Topic: Baltimore


What are your thoughts involving the current situation in Baltimore and the police murder of Freddie Gray? Sound off below!


7 thoughts on “Topic: Baltimore

      1. It’s only murder if a trial jury says it’s murder. I’m a lawyer, I know this to be true. A trial jury can say BOTH that the cops didn’t do it AND that it wasn’t even murder! Until then, it is only ALLEGED murder.

        If YOU call it “murder,” then you are convicting them before a trial even happens. As Horndog says above, that IS, indeed, un-American.

        Your “statement of what happened” was really a statement of what ALLEGEDLY happened. The distinction is vitally important, because it is the difference between a presumption of innocence here in America, as opposed to a presumption of guilt in other countries. England for example, where you are presumed guilty at trial, and have to prove your innocence.

  1. ..About Baltimore, it’s in a state of chaos (as is the majority of this plantation/nation) as far as equality, justice and the like are concerned-but, it has the potential to become an epic example of what Could be a turn around for the better If it cleans out the long-standing corruption and other ills that plague this city and the rest of the U.S.’s cities as well.

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