Vern’s Venting: Freedom of Speech


By Lavern Merriweather:

Correct me if I am wrong good people, and I don’t think I am, but isn’t a freedom something that everyone is meant to enjoy? If something is said to be free, then shouldn’t we all get to participate in it? Not so in America where although something is referred to as a freedom, it’s still only for certain people. Funny how those freedom of speech folks, especially the ones in the media, get all butthurt when folks that don’t look like them say words that they don’t approve of.

I distinctly recall when Harold Washington, the first black mayor of Chicago, passed away from a heart attack. Some snotty, little white pissant thought it would be a good idea to mock him by drawing a painting where Mr. Washington was dressed in a bra and panties. When a group of black alderman – out of respect – went to the Art Institute and forcibly removed the offensive art work, they were criticized. Many of the mostly white students protested and called them fascists. The students complained that their freedoms were being infringed upon.

The media also jumped into the fray by referring to the aldermen as stromtroopers all while defending this little punk. On the Phil Donahue show much of the audience agreed with the students and said that freedom of speech should be protected at all costs. Oh really? Then why did those SAME people get angry when another student over there placed the American flag on the floor?

Typical of the white hypocrite mindset. The very same folks defending the prick who made an offensive caricature of Mr. Washington care more about protecting some damn piece of cloth. Then again, this is America where apparently a dog’s life is more important than a black person’s. And many white people believe first and foremost in do as I say not as I do. Or that they can completely change the meaning of a term that they themselves created to support a racist agenda.

When you call something a ‘freedom’, that means it should not be for only a select group of people. A ‘freedom’ should be for everyone, and even if you find something offensive, you should still defend the concept, not change your tune every ten seconds, because you feel slighted.

Apparently white people believe that freedom of speech should be on their terms only. The asshole who painted the insulting art claimed that he did it because he didn’t like the way that Mr. Washington was being ‘deified’. Hold the hell on! That man was a public official who was appreciated by a lot of people. If he got more adoration in death than this jag-off thought necessary, then so be it. He seemed to have no problem whatsoever with how the media was going on after the untimely passing of Princess Diana. You’d have thought that Jesus himself expired – yet again – the way those idiots were carrying on. On top of that, for a woman who wasn’t even American! He also had no qualms about how the media slobbered over John Kennedy Jr. when he died in a plane crash. So that whole deified bullshit holds zero water. He’s too much of a pussy ass to say that he didn’t want a black man to be celebrated after dying. However, this is the argument that white people love to use whenever their feet are rightfully held to the fire for saying something stupid and obnoxious, regardless of how they and foolish Negroes try to defend the rational.

It’s still steeped way too damn far in racism, hypocrisy and self-serving agendas for their mentality to be taken seriously such as Jerry Seinfeld whining once more like the typical arrogant white male about society being too politically correct. Of course, a number of just-as-equally arrogant white people in the media jumped on his bandwagon in agreement. They piss and moan about how it’s a comedian’s job to offend sometimes and that with a particular comedian, you should know what you’re in for.

Here’s the problem that I have with their rhetoric. White people are notorious for being able to dish it out but not take it themselves as we have seen throughout their history. This is just more of the same lame ass ridiculous excuse that people who feel superior trout out to justify their prejudice. As I have said before, being a comedian doesn’t give you license to be an asshole. You still have to play by the exact rules of polite society that everybody else plays by.

When Oscar winner Halle Berry made a crack on the “Tonight Show” about how a distorted picture of her with a bulbous nose looked her Jewish cousin, white people got upset, just like they got upset about the Nicki Minaj video where she is supposedly mocking Jews. Interesting that those same folks were silent about Katy Perry’s video which offended Arabs aka Muslims. I gather that since they hate them anyway, no harm no foul. Therein lies the issue that I have with white people preaching political incorrectness. They want to say one thing then do another.

After British comedian Trevor Noah, who is extremely funny by the way, was picked to replace John Stewart for Comedy Central’s satirical “The Daily Show”, has-been Roseanne complained. She wrote on her Facebook blog that she didn’t like their choice because she thinks some of his jokes are too anti-Semitic. See how full of it and egotistical white people are when their feelings are at stake? Black folks taking alleged cheap shots at the Jews gets them all bent out of shape, even while they stand by the side of dumbasses that are blatantly racist and use their humor to hide their hatred.

I believe actress Rosie Perez said it best on ABC’s “The View” the other day. She stated that whoever creates humor which is more offensive than funny should be prepared to face the consequences for their actions. Very rarely do you have a woman of color on a prominent morning news program spitting truth quite like that. I’ll go even further and say that ANY white person who tries to expect Negroes or anybody else to accept their bigotry disguised as comedy better grow a thicker skin their damn selves, instead of, as usual, imagining that they can keep saying ‘do as I say not as I do’ before they take a shot in the eyeball. Next chucklehead white person bitching about the world being too PC better hope some very angry Negro doesn’t catch their ass off guard when they don’t have the protection of their fellow stupid brethren to stand behind.


5 thoughts on “Vern’s Venting: Freedom of Speech

  1. Indeed, and thanks for the info about Trevor Noah-he is really funny and has mad potential to host the Daily Show. I for one, am lookin’ forward to it (although Jessica Williams was my 1rst choice)!

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