Vern’s Venting: True That

By Lavern Merriweather:

To hear white folks, and some Negroes in the media tell it, they are the most objective people in the world. They never have personal opinions or biases and even if they do, the people they criticize are the scum of the Earth anyway so they have it coming. This is why we desperately need different and real voices like my man Brotha to call them on their bullshit. Thankfully, social media has become the great equalizer.

Anyone can say whatever is on their mind at any-time in any country regardless of the approval from the media powers that be. My man Brotha did just that after another cop shot and killed a young, unarmed black male then got away with it yet again. Brotha truthfully pointed out how the media in these situations love to play ‘Blame the Victim’. The person lying dead on the street is somehow always at fault. The cop is never responsible for being irresponsible, don’t you know, because they have a stressful, scary and dangerous job. You can’t expect them to be on their game all the time. Sometimes they make mistakes. Saying two plus two equals seven is a mistake. Taking a life while being stupid, thoughtless and reckless is criminal and should get your ass prosecuted, badge or not.

What makes matters worse are the arrogant, self-serving and often times racist idiots in the media, playing cheerleaders for the police all while claiming to be objective towards all parties involved, something that they themselves prove is a crock of shit time and time again. Tell me that there is no racial bias in the media, and I’ll show you a big, blue fuzzy creature swimming in the waters off the coast of Scotland.

Keep in mind that when I say media, I’m not talking about the blatant jackasses at Fake Noise or any other conservative outlet. No, I mean the white folks who proudly announce at every opportunity that they are on the side of each American citizen. They have no qualms about color, gender, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation. I’m talking about the people who run CNN, The View, People magazine, Rolling Stone magazine, Alternet, L.A. Times, NY Times, the Post, Drs. Phil and Drew and the chuckleheads of late night TV.

Speaking of which, I find it highly typical that a pompous little snot like Dr. Drew can defend and rationalize violent, despicable, dangerous behavior from white males as mentally ill yet call the protesters in Ferguson and Baltimore thugs or bad people. Actually, he didn’t say it so much as his two favorite house Negroes, Jennifer Kiett and radio host Spirit, did.

It seems a number of black people like their white counterparts also like to place the blame of these young black males dying squarely on the shoulders of the dead. The high minded Negro crowd that nods eagerly in agreement with the white majority never once consider the idea that white cops are not always the most noble people on the planet. They never appear to think about the fact that some cops are assholes who see nothing wrong with abusing their authority or breaking a law here and there themselves.

Don’t believe me? Check out the statistics on domestic violence regarding many white males on the police force. While we are at it, let’s check how many times these cops get reprimanded and penalized. That’s another thing missing from the media’s discussion is what goes on with the cops who shoot and kill innocent black folks. Despite what the media would have you believe, people who wear a badge do not walk on water. In most cases it’s the exact opposite. Several cops that have murdered Negroes have very sordid little pasts for on-the-job behavior. If you check their records you will not be the least bit shocked to find out that this ain’t their first damn rodeo. They have gone through similar experiences before. It’s just that now somebody died so there is finally something to atone for. The problem is that many of them never do. And that reality would shatter the media’s deluded mentality about who cops in America really are.

They aren’t angels nor saints and to take a life with such cruel and vile abandon makes me think that the ones patrolling the streets should be sharing a cell with the ones they arrest. Seriously, a lot of cops are no better than the people that they slap the cuffs on, which in many cases are the same ones they shoot. Is that the new city, state and government policy now? The jails have gotten far too crowded with darkies so better take them out permanently instead of booking them.

Brotha however failed to mention the holier-than black folks that repeat the arrogant, moronic words of white people. For instance a certain very obnoxious asinine columnist by the name of Walter Williams reiterated white people’s bullshit. Mr. Williams has this notion that if Negroes just do as they are told, play nice with officer extremely unfriendly, don’t make eye contact or mouth off, then everything will be fine and hunky dory. Are you fucking kidding me!?

First of all, if some jagoff is in my face for no good reason I don’t care if he’s a cop. You whine about being human without ever once wanting to give that same benefit of the doubt or respect to a black person. Case in point there was a former football player for Texas State on Dr. Phil who spoke of why he grabbed a cop by the throat in his driveway. It was because that pinhead slammed his mother against the wall of his garage. You read that right. This fuckwad rudely and roughly put his hands on a mature woman.

White people need to get it straight, very few if any males will let some punkass get away with putting their hands on his mom regardless of him being an authority figure, particularly when he is abusing that authority, but that’s not the story that the media tells. They will say whatever makes the cop look like the hero and whatever makes the Negro look like the villain. See, this helps them sleep better at night knowing that their bullies in blue are keeping the darkie horde firmly in line, even when those people are no danger to them in any way, shape or form and the cops are the only ones truly being a problem.

