The Charleston Church Shooting: SECOND UPDATE

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All eyes of the world are focused on Charleston, South Carolina, as yet another mass murder has taken place. This time it took place at a setting most people least expected, at a church. The most troubling part is that it was a white male shooting up a black church, the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church to be exact. A total of nine people were killed, including South Carolina state senator and pastor Clementa Pinckney. As of the writing of this article, the terrorist is still on the loose.

Once again, we are faced with another mass murder involving a white male killer. Will this man get the usual sympathetic treatment from the media like his predecessors and considered a singular act of white male violence by a deranged individual? Will this man turn the gun on himself for whatever reason? Will the media shift this tragedy into an inquiry on why black-on-black crime isn’t a more pressing issue? More importantly, will this man get caught, and if so, will he be taken alive or dead at the hands of the police?

But the one question that won’t get asked is what’s going on with white folks, especially cops, and their dislike of black people to the point of killing them? One can never seem to ask such a question without being labeled a racist. However, with such events as the continuous murders and assaults by mostly white police, the constant appropriation of what many whites consider to be black culture, the endless finger-pointing of all things wrong with society directed at black people and the denial that it has any racist implications, one can say that that question is pretty valid.

One of the ways we can examine why this is happening is when we start to turn back the clock and have an honest look at history. However, there are certain people who think that America’s racist history is just that. History. And that said history has no effect on what’s going on today. They will even object that what happened in the past is still going on today in some way, shape or form. After all, terrorism, a term they would not use when it comes to white folks, at the hands of white people was a thing of the past in their opinion. But those of us awaken and living in the real world know that white racism is still around and is here to stay, and no one is safe, not even in a church.

The past and present, particularly when it comes to white terrorism against black churches, are interconnected. In fact, it is inseparable. During the 1990s, there was a series of arson attacks against black churches throughout the Southern United States. During the Civil Rights era, there were terrorist attacks by violently racist whites who considered themselves ‘Christians’. Acts of petty vandalism have been reported sporadically where black churches are often the targeted places. So, it’s a safe bet that the past has a pretty good influence on what happened in Charleston.

Society must consider this mass murder as an act of terrorism. More to the point, society must take a hard and honest look into why white males are acting out violently against groups of people, especially black folks. Otherwise, there will be more acts of terrorism committed by troubled white men because of one of society’s most disturbing pathologies, the profound and blatant ignorance and denial of it all.

UPDATE: The name of the shooter is identified as Dylann Storm Roof. He is still on the run.

SECOND UPDATE: Police have apprehended Roof in Shelby, North Carolina.


57 thoughts on “The Charleston Church Shooting: SECOND UPDATE

  1. White mass shooters don’t get sympathetic treatment from the media, they are considered freaks, losers, nuts, etc., which his most always accurate. The photo of the shooter speaks volumes to that. It is usually black shooters who get the softer treatment, i.e.., their race not being referred to, being called “youths, kids, teens, children,” and having social ills brought up to explain away the behavior. You might have to pay closer attention to the news more carefully.

    Anyway, enough technicality, here is a recent piece regarding this shooter “Dylan Roof” below:

    Look for white folks to not support this guy, not excuse this guy, to condemn this guy and foe white liberal college students to demand he be fed to the lions. Pleasant day all.

    1. I do pay attention to the news. Most of them time, when it comes to white mass murderers, the news puts a spin on their reporting by claiming the shooter either had a bright future ahead of him or that he was suffering from some mental illness. And they will not turn this into a white pathology by asking what’s wrong with white men and their obsession with guns and their violent hatred of people of color.

      By the way, I didn’t say that white folks would support this fool. Some of them that I know of have already condemned him. But there are those who will try to avert the attention on the matter by bringing up other matters to keep it away from what the issue is really about. Race and guns.

      1. Wether or not their futures were “bright” or not is not relevant to the crime, they say that about a lot of black street gang members, i.e.., “he had potential,” “he was going to go to school,” etc. That may or may not be true in either case. Smart, bright people can commit the same crimes as less bright people, sometimes worse. The news people generally say all kinds of odd things at any rate.

