pinnock, from day one, since that despicable cop began pounding on her for no damn good reason, has been on her own.

She was left out the same way that teen Dejerra Becton has. She is the girl seen on that now infamous pool party video. Although there were teens of several races in attendance, the black teens were the only ones targeted by cops. Cops supposedly were called because the claim was that the teens were being too rowdy, which is code that too many Negroes are in our lily white neighborhood and we’re mad to the 35th degree! The police officer that assaulted Dejerra seemed oblivious to the fact that two grown white women who lived on the block started the altercation in the first place. One of those women has since began to parade around her husband’s black male friend as a badge of honor I guess. “See, I can’t be racist, she says because her hubby is best buddies with one of them.” She failed to mention if that were a precursor to having too many black folks nearby. This is why I believe that not only were the police called, but when they got there, they chose to single out the black kids exclusively.

What makes my blood boil however is the deafening silence from the same crowd that hurries to speak out about violence towards a black woman when this is a black man. Apparently, their logic dictates that they should only give a damn when it’s a chance to portray the black man as the enemy of the black woman so they can swoop in like the hero. But if she is being physically abused or attacked by a white male, particularly one that wears a badge, it’s perfectly okay. Thanks for clearing that up, white people, because I was starting to get really confused for a second there.

Most likely that’s the same reaction Charlena Cooks is feeling after she was brutally accosted by police for refusing to give her name. Cooks is the woman seen on video being violently thrown to the ground and handcuffed even as she screams that she’s seven months pregnant. Her cries went completely unheeded by the cops as did her plight by the same media supposedly so concerned with the welfare lately of black women. Sports columnist Dave Zirin even went so far as to whine that black women are the least cared for group in America. I wonder where was Dave to preach that shit to his fellow white colleagues as they continue to ignore what happened to Ms. Cooks, Becton and Pinnock?

He also stayed quiet about the sadistic assault on a black woman and her brother in Chicago after a melee by revelers celebrating the Blackhawks hockey team playoff win. Kristina Fox says that she and her brother were having a pleasant conversation with some people when another group approached. Fox said that two men from either group began to argue, then started throwing fists. That’s when she said her younger brother tried to intervene. Then the crowd turned on the two, because they were the only black people there. Ms. Fox recounted the harrowing ordeal she and her brother experienced to the local media while in a hospital room. She was stabbed 11 times and her brother was also stabbed repeatedly. So far, no arrest have been made, and the national media as usual is treating this story like a non-priority, even as they hemmed and hawed excessively about the welfare of Janay Rice. Yet they eagerly ignore the plight of the three women I just mentioned.

Of course dumbasses commenting about Ms. Fox’s horrific and heinous assault are playing blame the victim. One even had the nerve to say that they shouldn’t have been in that area at that time of night since it’s a predominantly white neighborhood. Gee, now where have I heard that one before? The same old, “If those darkies had just stayed in their place i.e. their own neighborhood, this never would have happened” routine.

Another asshole whined that the cops didn’t arrest anybody because Ms. Fox and her brother only knew the assailants first name. Excuse me while I go call bullshit! Cops rush to solve crimes when the perpetrator is black and a stranger. So, fuck off with that “They didn’t know them” load of crap. That doesn’t have shit to do with what those punks did any damn way.

This is a classic diversion tactic used by fake ass white folks to justify the lack of concern for the terror that was inflicted on this woman. It also has nothing to do with why the same media so disgusted with Ray Rice hasn’t uttered a damn word about a black woman violently attacked by a stupid white mob. Or why the media believes that the treatment of Ms. Pinnock and Ms. Cooks is completely acceptable, despite the fact that they shouted at the top of their lungs otherwise when there was a rich Negro man to vilify. Ms. Cooks was particularly targeted, because she allegedly damaged the property of a white female on the parking lot at her daughter’s school. Typical that when the cops arrived, they fell head over heels for the thin, blond white woman in tears, as they proceeded to savagely manhandle a pregnant woman. Unfortunately, Ms. Cooks can cry all she wants, but that won’t get sympathy from the police. Nor will it garner her any sympathy from the same white folks in the media so distraught over the abuse of a black woman.

Speaking as a black woman, I say that the next time the media comes along with their phony as hell so-called empathy for a black woman, I will tell them that they can shove it right up their collective full-of-it ass.