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A McLennan County deputy stands guard near a group of bikers in the parking lot of a Twin Peaks restaurant Sunday, May 17, 2015, in Waco, Texas. Waco Police Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton told KWTX-TV there were

White-on-white violence is out of control!

Several rival groups of bikers got into it last weekend that resulted in the loss of nine lives and about 200 arrests outside a Twin Peaks Restaurant in Waco, Texas. Most, if not all, of the bikers involved are white. Which means white privilege will be all over this tragic event.

Here’s what will and will not happen: This will be counted as an isolated incident. This will not spark up conversations about violence in the white community. This will not call upon a witch hunt searching for the most ridiculous causes to such violence, nor will it transform into a ‘pathology’ by the media and their pundits. This will not force local and state governments to declare a curfew in that area. And this will likely be forgotten by the majority of society until another horrific incident occurs.

When black-on-black crime, black-on-white crime or simply black crime occurs, there’s fault-finding by media commentaries that will blame everything from rap music to absent fathers. There will be a call for and from black leaders to step in and do something about the problem. The entire black community will be collectively judged as dysfunctional and crime ridden with a hidden, silent urge to hold them accountable for that one or a few incidents. Those responsible for the crimes will be considered ‘thugs’ or ‘animals’, and those are the nicer words. There will be curfews and more police patrolling the streets and before you know it, we will have another casualty in the form of an innocent black person.

Why don’t we treat this incident in Waco the same way society treats blacks and crime? Why don’t we call those involved ‘thugs, animals’ and ‘terrorists’. Why don’t we take white crime seriously, and not turn it into an inspiration for a movie to be viewed and entertained?

As long as white privilege still exists, the biker incident in Waco will be treated with kid gloves just as society treats other moments where white people ran wild. More and more white people will be harmed or killed at the hands of other white people. Something must be done to stop this epidemic.

White-on-white crime is out of control!