        White folks are always quick to condemn white on black shooters, this we all know, and usually without excuses, his own family is rejecting/condemning him in the latest update. Black folks are slow to condemn but when they get around to it it is usually with qualifiers such as to imply that he wouldn’t have done what he did had it not been for X. Whites, by and large, don’t do that, they never circle the wagons.

        Race and guns; perhaps more race than guns. Possibly. Guns; forget it, Americans, and especially white ones, love their guns and they already have too many to count and to round up, that horse left the barn a long, long time ago. Gunplay is less common with whites, been when it happens it goes big, very big as we’ve seen. It is almost as if they are catching up on lost time, as contrasted with the daily shootings among blacks that occur in a ‘drip by drip’ fashion.

        As for race, I doubt it. He claims he was upset about black-on-white rape, which is behavior rather than color. The media, whom you seem to suppose is against blacks, will not take the tack I just mentioned, but will rather imply blind race hatred rather than his seeming irritation at a behavior among a demographic. Either way, this is all pretty awful. I do suspect this will all go down the memory hole within a month.

      2. The media sometimes, depending on which news outlet you use, bring up whether or not the person was a promising young man or woman. There are a few times where I’ve seen it in the headlines alone. Whether that person was a “good egg” or not is not relevant. I agree. But there are cases where it was to certain news articles.

      3. Right Brothawolf, I don’t know why they bring up stuff like that, the news employees generally say odd and silly sounding things. Nevertheless, this is all quite sad

      4. I recently finished reading Bobby Wright’s essay ‘The Psychopathic Racial Personality.’ It may explain why Whites feel as they do toward people of color. I personally, highly recommend it to every African American.

    2. I do pay attention to the news. Most of them time, when it comes to white mass murderers, the news puts a spin on their reporting by claiming the shooter either had a bright future ahead of him or that he was suffering from some mental illness. And they will not turn this into a white pathology by asking what’s wrong with white men and their obsession with guns and their violent hatred of people of color.

      By the way, I didn’t say that white folks would support this fool. Some of them that I know of have already condemned him. But there are those who will try to avert the attention on the matter by bringing up other matters to keep it away from what the issue is really about. Race and guns.

  2. Now let me get this straight: this guy, ‘Dylann Storm Roof’ (sounds almost too bizarre to be a real name), claimed that black people are “raping our women”, but he winds up indisciminately killing six WOMEN and three men. Uh huh. Oh, and black people are also “taking over our country”, so we “have to go”. Yeah. It’s all crystal clear, isn’t it?
    I see one of their trolls has already shown up here, posting weird word salads and trying his best to cloud and confuse the issue, but that is the nature of these creatures, just like it’s in their nature to do what what ‘Dylann Roof’ did. Their pathology and madness runs deep,

    1. You mean me of course, well, I don’t apologize for any salads, word or otherwise (if indeed you mean me). But it seems like he wanted to lash out, rather than target specific rapists, which would take longer, be harder and require more skill. This looks like a spasm, if indeed that is his motive, which is all we can tell so early into the case.

  3. ” All eyes of the world are focused on Charleston, South Carolina, as yet another mass murder has taken place. This time it took place at a setting most people least expected, at a church”. right, churches, synagogues, temples and mosques should be the last places where evil should prevail. Unfortunately, these are the very first places the devil attacks because of his hatred of god and knowing that his time on earth is about up. The US is supposed to be a majority minority country by 2020 or 2050 and racists like Dylan knows that White supremacy rule are slowly coming to an end. I mean, Barack Obama becomes our first Black president, Latinos are now the most populous minority in the US, with Asians to follow and as I’ve just mentioned, multiracialism is on the rise. This freaks them out and they’re acting a fool about it. I think about what my late grandmother, mom and the elders would say about the ” bottom rail rising to the top..”( or something like that) it may sound like a jacked up quote,.but it’s one with a lot of truth in it and if racists like Dylan think he can stop God’s work,they’re fooling themselves. Can’t stop what the good lord intend to happen.They did it during slavery , Jim Crow and now and haven’t succeeded yet.