Second of all, when you show no respect or afford another person their dignity, they have a tendency to respond in kind.

Third of all, what the hell makes these dumbasses think that cops are always right? Cops, like they said, are human. Therefore, they have bigoted viewpoints like a lot of their fellow Americans. Do not expect me to imagine for even half a second that those prejudices don’t infiltrate their performance while on patrol. Of course they do. Cops let their negative feelings and attitudes about black folks manifest themselves every fucking chance they get! So spare me the ‘it’s that Negro running away or doing something unkind to the nice, sweet, polite officer man’.

Those of us black people not drunk on the Kool-Aid understand all too well what the reality is. And it for damn sure ain’t that fairy tale being peddle by the media comprised of people that haven’t got the foggiest clue of what it’s like to black in a country with a police state. Not only that, it’s a country that happily uses their police force as an army against its own citizens deemed undesirable. Stop trying to tell me how I should react to a police force with a systematic built-in disgust for me as you sit there on the outside looking in as you make it that much harder for me by justifying their behavior while you falsely proclaim that you are listening to both sides of the tale.


14 thoughts on “Vern’s Venting: True That

  1. Oooh, ‘Vern, this was freakin’ beautifulllll!!! If I had a dollar for every time I Literally know of some ScandalouS azz events involving folks I know personally and the po-po’s Omgash, white-washed POC and their bigoted counterparts hair would turn even whiter than their brainwashed mentalities if they knew the truth of what you are speaking! Shi# is Real out here on this plantation/nation-please believe it and keep tellin’ the honest truth on this, ‘Vern!!!

    1. @BlankenSperm,
      your screed of a post don’t even qualify for a response, at least not more than what’s mentioned here, Bill O’Reilly Jr.

  2. Bunch of paranoid crap. Go out and get a job and stop your pathetic whining. Black people have it better in America than anywhere in the world. If they didn’t they’d leave. They don’t leave. I don’t think I’ve ever heard so much senseless whining as on this blog here. Oh Lavern’s all ticked off, but I’ll bet she’s plenty happy to take plenty of the white man’s free stuff while she does her whining.

    And nikita, why don’t you go take some classes before you post your illiterate drivel.

      1. Go ahead and ban that fool Brotha. He/she is serving no purpose other than to be a nuisance.

      2. I think this clown is the same you banned. The clue? He /she used the same words, ‘illiterate drivel’ when referring to me.

    1. Why the hell don’t you get your cantankerous ass off this blog. You clearly are not offering anything useful to the discussion so please do us a favour and go the way of the do-do bird

    2. Not sure of your background/ethnicity or where you are coming from with that comment, but I feel inclined to point out that how black people have it in the U.S. versus black people have it in the rest of the world is not relevant to this discussion. What’s relevant is how black people have it in the U.S. vs. how not-black people have it in the U.S. It’s pretty obvious, even to this white guy, that blacks are treated as second-class citizens in this country virtually by default. The fact that so many people seem comfortable making comments like yours is evidence enough. It’s like saying, “Look, the white people throw you some crumbs, so be grateful, boy.” Don’t want those darn blacks thinking they have the same rights as all the other citizens, do we?

      As for calling the first poster “illiterate” for using urban vernacular, that’s the same thing as someone from the northeast calling southerners illiterate for saying “I reckon” or other regional vernacular and colloquialisms. Cultures have their own language structures, codes, and traditions within a larger native language. It’s the same way in Spanish, in Italian, in Korean, and probably every other language spoken across a sizable population. English teachers in classrooms may teach the official rules and grade people on demonstrating knowledge of them, but out in the real world, people are allowed to communicate how that want and how they feel comfortable and familiar without requiring permission from The Man.

    3. Right because white folks have NEVER taken anything for free right? And go where exactly idiot I have every right to exist on this soil as anyone else here good, bad, what have you and why the fuck should I leave! Maybe the ones that should be leaving are the ones who keep this shit going and began it in the first place. What you erroneously call whining it’s just me stating truth but as I see many in this land can’t handle such a thing.

  3. “And nikita, why don’t you go take some classes before you post your illiterate drivel.” Erm, that’s Mz.Nikita to you (emphasis on the capital “N”)- now who’s committing grammatical errors? I can read, write, and spell just fine, I Choose to write/speak “The King’s English” in that manner that I see piss off (sticks out tongue)!

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