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I seriously don’t understand the mindset of (some) conservatives these days. It seems like most of them are lost in a realm outside the space of reality. But what’s really frustrating, as a man of color, is their insistence that racism is primarily a thing of the past. Yet, most racists tend to lean toward the side of conservatism. The Council of Conservative Citizens is an excellent example from looking at the name alone. Still, some on the right continuously declare themselves to be anything but racist, even if and when their racism is unleashed.

Bill O’Reilly, the golden child of the Fox News propaganda machine seems to believe intensely that America is not a racist nation. Even more crazy is that he’s willing to go to war for it against the those who want to have honest race conversations.

Wes Williams at Addicting Info writes:

O’Reilly is outraged, OUTRAGED, he tells us, that some people are “demonizing America as a racist nation.” He says that his favorite villain, the “far left,” believes:

“The U.S.A. has gone from being the ‘land of the free and the home of the brave’ to a country dominated by white supremacy.”

The irony in O’Reilly’s quote is certainly lost on him. When Francis Scott Key wrote about the “land of the free,” there were hundreds of black slaves, who were anything but free, in the area around Baltimore, where the British were holding him prisoner. And thousands more scattered all across the southern U.S. We haven’t become “a country dominated by white supremacy,” Bill. That’s what we’ve always been.

But Bill doesn’t think so, and neither do most right wingers. Instead, they mostly think that the conditions that – let’s say – poor black people find themselves in are their own doing and that crime is a product of their screwed up culture of rap music and baby making.

Williams continues:

O’Reilly asks if anyone heard about the twelve people who were shot at a Detroit party, before playing a Fox News clip about it. The suggestion is that Fox is the only network that covered it. Except that CBS did, too. So did ABC. And so did a host of other media outlets. It’s “black on black crime” like the Detroit shooting, not crimes committed by white people against black people, that is the real problem, O’Reilly claims.

O’Reilly seems to neglect the fact that the term ‘black-on-black crime’ is a misnomer that implies that only black people commit crimes against each other at high rates. What he fails to mention or consider is that intra-racial crime is common across the board and it’s based on proximity and the fact that most neighborhoods are segregated by race. Of course you’re going to have black people committing crimes against each other. But then, you’re also having whites committing intra-racial crimes as well. In fact 86% of crimes against whites are committed by white criminals. But the term ‘white-on-white crime’ ain’t used much, if at all, in a white mainstream society. I wonder why (sarcasm).

Blacks are treated differently in school, O’Reilly says, which is another problem. He says that “if black students misbehave, or fail, nothing is done.” Uh, Bill, you do know that black students are suspended from school at a much higher rate than white students, right?

Maybe Bill should learn about the school-to-prison pipeline that sends black kids to prison for the smallest school infractions at an alarmingly high rate. But I doubt he will. Conservatives seem to think that knowledge is a liberal thing, and they can’t seem to stand liberalism.

As usual, O’Reilly feels the need to tell black people how he thinks they should behave. He blames everything for problems in black communities except institutionalized racism. Single parent families, lack of discipline, poor performance in school. All of those are reasons why black Americans can’t escape poverty, according to O’Reilly.

O’Reilly might want to actually ask black people what they think about the nature of race in America. He would find that they have a different opinion about issues regarding race than he has. Ask black people for their thoughts about things that affect black people? What a novel concept. Just like if you want the view of dumbass middle-aged white guys, you would ask Bill O’Reilly.

But O’Reilly won’t ask black people, unless he finds the most available house negroes to echo his sentiments. Black people with a different opinion scares the ever-loving shit out of him, especially when they drop some knowledge about what racism is and what it does to the black community. No. O’Reilly would rather cling on to his right wing beliefs and believe in the myth of black pathology while likely believe himself and whites to be superior to them. And to him and others like him, in their so-called minds, that is not racist.