Remember a commenter who goes by the screen name ‘viewer’? I banned him along with his cohorts ‘FourSquare’ and ‘Apollo’. Apparently, he either forgot about his permanent banishment from my den, or he’s the type that doesn’t care. Either way, he’s back to commenting and he left this gem for me to respond to:

Are you going to let me, or others, respond? If not, then you’re worse than what you’re accusing us of. Or are you just going to throw out your accusation without allowing me and others to defend ourselves? I know whom you’re accusing of being a racist troll and if you don’t allow a response, then your rant was nothing more than pointless bombast. And cowardly to boot.

The reason I ask is because as soon as someone disagrees with you, you ban them. I’ve followed your blog with some interest, precisely BECAUSE for some reason you seem to attract intelligent, usually polite (not SnowMan) disagreement. People that you then ban.

I await your response. If you allow a response, I’ll keep it calm, and polite and I’ll respond to what you said above. I suspect others will as well. If YOU listen to THEM, which is something you’re REALLY not good at, you’ll see that it is YOU who are not listening, but who are merely spouting off.

BW, you’re very good with written words. You’re really BAD at LISTENING, and at understanding OTHERS’ words. Bottom line: You CAN’T just write an “open letter” as you did above, and not let the targets respond. That’s a coward’s game.
Again, I await your response.

I know what you’re thinking. Don’t give him the time of day. Don’t give him a platform. But before I permanently ban him again, I’ll humor him and respond to his rant as best as I possibly can.

Viewer, the reason why I don’t let you respond is because you’re not here for a conversation and everyone, including myself, can see right through it. You, and your friends were here trying to tell me how wrong I am when it comes to something you know little about like race and racism and try to dismantle my blog. And you’re here to try to get me to side with your conservative way of thinking which I don’t agree with and I don’t have to agree with if I don’t want to. Yet, your kind seems to can’t deal with it. Why else are you constantly coming back here with the same mumbo jumbo?

My blog is about being against racism. It also touches on other subjects like sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia and other subjects that’s troubling this nation, because, to put it bluntly, I’m against treating people wrong for stupid reasons. I see a lot of it from the right and left, most of the time the right. And I can’t see myself siding with them just like I can’t side completely with modern day liberalism.

I write mostly about racism, because I know it’s out there. I was a victim of racism. I’m sure a lot of my readers are victims of racism. I’m sure a lot of them are victims of other isms as well. I started this blog to express my thoughts and opinions on those ism and phobias. I opened my blog up to others who would like to express their thoughts and opinions on what’s going on in the world. But most of all, this blog is for people to get away to away from the mainstream that, for the most part, doesn’t care about the issues that are considered important.

Viewer, the subject of racism is not about the exchange of ideas when the idea is that it doesn’t exist or that it’s not a major problem in your eyes. It’s not about listening to the “other side” when that side has a problem with people like me and likely shows it one way or another that results in further harm in some form. That is why I banned you, because it seems your type of thinking runs along those lines. When it comes to racism, there is no debate as to whether it’s a serious problem or not. There is no argument. Doing so is a means of trolling and ultimately defending its existence. 

You see, I listen to you loud and clear. Your problem is that you don’t want to listen to me or any of the commenters here who simply don’t want to deal with your or anyone else’s arguments. In the end, you’re defending racism. Therefore, you like your friends are part of the problem.

I hope that’s an adequate response. If not, and something tells me that it will not satisfy you, I really don’t care. If I give in to you any further, I would only help in wasting more and more time with someone looking for a debate like someone looking for a fight. That in itself is pointless.

By the way, I can write an open letter anytime I want to.