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By Lavern Merriweather:

I was perusing the Root website when I saw an article about Australian rapper Iggy Azalea and what some call her ridiculous ‘blaccent’. No surprise that the majority of white commenters and even some black folks were defending white people’s latest flavor of the month. They trotted out their egotistical and self-serving logic that black folks don’t own rap. So, who are they to bitch about who can or can’t be a part of it. This is where I always like to call my favorite word: BULLSHIT!

These are the very same people that got 100 kinds of upset because a Negro a.k.a. the ‘Chocolate Lover’ Idiris Elba starred in the “Thor” movie as, of all things, a Norse god. White folks were so angry about it that they took to social media in droves to complain. The exact folks who say that any actor can play any role were really furious that a black man was playing a fictional character, and they didn’t approve. They saw nothing wrong with half-Asian, half-white actor Fred Armisen on “SNL” playing President Obama, who is real. Yet, they can be pissed off about a person that is fake. My guess is because he is black and acting as a character of authority. Don’t forget Idiris played someone that Thor had to answer to if he ever screwed up.

When open-minded fellow and my favorite Bond Daniel Craig suggested that a black male be cast as the next Bond, many white folks were up in arms. They were pissed and by that, I mean with a capital ‘P’. Yet they saw nothing insulting or foolish about Angelina Jolie bronzing her skin and donning a rather stupid looking curly perm wig to play Marianne Pearl who was the wife of slain journalist Daniel Pearl in the flop “A Mighty Heart”. When a number of black women on the blogs went boo hiss, they were met yet again with condescension. The naysayers whined that Marianne has white blood in her. So, what’s the big deal?

The ‘big deal’ is that while that may be the case. Marianne is a brown skinned woman! Hollowood would never hire Kerry Washington to play Amelia Earhart or Agatha Christie. So, Angelina should not be starring as Marianne. I don’t care that Angie financed the movie. There were more appropriate and surely more talented actresses that could have been in that film. On top of that it’s not like the movie broke any box office records. So a woman of color obviously couldn’t have done any worse money wise.

It’s not only music or movies I and Brotha have written several posts over the years about. It’s also sports, such as the amount of resentment that the Williams sisters in tennis have faced. If it’s not their opponents, then it’s the media and so- called fans of the sport. Venus and Serena have been slyly and sometimes outright berated about everything from their clothes, to their hair and their lack of social skills. The haters can’t deny their ability or skill on the court. So they attack whatever else they can pick on.

After actor David Tennant left the long running classic British series “Doctor Who” to pursue bigger and better roles, rumors began swirling that his replacement might be a black man or a white woman. Of course, fan geek assholes went all kinds of batshit and hurried in record numbers on social media to whine. They hemmed and hawed like mad that the good Doctor, despite being a fictional character who transcends time and could be played by anyone, just had to be a white male. No explanation or valid reason was given for this rambling idiocy other than those little whiny jerk-offs can’t stand the thought of a black man being the smart, charismatic, attractive lead.

The same thing goes for the popular “Hunger Games” franchise of books turned into movies. I haven’t read them, so I don’t know, but fans of color said that the main character Katniss Everdeen and her younger sister are supposed to be girls of color. Yet when an actress of color was hired to play star Jennifer Lawrence’s little sibling, she was met with nasty, racist comments by stupid, white, arrogant cowards on Twitter – some complaining about how ‘disappointed’ they were with the politically correct casting. How is it being politically correct when the person who WROTE the damn book made her a female of color? Maybe it’s that they can’t imagine the idea of a future not being lily white as we have seen with other movies.

A commenter on the Root site made a very perceptive and intelligent comment. He said, which is true, that if a sistah from America named Shaquanda went to Australia, started talking with an Aussie accent, adopted their mannerisms and played a didgeridoo, she would either be criticized or seen as a laughing stock. She certainly would not have people rushing to defend her moronic position like they are doing with Iggy.

I am all for an end to this segregation of music. Like I said before, music is pure and universal. It shouldn’t keep having these labels and hateful separatist mentality of some people. However, what Iggy is doing is nothing more than ripping off folks who are at the bottom, then standing on their shoulders like she created it in the first place. Australian or not, she should know by now the arrogant history of white people stealing music styles from Negroes then acting as if they came up with it all on their own. It’s what happened to artists like Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley and the entertainingly flamboyant Richard Pennimen a.k.a. ‘Little Richard’, and it’s still going on to this day.

White people are fully aware, as are we, that when the races are reversed they don’t like what is perceived to be Negroes invading their territory. They refuse to tolerate any and all notions of a black person taking part in anything they view as theirs. So where the fuck then do they get off expecting that very thing of us?