Thugs, Terrorists and White

A McLennan County deputy stands guard near a group of bikers in the parking lot of a Twin Peaks restaurant Sunday, May 17, 2015, in Waco, Texas. Waco Police Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton told KWTX-TV there were

White-on-white violence is out of control!

Several rival groups of bikers got into it last weekend that resulted in the loss of nine lives and about 200 arrests outside a Twin Peaks Restaurant in Waco, Texas. Most, if not all, of the bikers involved are white. Which means white privilege will be all over this tragic event.

Here’s what will and will not happen: This will be counted as an isolated incident. This will not spark up conversations about violence in the white community. This will not call upon a witch hunt searching for the most ridiculous causes to such violence, nor will it transform into a ‘pathology’ by the media and their pundits. This will not force local and state governments to declare a curfew in that area. And this will likely be forgotten by the majority of society until another horrific incident occurs.

When black-on-black crime, black-on-white crime or simply black crime occurs, there’s fault-finding by media commentaries that will blame everything from rap music to absent fathers. There will be a call for and from black leaders to step in and do something about the problem. The entire black community will be collectively judged as dysfunctional and crime ridden with a hidden, silent urge to hold them accountable for that one or a few incidents. Those responsible for the crimes will be considered ‘thugs’ or ‘animals’, and those are the nicer words. There will be curfews and more police patrolling the streets and before you know it, we will have another casualty in the form of an innocent black person.

Why don’t we treat this incident in Waco the same way society treats blacks and crime? Why don’t we call those involved ‘thugs, animals’ and ‘terrorists’. Why don’t we take white crime seriously, and not turn it into an inspiration for a movie to be viewed and entertained?

As long as white privilege still exists, the biker incident in Waco will be treated with kid gloves just as society treats other moments where white people ran wild. More and more white people will be harmed or killed at the hands of other white people. Something must be done to stop this epidemic.

White-on-white crime is out of control!


29 thoughts on “Thugs, Terrorists and White

  1. Sad thing is Erin Brunnett immediately go off topic and compare this to the incident back in late 2013 with the Range Rover… You can’t compare a casual independent people riding most Japanese sport bikes to a Bandido, Outlaw, or Hells Angel exclusively Harley Davidson biker gangs…

  2. These biker gangs make the other gangs look like kindergarten kids in comparison. You don’t hear or read about their crimes which are on a massive scale. These bikers are also racist. There have been several massacres and jail breaks up here in Canada with the bikers.

  3. They don’t call it terrorism or refer to themselves as thugs, the terms when white people do this is called maintaining the economy through hegemony and those characters in that photograph are business men.

    My theory is that they have been entrenched in white on white and then later white on everyone conquering culture and oppression that they have all begun to like it and do not understand why other people would complain. You can pick this out from anglo canadians on the comment boards of the major news media, it is anglo white specific kipling snivelling, you can tell because they constantly state how badly they have it too and you never hear them complaining, and they can’t wrap their heads around why the people in Quebec or the Natives don’t just do as they do which is accept and conform.

    The reality is though, up here, with the murdered females, we have a predator problem and lots of people are being killed or disappearing. The colonial media select certain beautiful, young white female that goes missing to spin to their consumers once in a while but beyond that they say nothing. They just like to feel sad about the missing young woman, no discussion ever takes place about the lack of prevention, the hidden status of our sexual predators records and locations in the communities, they stay comfortably unaware, proud I guess that it gets more attention when one of their race gets murdered by a pervert. More proud that they are more likely to be murdered by their lover than a twisted, deranged stranger. If Daddy does beat Mommy to death and bury;s her in the garden, or visa versa little notice is paid because that is normal, every six days here, they don’t mind, it is just the way it is, we complain to much, that is the trouble as they see it.

  4. It is an isolated incident. 30 murders in 31 days in Baltimore, all blacks. Not the same thing. A major difference is that whites don’t care about these bikers. Most whites find bikers to be white trash and don’t go to bat for them the way blacks do for black gang members and such, white bikers are considered the bottom of the barrel, and they are. Let me know if whites riot in support of them and then we;ll have something to mention.

    1. I suppose all the bombings, mass murders, school shootings, murder-suicides, serial killings, rapes, child molestation, and riots after ballgames done by mostly whites were isolated incidents too, eh?

    2. Sorry ’bout that said: “Most whites find bikers to be white trash and don’t go to bat for them the way blacks do for black gang members.”