    For all of the struggles that Black people have an continue to face, I don’t want to be anything but the Black me. Sure, it’s supposedly easier to be White,but it doesn’t always mean better. Times may be challenging for us,but I just see this as another trial to be passed. The strongest and knowledgeable people are the ones who are willing to go through those storms and if they do, they will be rewarded at the end. White supremacists like Dylan don’t get. Sure, you may have killed nine people for his record,but Black folks and their supporters will have and will prevail. They did it in slavery, Jim Crow and they will do it again with this.

    1. I know I have written several posts about the insecurity of many white people in this country and NOT just on the right either.

      1. Insecurity? Did you read what I wrote? Do you think that black folks will do well under Asian or Hispanic dominion when white folks are gone? That was the question.

  4. Once again, I pray for the folks in my hometown who have been affected by this utterly senseless shooting. An obviously depraved minded individual shooting defenseless people at a place of worship. How much more neurotic can white folks evolve into being???

    I mean, just take a look at this guy, an average, clean shaven, casually dressed coward. I wouldn’t even pay much attention to such a simple white man walking down the street. Well,, … here is your homegrown threat AMERIKKKA. A non-descript white man wearing a mask of civility who certainly deceived everyone!

    Not a Middle-Eastern looking individual; not a Negro wearing his pants below his buttocks; not someone from the “HOOD” who lacks home values. No AMERIKKKA, it’s your typical looking white man who the media exonerate each and every day. Yeah AMERIKKA, … take a good look, you got exactly the homicidal image you’re so deserving of!

  5. Sorry ’bout that foolishly said: Black folks are slow to condemn but when they get around to it it is usually with qualifiers such as to imply that he wouldn’t have done what he did had it not been for X. Whites, by and large, don’t do that, they never circle the wagons.”

    EXAMPLES PLEASE, I’ll be waiting!

      1. Maybe there is no ‘snitching’ because cops are no better than people like this asshole! Why trust someone that has gone out of their way to be your enemy stupid.

      2. Maybe there is no snitching because the perpetrators are considered to be folk heroes in the community. Or maybe the people are afraid of retaliation. It looks like someone else is going out of the way to be enemies, for the pride and social cache that making yourself and underdog brings.

      3. Folk heroes? Really? That’s a laugh. You seem to think you know a lot about the black community when it seems like you’re talking out of your you-know-what.

        Here’s some news for you. Criminals are never revered in the black community. We don’t look up to those who have harmed our own.

  6. There is something monumentally wrong with AMERIKA, a country that continually reacts to tragedies by treating criminal symptoms (shootings), but AMERIKA never attempts to cure its historically rotten foundation of racism at its core. This is where the true problem rests. And it’s just not the south either, it’s the whole damn country that’s at fault.

    You have politicians saying things like: “take back our country”, and pin-head Bill O’Reily frequently saying things like, “black people are getting free stuff from the government”, while the Confederate flag still fly on the ground of the state building in Columbia, SC. These are just some of the things that come to my immediate attention amongst others that fuel these racist and criminal acts like that of Dylan Roff and killer cop Darren Wilson.

    Also, the Confederate flag is a representation of slavery, divisiveness, oppression and treason. But only in Amerika where a group of rag-tag soldiers can lose a war, but still get to fly their flag. For example, in Germany, it is illegal to display the Swastika. But the State of South Carolina cannot bring themselves to take down that racist flag of the Confederates.

    Therefore, I say to you AMERIKA: Cure this country’s racist foundation by quit pacifying historically racist heritages by flying the Confederate flag. It only emboldens the racist types. If not, these senseless tragedies fueled by hate will continue to happen with increased frequency.

    1. So in other words, a banner, a piece of cloth is somehow magically holding you back? You do realize that the confederate battle flag, the symbol of the rebel army, is only a bunch of threads woven together right? As far as the ‘take back your country’ bs, you do realize that when a country has a majority that that country will often reflect that majority and that said majority may want to continue its existence right? Why do you mystify simple biological facts; all organism seek to survive, that is nature and not magical theories.

      1. I do not converse with mutant, cretinist trolls that have sh@t for brains, nor do you qualify for a response, at least not more than what’s mentioned here. Get back to your cave, troglodyte!

