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By Laverne Merriweather:

Some very sordid and sinister allegations have surfaced recently about Fake Noise’s (Fox News’) loudest and stupidest blowhard Bill O’ Reilly. It seems that the world’s most arrogant jerk who never misses one opportunity to point out how flawed and terrible us Negroes are has not been practicing what he preaches.

During his rather bitter divorce five years ago, O’ Reilly’s oldest daughter asserts that things got so heated while he and his now ex-wife were arguing that he grabbed her by the neck then began to choke her. His daughter goes on to claim that upstanding angel Bill proceeded to drag his ex down the stairs with his hands by her throat.

O’ Reilly is, of course, denying any and all wrongdoing. The network which employs this asshole is being awfully silent, as one can imagine. Fake Noise has built themselves quite a little reputation damning black folks as the scourge of America. They love to proclaim through their endless array of self-righteous and racist hosts that if there were no Negroes in America, it would be a happy, wonderful, thrilling place. That there would be woodland nymphs dancing around in the moonlight playing flutes while butterflies twirled among their heads. And angels would fly by gently sliding their delicate pure fingers against a golden harp. Flowers would bloom magical buds full of singing honeybees straight out of a Disney movie.

While most of us black folk know that is ridiculous propaganda, a large, disturbing number of white people who work and watch Fake Noise believe that utterly moronic rhetoric as do the same people who pretend to hate them so much, because they haven’t said jack shit about this either. Not so much because they feel that he is guilty, but more because they want to protect their agenda. Like I said before, the so-called liberal media is no better than the conservative media when it comes to hating Negroes. Nor do they have any qualms themselves about sending a message loud and clear that all of America’s problems would be over if those dang rotten little black folks just packed up their bags and left. See they are cut from the same cloth as the O’ Reillys of this planet despite their declarations otherwise. They aren’t anymore invested in the notion of freedoms for anyone besides white people.

The idea that they are about equality and promoting racial harmony more than their brethren is complete bullshit. These are the exact folks portraying young black males shot and killed by the police as thug, criminal losers hellbent on a lifetime of trouble. Hell, when you think about it, the cops are doing society a favor, least in their minds. Black male celebrities are also bad guys from birth. How else do you explain that white people in the media can harp continuously about Ray Rice and Chris Brown without one mention of what O’ Reilly is accused of? Facing the possibility of O’ Reilly’s guilt means that they would actually have to finally admit that some white males are capable of horrible heinous shit too. One, however, especially a Negro, would be hard pressed to expect that white males will ever hold themselves under the same microscope of judgment. O’ Reilly sure as shit never has with his DAILY criticisms of black people, oblivious to the decades of despicable acts from white males such as the time he was accused by a former female producer of his show Andrea Mackaris.

Ms. Mackaris alleges that O’ Reilly made lewd propositions to her and also called her on the phone numerous times with sleazy comments that soon turned into threats about her job. This new tidbit against O’ Reilly comes hot on the heels of another privileged and pious white male’s sickening behavior coming to light.



TLC had to recently cancel their popular “19 Kids and Counting” program when revelations against oldest male child Josh Duggar surfaced. It appears that the holier-than. oh-so-righteous. right-wing Duggar clan was harboring a dirty little secret. Police reports have just come out that when 30 year-old Josh was 14. he molested a number of underaged girls. including several of his younger sisters. Instead of getting jail time like he should have. good boy Josh was sent to counseling and no charges were filed because daddy assured the cops that he would give the pedophile a ‘stern talking to’.

See, that’s how it is in the world of white privilege. A white male can molest not only his own family members but other little girls and ruin their lives as well without so much as a slap on the fucking wrist. Fortunately TLC had the decency to not play that disgusting game. However, this does make me wonder how well their screening process is. If they wanted to pride themselves on showcasing a family that espouses true Christian family values, then one would think that they should have done their homework a lot better.

Still, just like in the case of Honey Boo Boo’s mom June dating a pervert that abused her daughter, the white media won’t raise a fuss about this latest shocking instance. There are already some in the media doing the typical standard act of bullshit by making excuses or stating that Josh was just a child himself, so he can’t be held 100 percent accountable for his actions. Besides, he got help for what he did and that right there should nullify anything he did in the past. WRONG!

We don’t know if he is still terrorizing little girls especially considering that he has little girls himself. For all we know he could be targeting them as we speak.