My blog has come under attack by sock puppets, people using more than one account to spread their views under the guise of multiple people.

I did a little investigating and found out there is a frequently used IP address used in my comment section from those calling themselves Blankenship, Anubia and HerLadyShip. It’s hard to comprehend that several people coming in, new to this blog, would share the exact same view. So, that means either two things: A few people have been sharing a computer with more new folks on the way, if this continues, or that there are, at the most, or perhaps there is one person using one computer using several usernames. The latter sounds more plausible as some comments have appeared immediately one after another from different usernames from one IP address.

I also noticed the same thing with DaShawn, Rational Observer and yes, xPraetorius. I find it strange that xPrae would “come to my rescue” after the appearance of Rational Observer and DaShawn after I fiercely booted him from my den. I noticed they all shared the same IP address. So, that makes xPrae a sock puppeteer unless he enlisted another fellow to use his computer and harass my blog using two ID’s as he strangly pointed out. Either way, I no longer care.

So, here’s the deal, if I see the same IP addresses on any more usernames, they will be deleted instantly into the spam folder!

Now, before you cry and bitch about how I’m being unfair, a coward and not listening to the other side, let me say this once and for all. Why should I listen to the other side when that side considers my thoughts and opinions and “paranoia” as mentioned by blankenship a.k.a. Anubia b.k.a. xPrae and constantly throws insults at my responses like a ten year-old? Besides, there is no debate when something is true, and whoever you are, you are foolish to think you can convince me that racism is not a major issue anymore. But most of all, you must be crazy with a lot of time on your hands to create multiple usernames trying to pass off as several people – and counting – in a sad effort to try to discredit the reality that racism is indeed a prevalent issue in today’s world.

I doubt you will be straight up with me, and I also doubt that you are man or woman enough to tell the truth. So, from here on out, any more comments from the usernames mentioned above will be sent to the spam folder no questions asked. I will no longer allow you to hassle my den with more of your pointless sock puppetry and blatant dishonesty. Leave my blog and get some help.

UPDATE: xPrae/Anubia have the audacity to play victim and place guilt on me for banning him for sock puppetry which is clearly shown here. Click on the image to take a look at the IP addresses. They are he decimal-based numbers underneath his website and email address under the name Anubia.


xPrae, you seriously must think I’m stupid not to see through this charade. I see you and Anubia having the exact same IP addresses, and I know you have more usernames through that same address. Not only that, those “people” comment the exact same way in the exact same tone.

I also found out you used another IP address using and it had sock puppets as well.

Yet, you blame me for spotting this rouse. So, don’t even try to play innocent. All this shows is your lack of maturity in taking accountability for what you know you did. You can’t even admit that you are, or were, many people on this blog, and I find it quite sad and pathetic. So, don’t even think of coming here again or else your comments will rot in the spam folder. Go ahead and try me if you think you’re too good to respect someone’s wishes. And while you’re at it, do yourself and everyone a favor, and please get some professional help.