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I sit here rubbing my temples at the influx of commenters out to refute any single article written about racism. The overall theme of these hive-minded drones is that racism is either not a big problem or that it’s comprised of singular incidents that only occur a few times per year. Whatever the case, they not only want to tell me that racism is not as big a thing as I claim it to be, but they rant about me showing them some proof. Don’t laugh. They want me to prove that racism is a major issue.

I take issue with that favor, or command rather, for a few reasons. One, they expect me to go out of my way to prove something when they can just do some of the research themselves. Two, they have a hint of this master-slave mentality that they bring where if I don’t comply, they go off the deep end and lash out as if I was lower than scum. And three, and the most obvious reason, they wouldn’t except it anyway. We’ve seen it happen all the time, everytime with these commenters. So, even if you do produce some evidence, they’re refute it and scream for something that’s not, as they consider it, leftist because anything that’s not right is obviously left, and that’s plain wrong to them. (There is no middle ground for them. It’s either right or left)

Racism is an institutionalized business that permeates virtually every facet of society from education to the media and even the workforce. There are mountains of evidence that prove that racism exists. Yet, this seemingly never-ending parade of naysayers want me, and perhaps everyone else, to believe otherwise. What’s worse is that they portray themselves as intellectuals who know more about racism than those who actually experienced it. And they get pissed to the point of telling you how wrong you supposed to be when you make it known that racism is a significant problem in America.

These people operate passing themselves as almost scholarly with a knack for conducting and winning arguments. They tell you how wrong every single point you made is after they copy and paste them. In the mix they may even condemn them by calling your comments names as if they’re four-year olds fighting with other four-year olds. And when you can’t take their mess anymore, then they make you feel low. They may even get so crazy enough to think they’ve won the argument, patting themselves on the back for being “right”.

But the irony is that there is no argument when something is true. Racism is here. It’s part of this country’s culture. Arguing whether or not it exists is like trying to prove that water is wet.

Besides, what kind of proof are these loons looking for? What kind of proof will they accept? What evidence would sway them to see the point of view of others? Judging by these people who apparently have the same mind, I doubt any kind of evidence, empirical or otherwise, would convince them of anything other than show how they are either too ignorant or too much in denial about the existence of racism.

These people would scoff at the following for whatever reason:

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These are online articles. Sure. But they have links to actual studies that show that racism is a major problem in this country. But as we’ve all witnessed, crazy commenters will do what they can to refute that fact. They may as well argue in favor of the belief that Earth is flat while they’re at it.