      Really, … what black gang banger has blacks went to bat for due to a shootout? Name(s) please? I’ll sit here and pat my feet until you respond.

      1. For starters, the Crips and Bloods that were “uniting” to “protect” Baltimore from whatever. Local officials were paling around with these guys. The Gray kid was a heroin dealer, which is a gang type activity, and they went to bat for him. But the point is not to produce a list (which would be amazingly long), but as I stated above. Few and far between. No whites care about them and consider them white trash or degenerates or nuts. I’ll tap my food until you can show me any number of whites willing to protest in favor of biker gangs, white trash junkies, mass shooters, etc.

        And it does not compare to a weekend in Chicago. Plus, many white care, or at least pretend to care about black on black violence. Nobody cares or pretends to about these bikers, nor should they. Most people never hear of these particular freaks ’til today.

        And I’m sure many if not most of them came from poverty, drugs, broken homes, bad conditions, etc. It still happens less often, and doesn’t have nowhere near the numbers of innocent bystander victims.

      2. What proof do you have that local officials were “paling around with the crips and bloods? Since when have whites, for the most part, cared about black-on-black crime, and how have they’ve shown it? Why shouldn’t we care about what those bikers did, especially when it took nine lives? And most importantly whites commit more than 60% of all violent crime here in America. So, I disagree and believe that we should start caring before more lives are hurt or taken.

      3. Those bikers don’t deserve to be cared for, the deserve only harsh punishment and social ostracism. As for white caring about blacks, well, whites, especially upper middle class whites have wracked their brains and wallets looking for ways to help uplift blacks (jobs programs, rec centers, other cash payments, electing black mayors, presidents, and generally supporting black causes and siding with blacks over whites) it is so obvious at this point that to not know one must only be pretending, this is a comment section of a blog post, not a space to publish a book Brothawolf, the interest here is in being brief and bantering, you can research it yourself, but then you don’t need to because it is obvious. What good is ‘proof’ when one’s mind is already made up anyway. & in 10 people are white in America, with those figures whites should lead in things, however many nonwhite Hispanics are included as white which does bolster the numbers.

      4. I’m not saying they don’t deserve any punishment. I’m saying that their actions is part of a long history of white-on-white violence and white violence in general. That’s why we should start caring because it could happen anywhere at anytime and anyone could be a victim.

      5. Also if whites cared so much for blacks, how come there are still blacks who are the last hired and first fired? How come there are still white police officers still killing unarmed black citizens? How come white businesses still gentrify black neighborhoods? How come the white media still support and broadcast negative black stereotypes?

      6. And just because Hispanics are included in some figures, that doesn’t rule out there white non-Hispanics count for the most violence crime in this country.

      7. Sir, blacks being fired may have to do with job performance, otherwise I don’t know. Whites do what they can for blacks, but they are not magical, blacks also have to do stuff to maintain what they are handed. It was whites who forced whites to imposed racial hiring quotas to begin with. Hispanics are included in crime perpetrator figures often as “white.” Sometimes they are white, having a Spanish name doesn’t turn you brown if you’re not. As for white policeman, black policeman kill blacks, whites and Hispanics as do white cops. Just because somebody was killed by the police does not automatically make them and innocent cherub, many cops are killed as well. The incidence of cop (all cops apparently are considered “white” for some reason, even the 3 black cops involved in the Gray kid’s death) on black death is nothing compared to what blacks do to each other, as in the past weekend where there were roughly 49-50 people shot in Chicago, or the 30 deaths in 30 days in Baltimore. Apparently it only matters when white cops shoot somebody black, regardless of what the scene was, and if the cop is not white, then he apparently become white by default. Whites go out and riot in solidarity with blacks, whites take the side of the blacks against police in private discussions, on public television, on college campuses, for the past 60 years.

        White on white violence- nobody cares, least of all blacks. White middle class folks view white on white violence as dirtbags getting their comeuppance, they view blacks, however, as people who need saving, hence midnight, basketball, subsidized housing, free breakfast/lunch at school, programs for “at risk youth,” etc.

        Also, biker shootout left nine dead, nine. That’s all, just nine. Most all of them useless anyway.

        Also, some white guy fired at George Zimmerman (who is still not white), most likely due to feelings of needing to get back at Zim for shooting a black man.