      2. @blakksage

        Troglodyte; that’s cute coming from a guy who believe sin magical, evil banners. You’ve been conversing with me son, I never wrote to you first, so it is no loss to lack your incredibly insightful musings.

  7. Brotha Wolf i see you got some troll sh*t stain on here spewing ignorance. It’s these type of incidents that draw out these types of bloodclots, they are drawn to these types of tragedies like flies to s**t. SMDH. I see the cops gave that bastard who did the killings a bullet proof vest. Go figure. SMDH again.

    1. That is standard procedure for cops to do that (the vest thing). That is not something cops get to decide on.

  8. My heart and prayers go to the loved ones of the murdered nine people. Here is a good video (it was made before Roof was captured). Beware — this video contains a lot of profanity.

  9. I really pity my home folks sometimes. Within the Emanuel African Methodist Church, there is a picture of a white Jesus on the wall. In reality, that is in fact the image of the beast in the name of Cesare Borgia, a son bore by Pope Alexander VI through his mistress Vannozza dei Cattanei. White Jesus was painted by Leonardo da Vinci after being commissioned by Pope Alexander. Cesare also had sex with his own sister Lucrezia, and he killed his own brother Giovanni in 1497. Had my folks been aware of this, they would’ve either been watching this Roof fella like a hawk as some have suggested or they would’ve shoved him back out of the church or even called the police.

    On the other hand, you get silly ass white folks foolishly say things like: It doesn’t matter what Yahawa (God) or (Yahawashi’s (Jesus) skin color was.” Darn it, well if it doesn’t matter, why is the image always white? It does freaking matter because people will then know whether to relax up or to keep their guards up when an angel of death come amongst them. My people were too comfortable with allowing this psychopath into their space and certainly was deceived.

    CHRISTIANITY IS A MURDEROUS RELIGION. Go and ask the older Native Americans. Go and ask older black Americans who hasn’t been put under the spell of Cesare Borgia. Go and ask the older population who remember the Taino Indians of the Arawak people.

    Revelation 1:14 says: 14 His head and his hairs were white like wool, as white as snow; and his eyes were as a flame of fire.

    Revelation 12:9 And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which DECEIVETH THE WHOLE WORLD: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.

    The image on the wall has long stringy hair, the image of the beast, this is just the opposite of what the Bible reveals and Dylan Roof is essentially one of the angels of death. Jesus was all about spreading the gospel, His words had nothing to do with promoting Christianity. His purpose was all about keeping God’s commandments. And to put an incorrect image of Him on the wall of a house of worship is blasphemy to the utmost.

    I HOPE AND PRAY THAT MY PEOPLE WAKE UP AND BEGIN TO PRAY TO THE TRUE GOD, THE MOST HIGH, YAHAWA and know that us blacks in Amerika are of the tribe of Judah, the Israelites the Bible speaks of.

  10. I see some of the friends and relatives of Dylann Roof’s victims have already told the little murdering thug that they “forgive” him. Since these people are obviously practicing Christians (those who actually walk the walk), they are simply doing what one of the tenets of their faith require them to do. Because of this there is no sense in questioning their motives, or getting upset with yet another group of black people who are so willing and ready to forgive these creatures once again. Christians of their caliber must forgive others, since even Christ himself asked his father to forgive those who murdered him, even as he hung on the cross. All I’ll say is that if I were one of the friends or relatives of those victims, not only would I make sure he knew I would NEVER forgive him or forget what he’d done, I’d make sure he knew that the lowest level of hell was waiting for him.
    That hateful creep has stated that he almost didn’t go through with his sick plan because the people in the bible study group were “so nice”, but not being of the same caliber of person as his victims, he went ahead anyway. As far as I’m concerned, whites are by and large, a race that contains far too many dangerous, unstable psychopaths; abusive, lying, deceitful, hate-filled bullies who simply do not belong with the rest of humanity. Some of them constantly whine how they’re “not all like that”, but they have rarely stood up as a group and denounced their white priviledge as unfair and wrong, and then actively got other whites, especially the racists like Dylann Roof, to change their behavior and attitudes.

