Vern’s Venting: Hell on Wheels

By Lavern Merriweather:

Some of my words might offend the delicate eyes of those reading this. So, I am warning you in advance. I am firmly convinced that many white people in the media and on the police forces around America need to seriously go fuck themselves. I say that because of two stories that occurred recently which have a distinct connection to one another.

Several days ago, the cop directly responsible for the deaths of two unarmed black people that were passengers in a car was acquitted of all charges. The judge in the case against (white) officer Michael Brelo felt that he wasn’t guilty of killing Malissa Williams and Timothy Russell. Despite the fact that it was Brelo who stood on the hood of the car and fired 137 shots into the two victims, the judge seems to think that it wasn’t any of the many shots fired by that thug that killed two innocent people.

Okay, repeat after me, “WHAT THE FUCK!!” Please! It was that asshole firing over 100 fucking shots in the vehicle. Yet, the judge can’t determine whose gun let off the fatal blow? Forrest Gump could tell you that it was Brelo who was at fault for killing Russell and Williams, but somehow a judge with presumably many years on the bench can’t figure it out. This is bullshit at its highest fucking order! He knows damn good and well who killed those two people that weren’t doing a damn thing wrong.

The problem is that fucker, like many white Americans in the US, doesn’t give a shit, because killing Negroes in the name of keeping white folks safe has become the norm for cops. Keep in mind the car that Williams and Russell were sitting in as passengers was targeted by police, because it backfired leading them to think that it was a gun shot. Come again? You mean to tell me that those incompetent trigger happy bitches didn’t even bother to wait until there was a reasonable explanation before they let bullets fly? Because that is exactly what happened. Those people weren’t doing shit to warrant a death sentence other than be the wrong color when cop thugs were around and are fully aware that open season on Negroes has been eagerly approved by their bosses, the media, and many in the public. Shoot first. Hopefully kill. And don’t give a rat’s ass about asking questions later, because you won’t need to. It’s all with the chief of police’s approval as well as the mayor, governor and damn near every elected official.

Contrast this sick tragic tale with that of what happened in Waco, Texas when two rival biker gangs squared off at their favorite bar. Although nine people were killed, it has never been reported if those people were murdered by cops or the gangs. One cop on the scene said that there was return fire, but I will bet my vulnerable life it was nowhere near the amount of bullets hailed against Williams and Russell. As I have said before it doesn’t take 50 shots, 41 shots and damn sure 137 shots to realize that nobody is firing back. It obviously isn’t so easy for the boys in blue when those that you rain on are targeting you back.

Yet, I haven’t heard one word about whether or not a number of clips were emptied in response to the bikers, many of whom were either white or Latino and most of them are sitting in a jail cell unlike Russell and Williams. They are dead because the life of a black person in America has become as expendable as it was 65 years ago. The old saying about those who forget history rings true, especially now. Even when followed by claims of justice by elected fools in office. Spare me.

If you dumb shits gave a damn about protecting black folks, this shit would not keep happening with the rapid consistency that is has. It would have been stopped long ago like it should have been and apparently was in Waco. You can’t tell me cops didn’t show restraint when faced with gunning down one of their own otherwise the death toll would have been a lot fucking higher.

This also flies in the face of the high minded Negro and dumbass white media crowds that loves to point the blame at black people. It’s never the cops at fault even as they don’t fire enough shots when confronted by a dangerous, angry gang of bikers armed to the teeth. Not surprising that the media chose, once again, to throw a black face under the bus by plastering the picture of the lone black male in the melee. They claim it’s because he was once a cop himself, but that’s bullshit to the 55th power. Those little shits did it to yet again allow themselves to continue the fantasy. The one that says they are perfect angels who do no wrong so therefore don’t deserve the same treatment as the ‘real’ criminals i.e. Negroes.

That’s why the media is tiptoeing with the utmost care about the fact that brutal, violent white males, some probably sporting lengthy criminal records, can take shots at cops with very little casualties on their end. Where were the 50 shots, 41 shots and 137 shots then cops? Why weren’t those cunts as adamant about emptying their firearms when it was a majority white situation?

I’ll tell you why. Because many cops don’t see other white people as a threat even when facing down the barrel of their guns. Plus, they will have more of a fallout to worry about when there aren’t that many Negroes present in this case, if any at all, which is why I am so pissed about the verdict in the Brelo trial, which was a joke like most of them are turning into.

The whole thing, like the others before it, was done purely for show, much the same way that the mayors of Baltimore and Ferguson have pretended to seek justice. There won’t be any, because there IS none for the most downtrodden of society. Yet, those that wave weapons and use them against a police force can sleep on a cot in a cell instead of at the morgue which is where Freddie Gray, Oscar Grant, Aamdou Diallo, Rekia Boyd, Aiyana Jones, Bernice Hawkins, Bernard Monroe, Trayvon Martin, Malice Green, Tony Robinson and now Timothy and Malissa have ended up. Don’t tell me about being peaceful when you shitheads have done zero to rectify the countless murders by thugs with badges.

Then, we have the sermonizing from those on the force that speak of a few bad apples. That means nothing when the entire force is rotten to its very damn core. Nor does it mean anything to the ever growing number of black folks that have to bury loved ones while their murderers walk free.


3 thoughts on “Vern’s Venting: Hell on Wheels

  1. I know I read an early report when things were getting close to the judge handing down his sentence that there was a coroner’s report which stated that the fatal shots were fired by Brelo’s gun! What happened to that report? Was it a lie too? In any case, it is truly a WTF moment that a car backfiring in front of a police station gets the driver and his passenger killed by a barrage of nearly 150 bullets and 5 or 6 officers. Why did the driver and his passenger flee? Well, who the F*** wouldn’t, if descended from slaves or their overseas relatives? Oh, yeah, I’m white and I know I’d have pulled over right away and said, hey, it was no gun and let them search me and my car. I don’t carry and I’d have been sorely inconvenienced but that’s all. I would go into it knowing that for all but guaranteed fact. But since for the last two years, when I began tuning in not just to historical, but to today’s, treatment of blacks from African American bloggers (like yourself) I’ve been inundated with pretty much daily news of some horrific crime against African Americans by police. I hold no doubt any longer that if I’d been Freddy Grey, I’d have run too. Because the risk is so high of not getting out alive from a traffic stop, pure reflex takes over and run is what we do on reflex. I hate it when white people can’t seem to figure this out for themselves, that it’s not about what your history and privilege mean to you and the cops, it’s about how the weight of 400 (yes, there were African slaves in the 1600’s in the USA) years of oppression, murder, rape, mutilation, whipping and torture to accompany the “less than human” status ranking lurking behind the ease with which little small things like selling cigarettes or being behind in child support can mean prison or death that make people drop everything and run.

  2. ..Brilliant post, and really good comparison between the situations that occurred with Timothy Russell (R.I.P.) and Malissa Williams (R.I.P.) versus the 9 Death Shootout with the notoriously, known biker gangs ‘Vern! At the very least, I truly hope that their families receive justice as the Universe sees fits including some form of restitution for the needless loss of life (although they could never really pay them enough, of course). It seems to me as though they just wanted any excuse to harm those two innocent victims, from what I am gathering from this tragic event.

    @asletteland, I really enjoyed reading your input and glad to hear that you appear to “Get” what the frustrations of POC (especially Black folks) are expressing in an effort to combat this poisonous atmosphere of hate in this plantation/nation!

    1. Yeah they just caught the shooter of the church and he’s still alive. I wonder if those two escaped cons from new York will be caught alive or shot 50 times. I doubt it.

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