        This was said by white cops after shooting a nutty whiteboy:

        ”We are glad that he is white, and we shouldn’t have to be worried about that. We do not want any backlash or violence in this community because people have been misinformed”

        Video below, fast forward to 12 minutes in for the relevant part:

        Translation: no one cares about this white trash and there will be no rioting, firing, media attention nor anyone caring about this guy.

        also, it appears a black guy, former cop, was involved in the white biker gang shootout:

        He seems like quite a character.

      8. This subject is not about what blacks do to each other. It’s about what whites do to each other. This is about the violence that white people perpetrate on each other while society continues to turn a blind eye to the epidemic. Why shouldn’t their violence be taken as a serious issue for examination the way the black community is looked upon with a microscope everytime you hear about black on black crime. There is a double standard here that you don’t seem to realize, and that, in itself, is wrong. The point I was trying to make was that society, most of the all the media, doesn’t see white-on-white violence as a pathological problem as much as they do black-on-black violence. That’s all I’m saying.

      9. The black community is not looked upon with a microscope, black leaders clamor for attention paid to it. If it were to be looked upon with a microscope, perhaps everyone doing the looking might decide it is pointless to help out, careful what you wish for. White crime is taken seriously, if white do anything it is taken as a threat to public order, if blacks do anything it is “just kids blowing off steam.” To me, crime is crime, and probably to you as well, but we don’t run the country. As for you’re last sentence, perhaps you are correct, but there are no white leaders as such calling for that attention to be paid. Like I said, most whites don’t care about them and consider them white trash. Is that morally wrong, probably. Is it “epidemic,” I think not. How often does it happen? How many innocent bystanders are affected? It seems they have their little showdowns with each other kept to themselves in their own venues without involving whole neighborhoods, cities, etc. This happened to be an exception. Black violence takes place while involving the neighborhood, city, etc. White bikers do horrible things to each other, but it is largely kept among themselves. Perhaps I misunderstood your previous comments and am getting my signals crossed. Sorry ’bout that, it is hard to convey tone over the web.

      10. The black community IS looked upon with a microscope almost all the time, especially if something terrible happens, particularly if it’s a case of black-on-white as with cases like Susan Smith and Bethany Storro.

        White crime does happen way more than you or even I care to realize, and it affects more people than either of us realize. The incident in Waco is a testament to that in that it occurred at a public area. Other violent acts include, but are not limited to, the Oklahoma City Bombing, Columbine, the Boston Marathon Bombing and the Aurora Colorado theater shooting, to name a few.

      11. No arguments there Brothawolf, but those events are spaced out enough to where people don’t pay attention to them. In black ghettoes there are numerous far smaller crimes going on constantly whereas the biker shootouts, movie theatre attacks, federal building attacks, etc are bigger and rarer. It is a numbers thing. like everything else in life. But whites (civilians) are quick to scorn all of them, none are looked upon as people that need help or programs or sympathy or whatever. They are looked upon as dangerous freaks to be put down. The white kid from the Boston Marathon attack is sentenced to death in a non-death penalty state. Don’t forget also that there are upwards of 200 million whites in the country.

        Interracial attacks are really only picked up on local news sites and discussed on the web, they don’t get international attention like the rarer white-black attacks which a re nearly exclusively officer involved whereas black-white attacks are nearly exclusively civilians all. Hispanic-black attacks go down as “white” attacks. They are not really focused on by the major media except to say that they need more rec centers and stuff. Also, the major media are reluctant to mention “black” in the description, don’t ask me why. Then there is WorldStarHipHop, but that is a whole other matter.

        The microscope is more on the white community, i.e., for having wrong think. thoughtcrime, noticing, etc. Whites are under a microscope, blacks may be monitored more by those awful street cameras, but the perpetrators among them don’t seem to care much.


        Did she cause anyone to die? Spontaneously combust? Have a heart attack? Why the loss of livelihood?

        This is a real assault/death, where is the microscope? Why is the Georgia woman held to such tight standards and this grown man not?

        By the way, excuse me if I’m wrong about this, but I seem to remember the Bethany Storro case being BS.

      12. Maybe the events I described are indeed spaced out, but what about the small crimes that occur daily that don’t receive as much attention? And the crimes I did mention have affected a lot of people. And if blacks are not under a microscope, how come most of the time whenever we’re in the news it’s usually because of something negative whether it’s true or exaggerated?

