Vern’s Venting: Truth Always Defends Itself

By Lavern Merriweather:

There is something very interesting and glaringly obvious with the recent scandals involving white males in the public eye such as Dennis Hastert, Stephen Collins, Jerry Sandusky and Josh Duggar and that is white people haven’t uttered one peep about this being a crisis in the white community. Nor, are there a number of well-meaning, holier-than, outraged folks whining that we should stop at nothing to protect the children. In fact very little, if any, concern or compassion is being shown for the victims of these scumbags. Most of the comments are, yet again, a chance for white people to make countless bullshit excuses while they tiptoe as much as possible about how despicable and rotten those fools are. I believe it’s because white people will have to face their own evil and they aren’t willing, in ANY capacity, to do that.

When a video surfaced of football player Ray Rice knocking out his wife Janay and Bears player Ray McDonald was arrested for domestic violence, many high minded white and black people were all up in arms about the issue of spousal abuse. They wrung their hands raw about how this was such a problem for the NFL and how the entire nation should start a dialogue about domestic violence. I have yet to hear the same declaration about the white male predators abusing children. Not one person has exclaimed that there is a crisis among white males and that we should start a conversation about the problem of sexual abuse in the white community. The same voices that cried before to vilify black males are of course now silent. They have run out of things to say – I guess – or maybe a cat got their tongues.

I will cut to the chase; they and the house Negroes at their beck and call aren’t rushing to speak out about this because they never see anything they do as destructive or wrong. They have a status of superiority to uphold. So that means they can’t ever possibly allow themselves to be held under the same microscope of judgment as those lowly darkies who are beneath them. Admitting you are a miserable piece of shit who has destroyed the lives of minors is like admitting that you are no better than a Negro when it comes to bad behavior.

I have written numerous posts about how it’s not a coincidence that the stories of black men behaving badly get discussed endlessly while the tales of white male wickedness are forgotten quickly and easily. It doesn’t matter if it’s a shock jock, comedian, TV talk show host or some late night idiot on cable and regular TV news networks, magazines, newspapers and the internet. Any opportunity that presents itself for white folks to finally face the truth that they aren’t perfect and free of flaws will get shot down in a heartbeat.

There have already been several white people in the media trying to downplay what Josh Duggar did by claiming that he was a child himself and that his family has forgiven him, including the two sisters he molested. The disturbing thing about that is that Duggar didn’t face any jail time or punishment for what he did. Plus, he didn’t just molest his sisters; there was another underaged girl that was victimized by that slimeball. This is not something that should have been kept just within the family, particularly when that family preaches about having the best Christian values of any human being breathing. They have painted themselves as the most righteous, upstanding, moral people on planet Earth. Though now it’s more like they have painted themselves into a corner.

One time vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin is even coming to their defense by saying that the liberal media was quiet about confessions made by actress and “Girls” star/creator Lena Dunham. For those not in the know, Dunham admits that out of ‘curiosity’ she once touched her younger sister’s private parts when she was seven and the sister was a year old. That could be excused considering their age at the time were it not for the fact that when she was older. Lena also coerced her little sister to dress in fake breasts, make-up and a slutty outfit. Then there are the utterly creepy pictures that both girls’ so-called artist father Carroll Dunham has drawn in the past. No shock Lena’s now adult sister is a lesbian. So I have to very reluctantly agree with Sarah’s point.

My point, on the other hand, is that ALL white people on either side of the media love to hide their heads in the sand whenever a white male comes along and shatters their fantasy of being exceptional, or at least nothing like Negroes who beat their wives, abuse their kids, aren’t responsible fathers to their kids, rob and steal excessively, cheat at baseball, drink and drive, rape, murder and countless other nefarious acts that they would absolutely never be guilty of. Who gives a rat’s ass if that mentality isn’t true? They have the arrogance of undeserved privilege on their side. They also have the media which is available 24/7 to vilify black folks exclusively, thus letting them off the criticism hook.

The media bombarding us with images, especially of black male celebrities, that supposedly commit more crime than any other group, particularly themselves, is a carefully crafted plan to absolve their own vile pathology. This is why there’s no immediacy like with Adrian Peterson to denounce Josh Duggar as a danger to children. His family gets paraded around on TV singing a song of white wholesomeness like a modern Osmond family. So, all is right with the world. No need to feel the same amount of sympathy for his non-familial victim as we were required to feel for Adrian’s son.

Pretty ironic coming from the same media that will ultimately justify the senseless murder of same said son if he gets shot and killed 85 times by police despite being unarmed. See how the bullshit has gotten so out of control that they flat out refuse to even bother keeping it consistent? Just like they don’t have to hold themselves to the very standards that they demonize Negroes by. Still, regardless of how much they attempt to deny their own perversion the truth is something that can’t ever be denied. And no degree of your pride in having the loudest voice will drown that fact out.


4 thoughts on “Vern’s Venting: Truth Always Defends Itself

  1. Great post Vern!

    The sick part of how the media works in this country and why they haven’t called out Hastert, Collins or Duggar on their psychopathic drivel is because this is how it’s suppose to work, … for them. That is, demonize, terrorize and criminalize black and brown folks and exonerate, extol and acquit white folks.

    1. Pedophilia is the worst crime on the calendar, there is no cure for it. It appears that white males are particularly afflicted with this condition, more so than racialized groups of men. This is why they treat such heinous activities as the work of an individual as opposed to white men in general. There is no cure for pedophilia. These perverted pieces of shite!

  2. ..You ain’t nevah lied, ‘Vern-these hypocrites of the Nth degree stay quiet as all-get-out when the scripts are flipped, keep exposing them with these truths!!

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