    1. If whites are that bad, then why stay with them still? There are a lot of black groups that are working towards a black autonomous area within the USA, and a few that want to go abroad. There is a group in Georgia doing that right now. I think you can google “the Blueprint” or something. If anyone thinks that a group of people are problematic, then it is obvious that getting away from them or removing them are the only options- not staying with them and trying to follow them to wherever they move to next.

      As for this Roof kid, he’ll be put down, as he deserves to be. I don’t know what need there is for court, we all know what he did (unless it is to find out if there was anyone else involved). But such events are extremely rare, though terrible. Do whites need to collectively explain themselves because of a lone gunman? Blacks don’t, so why should whites? No one can keep tabs on all other people who look like them; logistic and all. The amount of blacks killed by whites can fit into a one-story house as compared to the amount killed by each other.

      Forgiveness? Yes, they need not forgive this guy for sure; they should be allowed to kill him. However, whites frequently ‘forgive’ blacks who’ve killed their family members; black-white attacks are far more common that the reverse.

      1. I usually do not reply to people of your low ball character. However, I’ll simply say this. When white people comit mass murder, it’s automatically framed as a LONER with mental issues. In the same vein, when a black person commits a crime or is sometimes the victim of a crime by a white person (think Garner, T. Martin and M. Brown) the entire group of black Americans are condemned. Yet again, when a person the the Middle-East is suspected of a crime, the entire religion of Islam is alson condemned.

        Indeed, Joseph Goebbels would be proud of the Amerikan white man today and the corporate owned media as well.

      2. Not even remotely true son. When a black person commits a heinous crime he is always a “good boy” who “would never do something like this” and was “turning his life around” and such. Black folks are not called upon collectively to answer for it, nor should they be as they did not put him up to it. When whites commit such crimes, which is rarer than blacks despite outnumbering blacks 7 to 1, it is very often the case that the perpetrator is a loner, as it seems to be with this guy. And always white America is looked upon for a collective explanation for it. 10 black people fell victim to a shootout at a birthday party last night in Detroit, but that doesn’t matter, only when whites, or people we wish were whites (George Zimmerman, still not white) do something bad. Fixed.

      3. Are you serious??? And where did you get that story about that shooting in Detroit?

        I’m sorry, Sorry, but you got it backwards. White people are looked upon as lone individuals with mental problems while blacks are looked upon as deviant representatives of their entire morally absent race. And whites commit way more heinous crimes than you would like to believe, most of them outnumber the number of heinous crimes committed by blacks.

        And FYI, blacks do care about crimes committed by their own against their own. That have been movements and organizations created to stop blacks killing each other.

      4. regarding Detroit:

        The locals appear to be adhering to the “no snitching” policy, tried and true as it is, unlike the white woman that fingered that Roof punk to the police. FYI, any black groups or movements that care have not made a huge dent, despite some earnest effort unfortunately, I don’t know what else to say about that.

        Blacks are not looked upon that way, blacks are viewed by blacks and whites as having no moral agency, that is why when ever something happens it is always due to something or someone else. When whites commit the rare but heinous crimes they commit, they are always full moral agents who know exactly what they are doing, criminal masterminds, and the whole race from Vancouver to Vladivostok feels the need to accept the burden and tap dance for the media. Blacks are seen by whites as individuals acting due to “he made a mistake” or some such thing. Let’s face it, most of the white shooters are loners with mental problems, lots of black shooters are not loners but members of gangs, and they may or may not have similar issues as well. If you saw that kid on the street and didn’t know who he was you’d think he was retarded. Still no excuse for mass murder either way.

      5. What planet are you from? Seriously. Whites have always, ALWAYS looked at black people as one huge, cracked monolith of deviance while they see themselves as individuals whenever they commit a terrible crime. And like I said before, white crimes are more common than you would allow yourself to believe. It is not, by your words, rare.

      6. By the way, I posted that Detroit story you asked about. Is it unreal to you still? Did you not bother to click in order to not have to see it? Just asking.

        I know how common white crime is, but white criminals get the dime dropped on them by whites almost 90% of the time, and they are not considered “victims” by whites generally. And yes, episodes like this are rare, not daily. All you need to do is look and see which neighborhoods are safer and which ones black folks always want to move to. Why want to move so close to such monsters?