      13. Sorry if I took this thread too far off-topic. I am not generally disagreeing with you, these bikers are trash that need removing, I don’t think they are ‘harmless’ or ‘cool,’ nor do I watch that tv show that glorifies them. As for the news, they simply try to explain it away as needing more money, resources, programs, rec centers or just blame it on some other thing. That don’t happen for these bikers. Lots of white boys grow up like the late Freddie Gray (poor, drug addicted single mothers, bad examples all around, ugly neighborhoods, crime, drugs, etc) but when they do something bad, none of that matters. As far as exaggerated, I think the media are keen to leave out things that would cause the community to look bad or worse, it’s more damage control. Community leaders draw attention to it and then want money to fix these problems, when people see that a certain problem is costing them money, naturally they’d like to see what the results of their resource-investment is. That would not happen for guys like these bikers, white folks don’t want to spend a penny on white trash, the very thought would be laughable. Look, none of this is pleasant, but we can’t do much about it, at least not at the moment.

    3. “Sorry ’bout that said: “Most whites find bikers to be white trash and don’t go to bat for them the way blacks do for black gang members.” – Sorry ’bout that

      I then responded: Really, … what black gang banger has blacks went to bat for due to a shootout? Name(s) please? I’ll sit here and pat my feet until you respond.

      I can give you the names of a few recent white thugs: Officer Daniel Pantaleo, Officer. Michael Slager, Officer. Darren Wilson, and George Zimmerman

      You’re so funny, perhaps you misunderstood the question. Again, give me some individual name(s), not the name of a group of thugs. Do you know the difference? I hope you’re aware of the fact that you’re not making sense. I’m still waiting, rolling my eyes and I’m still patting my feet!

      1. Are you serious? That is too ridiculous to respond to, black gang bangers are folk heroes in America, both among some blacks and some whites- gimme a break. George Zimmerman is not white, I know you want it to be so, but it’s not true, sorry ’bout that. Names? Why? You want to post link after link so that you can ignore them and say “that don’t mean nothin’!”? Please, keep patting your feet, you might as well dance while you’re at it.

    4. You are completely STUCK ON STUPID! White crimes are glamorized for ratings all the fucking time don’t believe me just watch shows like “48 Hours”, “Dateline”, and “20/20”. White criminals are seen as characters in a play or movie it’s NEVER taken as seriously as when they are black plus the clichéd code words like thug and hoodlum are never used either. Furthermore this is NOT seen as a problem regardless of how many times it happens especially when you consider how long these white biker gangs have been around. Not once have they ever been seen as a problem for the white community not when there is a popular FX show celebrating the lives of bikers. That goes a billion times for the white male serial killers made into pop culture icons by the media with all the books, movies, TV specials and the like being made about them and not their victims. You have your head so far up your ass I’m surprised you haven’t lost an eyeball by now.

      1. Sir, white male biker gangs have been seen as a problem for years, that’s why there was a push in the 80s to crack down on them. They were definitely seen as enemies by middle class white sin the 60s-70s in particular. They have kept a lower profile since then. In 1947 there was the first outcry for their disbandment. It happens, and then the new batch of bikers comes up just like any other criminals. Middle class whites largely view them as white trash. Does anyone refer to bikers as “kids” or “young people”? Or do they just call them white bikers?

        White male serial killers are few and far between, it is not a daily occurrence and is a different kind of crime compared to gang wars and such. When Ted Bundy was executed white guys were partying it up outside the prison and cheering on his death, black guys didn’t do that over Tookie Williams. As for Dammer, no white folks whatsoever supported that guy and most all wanted him dead in the most violent manner possible (which happened).

        As for what gets put on TV, none of us have any control over that.All degenerates are turned into icons for subcultures and various contrived genres, nothing new. I don’t watch 48 hours or any of those stupid shows, I recommend to all to limit TV viewing as much as possible.

  5. I tire of chasing around the obvious hypocrisy of the media which is simply a conduit of White America …Regarding racism in White America it is pathological from the endless, denials, deflections, amnesia , even indictments of the victims of their racism as the basis for White racism…

    1. You do realize that “white America” is still majority America. Before, when whites were even more the majority, they simply did what all majorities do unconsciously and that is to make a society that reflects themselves. All people do this. Do you want a black nation-state within continental America to exist for the disaffected among the black population?

  6. Watch these videos. Beware, because Harvey uses a lot of profanity.

    Have a great Memorial Day weekend! 🙂

  7. ..Yeah, because “white” gangs are not worshipped or immortalized on the big screen by other “whites” in the U.S. right? STFU, with that weak azz argument, plz..

    1. It most certainly is, all of them should be sterilized and locked up forever. The most egregious violators among them put on death row.

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