Vern’s Venting: And Justice For All


By Lavern Merriweather:

Coded language is something that white people in the media are very good at. They use certain words that they think will slip right past the minds of us darkies, because apparently, we are too dumb to get it, particularly when they have their darkie dummies on the payroll by their side nodding with a skeevy grin in agreement. Maybe they can fool some people or all people or however that goes, but they can never put one over on me.

I know exactly what those arrogant jizzbags mean when they call the more violent protesters ‘outsiders’. See this word is an old word that was used 50 some years ago by white folks too. It was when other Negroes and supportive white people went down South to recruit more Negroes to vote. Those people, as you can imagine, were treated brutally and with much disdain since the good, decent white folks there didn’t like change. They didn’t approve of who they felt were strangers coming in and changing the status quo. When Negroes come along and encourage other Negroes that they don’t have to play by white folks rules, nor take their crap, that really, really, REALLY bothered the white folks. They liked their Negroes humble and docile so they don’t need some fancy clothes wearing, or in this case, a bunch of bangers with their caps backwards and pants sagging to come in and bring trouble.

The whiners have forgotten that trouble was already there! It started with cops shooting and killing folks. That wasn’t created by the outsiders; it began with the powers that be, the same powers crying their eyes out for peace while they order tanks, M-16s and sniper rifles to be aimed at people who refuse to lie down and take it. They decry the aggression of the outsiders as they point guns and shoot off tear gas. They demand for peaceful protest denouncing the outsiders as they make matters worse.

And please for the love of God stop fucking yacking about training! This doesn’t have SHIT to do with how cops are trained, this is about how they act when they confront particular citizens. This is about the politicians in charge preaching one thing as they practice another. This is about an apathetic government and the stupid, whiny fools on both sides who defend cops oblivious to their being at fault. Freddie Gray didn’t shoot himself in the fucking back nor did Oscar Grant or Tony Robinson.

The same thing keeps happening on the police officers end yet they are not the problem. In what fucking bizarre universe does that make any damn sense? The cops aren’t at fault even though they are always the ones committing the most violence. But according to the media and politicians, it’s those rotten outsiders stirring the pot, not the thug cops.

I have no qualms breaking it to these people that they have it all backwards. You can’t cry for peace when your employee on your word is sticking a fucking M-16 in my damn face! Nor can you expect peace when this shit keeps happening over and over making young black males especially feel like targets. No amount of nice words or pleas helps when there is no fucking recourse. There needs to be a change on YOUR end before you utter a word to those that are angry and have every fucking right to be at this point.

White officials are crying for peace when they show zero behavior to support that declaration. You have plainly declared war on Negroes. Yet, you expect us to listen when you say we should be peaceful. I say fuck that and fuck you! I for one am glad when there is more discourse from the protesters or who the fuck ever. Anything that sends a message which pisses you off is a good thing to me. I don’t recall white people being ‘peaceful’ when they dropped a bomb on Japan after Pearl Harbor happened. They weren’t peaceful in South America when threatened by the Contras. Nor have they ever let their conscience be their guide when they get pissed at Negroes.

The ‘outsiders’ as you call them aren’t to blame. You are. They are just telling people who already have plenty pent-up frustrations what they should be hearing. They might as well say that black people have no business fighting back. That we have been good little darkies for this long why spoil the party for them. If those words sound familiar, then they should, because that’s the same shit they were spewing 5 decades ago when they were worried that too many Negroes who knew how to vote would ruin it for them. And that one day one of them could be elected into the White House. It’s too late to alter that, but they can at least bust a cap in some ghetto denizens. As their bosses make pseudo heartfelt claims that they will do everything in their capacity to get to the bottom of this.

Guess what? You are at the fucking bottom, because many Negroes are at the end of their rope as some overly privileged stupid white folks wring hands that this country is going to hell in a hand basket. But this isn’t about cops out of control, it’s that those ghetto people can’t control their kids, right? This isn’t because people are tired of being target practice for lowlife cops. It’s because of that rotten old rap music with its glorifying drugs, guns and violence. Yeah, you don’t see white kids acting up like they do. Yeah right! There are white teens who shoot and kill their classmates but they were getting bullied. So it’s ok.

Hey, the cop’s life was in danger from the guy who had his back to the cop’s gun. Funny, but cops obviously weren’t that terrified when they were in a gunfight with two different biker gangs In Waco, Texas recently. Many of the bikers involved in that altercation with police are still very much alive. They got arrested – not killed – even while one officer spoke of them shooting at the cops and the cops returning fire. I sure as shit hope they shot 50 times or 41 times or shot some of the bikers in the back like they do with Negroes. Of course, I know they didn’t, because they don’t treat those not born black they same as they do black folks. Apparently in their mind they don’t need to, which is precisely why they don’t have to fret about their kids getting shot by police for no reason. It’s also why some snot nosed rich, white asshole can drive drunk and kill 4 people injure two then get off because he has a privilege disorder. Judging from how willing white folks are to absolve cops for wrongdoing, he’s not the only one.


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