      7. How can you tell which neighborhoods are safe and which aren’t? I’m curious as to know what your answer is.

        And are you trying to imply that black crimes are more common than white crimes? If so, that makes you a racist by definition. FBI reports that most violent crime in America is committed by whites, and most mass murders in this country are committed by whites. So, for you to say that it’s rare, is an implication that you think whites are less criminal-minded than blacks.

      8. I had posted the Detroit story that you found so unreal; there it is, why have you suddenly brushed it over?

        Brothawolf, why were the Jefferson’s “movin’ on up” when they left to go to the East Side? Please sir.

      9. First off, I never discounted the Detroit story. And I never “brushed it over”. Second, are you seriously going to use a TV show about made up characters as an example?

      10. You acted excessively surprised, as if it was unimaginable, and asked exasperatedly “where are you getting this” so I figured such a shock inducing story was of major interest to you. I suppose upon seeing ti you lost interest. To each his own.

        It’s a stylized example, besides, the point was clear: why is moving away from black neighborhoods a sign of progress? Why do black zillionaire celebrities do that? Or are they made up characters too? On second thought, don’t answer the last question.

      11. First off, there is no such thing as black ‘zillionaire’ celebs. And who says that black people move away when they progress? Not all black people move. Some of them stay behind and help their community. But it’s natural and normal for ANYONE, INCLUDING WHITES, to move out of their community whenever they start progressing. It’s not just blacks.

        Besides, this is totally off-topic.The issue is not about black people moving out. It’s about a massacre and assassination in Charleston a few days ago.

      12. It is about the church attack, yes. But you know full well the above is true. It seems you are averse to moving outside the 50’s, Bull Connor narrative. As for the Detroit thing, and I’ll end it with this, you don’t seem as concerned about that as you are about the rare moments when a white man does something to blacks. Why is that? Numbers wise the former is a bigger problem, is it because white liberal guilt has legs while black gang member guilt is nonexistent?

        You’ll probably ignore that link, so I’ll say that it is white folks standing in “unity” (whatever that means) with black folks over this church shooting. Can you imagine black folks standing in unity with whites over the Tyrone Woodfork case? Or even whites standing in unity over the Tyrone Woodfork case? I think not. The whites in the story above (that you’ll likely not click on) love to love black people, and many blacks love to hate them for it. And let’s not forget that a white lady fingered Roof to the cops, that would likely not happen had it been an all black affair.

        By the way, did you see the interview with some of Roof’s black buddies? Surreal this whole affair is.

      13. Let me explain something to you. Black guilt is something many black people feel when a bad crime has occurred. We cringe to think that it was one of us who did the crime, especially if the victim if a white person, because we fear, realistically or not, of possible repercussions, and that came from the history of soured race relations in this country.

        Do you think white people would want black people to stand with them if a black-on-white crime has occurred, especially those of the far right, radical and racist variety? I seriously doubt it.

        Let me tell you something, black people love white people more than white people love black people. Most of us would do whatever it takes to improve race relations in this nation even though race is not our problem. Race is a white problem. And there are whites who have accepted and are taking on the challenge. Sadly, not too many of them want to take the challenge as being complicit in their racism seems more preferable. And it seems like you’re the type to believe that black racism is on the rise while white racism is minimal, judging by the links you keep posting.

      14. Whether this person is white or not, they are a ‘sorry’ piece of shit. This post is about a horrendous occurrence, yet this miscreant is trying to turn it around in order to invoke the ‘that happened to me argument’. What a thoughtless sack of turd. This person has managed to derail the very topic of this post. Thanks asshole.

      15. @Brothawolf

        The links came up because you wanted examples and demanded to know “where are you getting that from,” no need to complain for receiving what you asked for Brothawolf.

        I’ll leave it to your imagination to decide what I am. Maybe I’m both, lol! Does it matter? Is it impossible for blacks to disagree? Can you not take ideas and opinions for what they are, on their own? Why so racial? Most whites certainly don’t think that way.

        As to black guilt, I don’t blacks need to feel so guilty over such crimes, there are millions of people doing all sorts of crazy things, you really can’t control them, and usually they’ve already acted by the time you find out what has happened.

        As far as love and race relations go, for some reason the signals keep getting crossed. I don’t doubt the intentions, I think most folks all around mean well, but everything just comes out jumbled, couple that with our hypersensitive culture and it becomes a mess of yelling, shouting, crying, etc. We all would need a new narrative, framework, context, etc., for discussing and reconciling; but I can’t figure out what that is.

        And again, as for the links, are they untrue? You don’t have to answer me, I can understand how conceding to me will look bad after all of this, but ask it to yourself. There is no need to feel a spirit of competition, real people in the real world are suffering after all.

      16. I never asked for such links. I don’t doubt their authenticity, but I never asked for such. All they do is highlight the old racist black-on-white crime scheme that right wingers love to heap on us whenever the subject of race comes up.

        As a side note, even if you are black as you’re implying, you still sound like you have internalized racism within you which is not good at all.

      17. @Brothawolf

        You wanted to know “where did you get that from!” so you got it. How are they “racist?” How are factual events any sort of “-ist?” Right wingers? To be “right wing” means to be primarily about your people- that makes this blog and most black folks right wing. What do you think these ideologies even mean? All the specifically black outfits are pushing for their cause- which is blacks, that is not universal, that is hence- “right wing.” Is explaining ideologies “racist” as well?

        Those links highlight the simple fact that, the white media which you think is against black folks, chose not to make any one of those a national and international cause (they simply report them locally, without a lot of screaming and move on). What if they did? And you think they are against black folks.

        To recap, no one excused this shooter, no white people (small time bloggers don’t count) of any significance is going to make excuses for this guy, he’ll be tried, found guilty and fried, and lastly, all white the world over are not anymore responsible than are all blacks for Tyrone Woodfork. End of story.

      18. I still never asked for links. And yet, from those links alone, that’s where you drew your conclusion it seems. And to be right-wing nowadays means to be primarily about WHITE people. And that is the side that tried to make the shooting into a non-race issue, WHICH IT IS.

      19. “Right wing” is an ideological position, not a people. If you are implying that only whites can be “right wing” then wouldn’t that be “racist” according to you? There have been more right wingers in the 3rd world than anywhere else, they must magically become white when the do that? Do you imply blacks are automatically “left wing?” Both ideologies originated in Europe, so wouldn’t that be internalized racism for a black man to be left wing?

        How did I come to any ‘conclusions’ and why do you say that I came to them because of those links? Did you want me to fill the blog with links, such cases are legion- not so much so in the other direction.

        Tell me sir, what conclusion do you draw from those links? Pick one, just one. The murder of a sleeping baby in Georgia say, or the Wichita case- what conclusions would you draw? You only need one church shooting to draw conclusions for whites, pick just one for this and conclude.

        Also, I asked before but you dodged it, did you see any of the interviews of Roof black buddies?

      20. Again, thanks asshole for derailing this thread with your white supremacist ‘viewpoints’. I wouldn’t waste my time ‘debating’ you or your ilk. You are not here to ‘debate’, but to condescend. Obviously you dislike black people so why come to a blog such as this? To disrupt and dissemble. As for being emotional you are right in a way as I find you to be comical what with your debating style and all. Vulgarian is my second language so fuck off. I love a good laugh and you provide one. I suppose I should be grateful.

  11. @Herneith

    You are clearly very emotional, that’s too bad. Maybe you are young yet and you’ll grow out of it.

  12. “I wouldn’t waste my time ‘debating’ you or your ilk. You are not here to ‘debate’, but to condescend. Obviously you dislike black people so why come to a blog such as this? To disrupt and dissemble.” @ Hernie, YES!!! You just know creeps like this have No Friends, No Game, and are most likely “gettin’ off” by even receiving replies to their senseless drivel from those who they Claim to hate (but, we know they are really infatuated and in love/lust with) on the down low! ; )

    1. I hate liver and onions for example. I wouldn’t go to a blog or forum to debate against people who love it. A weak anomaly but it illustrates their simple-minded view points. Ignore them or mock them. They are not interested in learning anything. Silence is golden when you wish to learn something. These fucktards know this, hence, their disruptive and controlling behaviour. These loons are obsessed with us.

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